Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kundali Bhagya thirteenth July 2017 Written Update

Preita tells Deepak she didn’t like him, she very most life like agreed to marry him as a result of she was certain at the least he would admire her. He despatched her proposal even when he knew her father owns nothing nevertheless nowadays he asked for her father’s home. She received’t let her father give his home as dowry. Deepak breaks the engagement pronouncing she has no family, her father can’t stand on his appreciate and there is extremely most life like a condominium they appreciate. Deepak leaves the home offended. Papa is available in and asks Preita what she did, he knew what he was doing and he had cause late it. He wants to make a decision them. Shistra says she didn’t prefer a half in the home and property, she indispensable to place Preita from the grasping family. Shistra calms her papa and prepares a peck for him. She takes a bottle from it thinking its wine, nevertheless it completely was a medication bottle. There

Papa had fallen on floor.
In the clinical institution, the physician informs them Raghubir ji has mind cancer of last stage that is the cause he feels dizzy. He has been getting his therapy right here, and was given an ultimatum of three months. Preita cries as she reads the document. Each sisters hug each assorted, Preita says now she understands why Papa was disquieted for her to net married. He indispensable to get her in regulations’s lend a hand to protect them collectively.
In the prepare, Shistra asks why Preita crying is; and asks her to overlook the entirety. She cheers searching at Mumbai location and springs out mad. Preita was in a explain of uncertainty about where they’d slump.
In the clinical institution, Papa told them their mother is alive. He says he met Pragya a couple of days previously, she is worked up to meet them. He gives Preita a letter with their mother’s address. Shistra wasn’t keen to gather her mother. Raghubir says right here’s the reality, he kept them a long way off from their mother and never indispensable them to be taught about it. Now they appreciate to return to their mother. He takes Preita’s promise over his hand to head to her mother. He was respiration his last and gives up on lifestyles. The girls mourn.
Preita stood on the situation, lost in her thoughts. Shistra tells Preita they aren’t occurring this address. Preita also wonders what form of mother she can be able to appreciate to be, who never asked about her young of us. Preita thinks she must persuade Shistra to as soon as meet their mother. Shistra complains that Preita didn’t relief a penny from their father’s home money. Preita says it was if truth be told indispensable to pay the final debts of their father. She appears to be like to be in direction of the paper with their mother’s address, nevertheless it completely flew off her hand attributable to solid wind and rain and runs into a nullah.

PRECAP: Preita and Shistri end up as paying company at Pragya’s mother’s home.

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