Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka twentieth July 2017 Written Update

Everyone in the house paints the house. Amla brings tea for them. Hulchul Huyi music plays…..Abeer seems at Amla. He stares her smilingly. Amla’s dupatta falls on him. Abeer goes out. He clicks her pics secretly. Tune continues to play. He comes abet to apartment and paints her room. Karuna brings Amla to room and reveals her pics on the partitions. Abeer comes and seems at Amla. Amla turns her face. Dev involves Anisha’s apartment and asks where is Amla? Anisha is terrified to respect his arouse. Abeeer asks Raghu to be cautious whereas painting the house. He seems at Amla. Amla seems at him and smiles shyly. She paints on his face. Ishq Hua plays. Abeer closes his eyes. Amla laughs painting his face. It appears to be like his imagination, as he paints his personal face. Everyone laughs seeing paint on his face.


makes Mannu willing and smiles a shrimp seeing his doing. Raghu pours paint on his head by mistake. Abeer laughs aloud seeing paint on his head. Karuna furthermore laughs. Abeer is happy to respect Amla laughing. Mannu smiles. Amla runs to room whereas laughing. Abeer runs to his outhouse and dances. Karuna involves Abeer and brings him out. He sees Amla telling Raghu that she goes to Kirana shop.

Anisha tells Dev that she doesn’t know. Dev asks what raze you suggest? Then why did you name me, to form my stress-free. He says I came to this city to search out her and scolds her for making stress-free of him. Anisha asks him to composed down and listen to to her. She says she obtained Abeer’s number, on the other hand it is of Dharmshala, currently no longer in exercise. Dev says sorry. She says she is making an strive to search out Amla. Dev thanks her for helping him and goes. Anisha thinks you’ll burn every thing, my take care of and so forth. She thinks she has to reach the truth and listen to from Amla’s mouth before telling deal with to Dev.

Mando tells Mannu that she had ordered nail paint and forgot to net it and goes. Mannu thinks he’ll faint resulting from starvation. Anisha offers him kachoris. Amla comes abet dwelling from the Kirana shop. She sees Anisha playing with Mannu. She says she noticed kachoris and brought it for them. Mannu tells that he became genuinely hungry. Abeer tells Karuna that he forgot and says this present day is the closing day to personal produce for Amla’s 12th class. Karuna says even I forgot, asks Amla to net willing and says we are in a position to spin and personal the produce. Amla says good ample. Anisha says she is going to leave now. Amla goes to net willing. Mando comes abet dwelling and asks everyone appears to be like resting and asks if the work is over. Raghu says Karuna is taking Amla to personal 12th frequent admission produce.

Mando is excited and scolds Karuna for motivating her to see. She says what Amla indulge in to total in want to cooking. Karuna says Amla indulge in her personal desires and indulge in to stand on her feet. Mando says Amla is no longer going to spin anywhere. Amla asks her to cease it and says I will decide what to total. She asks her no longer to interfere in her lifestyles and says she has determined to see and total her 12th and could unbiased no doubt. She asks Karuna to come and personal the produce. Karuna says I would, nonetheless I don’t know the design to make exercise of computer, for that Abeer…..Amla goes conclude to Abeer and asks in the event you’ll come with me. Abeer is gargantuan happy. Mando is terrified. Abeer says I will come and smiles.

Abeer fills the produce whereas Amla is sitting on the chair. She smiles. Karuna tells Amla that Abeer brought the books and says I thought you’ll return it in the event you come to know. Abeer offers divorce papers to Amla. Amla is terrified.

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