Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kumkum Bhagya nineteenth July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhi interested in Pragya….and Munni. Main Phir Bhu Tumko performs….He thinks he couldn’t understand her now and curses his destiny as she left. Munni attain dwelling and sees door begin. Aaliya is interior her dwelling and says you came leisurely. She says it used to be raining and that’s why I attain interior. She asks if she don’t accept as true with ample money a lock and asks why she obtained leisurely. Munni asks about her Chutka. Aaliya says he is fair, but upset. Munni asks where is he and threatens to press her neck. Aaliya says if you press my neck then I will press your chutka’s neck. Munni says you will press his neck if I trip away you and says she’s going to murder her, and takes out knife. Aaliya says she don’t to die, and smiles, tells that if she kills her then her goons will murder your chutka. She asks her to position knife down, attend

off and be all ears to her. She says if it’s essential to non-public to free Chutka then….Munni asks why did you attain in my life. Aaliya says it happened consequently of fate. She says your fate introduced you in our life. She says till my motive is successful, we are able to’t be separated.

Purab involves the Inspector and tells that Pragya used to be stumbled on the day gone by, and used to be speaking in another case with villager costume. Inspector says he’ll search her. Munni tells Aaliya that she will’t accept as true with this work. Aaliya says your God accept as true with done irascible with you and tells that Dr. Sheela told that Chutka accept as true with hole in his heart, and says if you would accept as true with this work then you would bag him treated and can introduced him up. She emotionally blackmails her. Munni says I’m able to die for him, but can’t trip away for demise. Aaliya says Pragya used to be connected like you, she used to be no longer selfish, thinks about family etc. Munni says you would’t accept as true with any relation with anybody and says I know your of us left you in your childhood and says you would want correct your brother, and asks how will you suspect irascible about your brother. She says you would want way back with his wife and says you shall be blissful with his happiness.

Aaliya says my brother primitive to love me a lot, I used to be his world. Since Pragya came in his life, every little thing used to be changed. She says Abhi primitive to love Tanu and she or he primitive to love Purab, but Purab fell in worship with Pragya’s sister Bulbul. She tells that after she saw Purab no longer realizing her worship, she obtained Abhi and Pragya married pondering that she’s going to separate them when Abhi gets her married to Purab. She says nothing happened as such. She says Abhi obtained nearer to Pragya, and humiliated her. She says Abhi began loving Pragya and left out her. She says Pragya came in between me and Abhi, I change into his enemy, and he thought I am irascible. Munni hears her.

Aaliya says she has killed Pragya and separated her from Abhi. She says Pragya obtained her sister married Purab and that’s why she obtained her killed, and likewise killed Pragya. She asks if I used to be irascible? Munni says you would want killed them, and must accept as true with stumbled on happiness in Purab’s happiness. Aaliya asks how can I understand my Purab with Bulbul and says he is correct mine. Munni says she thinks from heart. Aaliya asks her to be all ears to her opening her concepts and heart and tells that your life is in chutka and chutki and asks her to close dialogues and says now it is action time. Sshe says it’s essential to must attach my life for saving Chutka’s life. Munni says nothing can occur to them. Aaliya smirks and says your destiny and mission is hooked as a lot as our fate now. She says Pragya couldn’t attach her sister or herself, but it could perchance most likely attach you your life and likewise chutka and chutki’s life.

Abhi is insecure. Dasi says Pragya could went to her mum’s teach. Abhi says I seek the advice of alongside with her, without telling her, but Pragya is no longer here. Dadi says she’s going to call Sarla. Abhi says no as Sarla is a heart affected person. Dadi and Dasi hope that Pragya comes attend. Purab comes attend and tells that they must support till morning if they explore Police support. Dadi says Pragya will trip a ways till then. Abhi asks him to call Press convention and says he’ll quiz media and his followers to search Pragya. Purab says your followers can mediate that it is a publicity stunt. Abhi says he is no longer insecure about his dispute and says he’ll half on the social media and provide prize. Purab says he’ll address the media.

Tanu and Aaliya bring Munni dwelling. Tanu tells that it seems to be Pragya desired to commit suicide. Abhi gets insecure for Pragya/Munni. He asks Aaliya what you would want done with my Pragya.

Written Update by H Hasan

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