Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kundali Bhagya nineteenth July 2017 Written Update

Karan watches Preita and recognizes her because the one in his vehicle. He thinks she must desire a revenge from him. He comes to her and asks why is she doing this all. Preita says right here’s to coach him a lesson, right here’s a tall subject for a lady. Karan laughs at her to receive a trainer someplace. Preita says she needs him in the abet of the bars. Karan calls her a drama queen and asks what quantity of cash she wants. Preita asks if he’s bribing her. Karan says he left a date after her. Preita says he easiest recognizes a single language, Karan warns her no longer to insult him. The girl inspector asks him relating to the value, Karan calls Preita a liar. He says when she had an accident, he already paid the money. Preita tells the girl inspector to place a ask to who criticism against him, Karan finds it attention-grabbing to belief Sania there. He comes to flirt

with her and invent her up announcing they had stunning moments with each assorted, they’re in reality treasured for him. Preita comes to push Karan far from Sania and demands to shut him in the abet of the bar. He gets a name from Rishab and tells him about being in jail. Preita forces Sania to sigh the truth to inspector. Sania says she easiest had an argument with Karan, and she or he met this woman on the design who brain washed her. She apologizes Karan. Karan asks to proceed with Sania, he boasts about having his security and assures he would proceed with ease by himself.
Preita explains to inspector that the girl herself turned into crying. The inspector tells the girl to effect far from Karan Lutra, he’s a heartthrob and had he called a press convention they would want to arrest Preita. Preita leaves the police location irked. She turned into cursing Karan to be the form of exclaim their possess praises and egoistic and loses her balance. Karan holds her in his fingers in midair. He says she acts neatly for slipping, he is aware of a preference of ladies who pose to receive his attention. Ladies strategy into his events but she came into his vehicle; then she wanted him to glimpse her by submitting a criticism against him. He forbids her to now strategy into his condo, he has already despatched five girls to jail. Preita says Karan isn’t any individual blooming to die for, she either doesn’t want a blooming lad. Karan clarifies he’s blooming, but forbids her receive any cease to him. He leaves with Sania. Preita calls from in the abet of that she isn’t a psycho and isn’t in the abet of him the least bit. It turned into raining already, Karan moves the vehicle from strategy Preita with a velocity and water waft over her face.
At house, Sarla turned into aloof angry. Baa persuade her no longer to take into yarn these girls as hers, they belong to a assorted metropolis and had been introduced up in a assorted family. Sarla agrees for no longer misbehaving with the girl but she turned into angry over Tannu. She turned into going to order regret Shistri, but Shistri comes there and misbehaves with Sarla announcing she hates all moms easiest on yarn of of the form of habits. Sarla slaps Shistri, Preita arrives easiest then. Sarla says they can’t are dwelling in the condo with such an attitude, they must catch one other condo for them till tomorrow even. Baa and Sarla turn to head into the room. Preita asks Shistri what came about, Shistri shouts that she will be able to be able to’t are dwelling with the form of woman, its better their father kept them far from a mother as all moms are unbearable like her. Preita calms her down pondering they effect no longer have any money and no job as neatly. Sarla wonders if all girls who’re dwelling without moms judge the the same, she also has two lost daughters.
Rishab thanks Abhi for coming over. Abhi says Rishab sound so terrified on name, they normally aren’t easiest alternate companions and preserve a friendship relation after the concert. Karan returns house, Rishab complains Karan for no longer receiving her name after getting caught in police location. Abhi takes a proceed but Dadi comes there. She stops Abhi to exclaim a music, she slips on the staircase. Each person speed to motivate her. Kareena Bua comes scolding Dadi for being in the form of speed in spite of her ankle ache. Rishab refer to Abhi that Dadi has ankle ache and she or he doesn’t comply with receive therapy from any sanatorium. Abhi suggests to nominate a physio at house and supplies to give contact of 1 he is aware of, she is PG at his mother in laws. Roo had reached house in occasion costume, Kareena calls her to have a look at an ointment over Dadi’s feet.
Abhi strategy at Sarla’s condo. He notices the terror on his face, he assures Sarla that Pragya is exquisite. Sarla goes to receive the pinnacle ache remedy for Pragya, she will be able to in reality feel better by it. Shistri comes out of doorways and cheers observing him. Abhi stops Preita and asks what is occurring, Shistri turned into about to sigh Abhi about it. Preita clutches her hand and says she is making an strive to search out a job. Abhi tells Preita he stumbled on a job for her, she must wander at house take care of on the cardboard and desires to take care of a Dadi.

PRECAP: A neighbor blames Shistri for having stolen her ring because the girls want money. Sarla goes to scrutinize into their luggage and finds out they’re her daughters.

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