Kuldeepak 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kuldeepak Twenty fourth July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamiya says to vidya I knowledgeable you I don’t carry to lose. Give me chiragh or I will destroy diwan. When that you simply can bask in diwan to be alive don’t imagine trying out chirgah. Give me chiragh and I will send your husband dwelling.
Vidya is afraid. She is crying. Sheila is available in and says what took build. Vidya says Kamiya has kidnapped Diwan. She’s going to destroy him if I don’t give him chiragh. Sheila says put stable. Vidya says I don’t know if I ought to get as a mother or wife. I will lose in each cases. Sheila says why don’t you repeat each person? Vidya says chiragh’s actuality shall be uncovered. That manner I will lose him without a destroy in sight.

Chiragh comes to Vidya and says I don’t bask in pooja. Could possibly moreover simply restful I’m going and play in outhouse? Sheila says play on your room. Chirgah says no I wanna play in

outhouse. You cancelled my picnic. I will complain papa that you simply lied to me.
Manjila starts the pooja. Manjila says vidya when will diwan attain? Vidya is silent. She says Diwan shall be gradual. Manjila says launch the pooja. Pandit ji starts pooja.

Diwan opens his eyes. He says delivery the door. Kamiya opens the door. Chiragh says is that this your private dwelling? I would no longer private any clue how I came here. What are you doing here? She says here’s my dwelling. He says how I came to your private dwelling? She says no extra questions. You is liable to be in my detention. I locked you here in this room. While you had been searching forward to taxi someone came in the attend of you and fainted you. Diwan says what insensible shaggy dog story is that this. I in actuality decide to head. She stands in her manner. She says unless I enable you to head that you simply can’t droop. Sit there without questions. Chiragh says what non sense. Kamiya throttles him and says don’t strive and combat me bask in your wife. If she cared about you she won’t private taken goodbye to know. Kamiya says call your wife and depend on her to carry chirgah here and salvage you. Diwan says I would possibly per chance per chance no longer ever tell that to her. Vidya became once honest about you. I feel sorry about it today. She says whenever you’d carry to save your lifestyles calls your wife and depend on her to give me chiragh or your recreation is over. Diwan throttles her and says you would possibly per chance per chance per chance possibly no longer ever private my son. You private kidnapped a govt officer thats a crime. She would possibly per chance per chance dangle her son over you. Your lifestyles is in my hands.
Vidya shouts Diwan.. Manjila says what took build? Sheila says her hand burned.

Sheial says ought to we repeat police? Vidya says no that manner each person will know what chiragh is,.
After I get to know the build she has kept Diwan I will droop there. Vidya says I can call chirag’s teacher and depend on her for Kamiya’s address. She calls the teacher. She says I will give you in a while after checking from faculty recordsdata.
Alpesh says to manjila no one knows about Diwan. Where he’s. Manjilaa says the build has he been? is he in anguish? Alpesh says don’t apprehension.

Diwan says why is Kamiya doing all this? Why she needs chiragh? he sees her telephone on the ground. He picks her telephone and calls dwelling. Manjial picks up. Diwan says ba.. Kamiya has kidnapped me. Manjila says what.. Kamiya is coming attend to get her telephone. manjila says why? Diwan says I don’t know that either. She has some and not using a doubt unlit intentions. He hears her coming. He throws her telephone.
Kamiya is available in the room and takes her telephone. She locks the door.
Alpesh says why would kamiya kidnap diwan? Manjial says exactly. ALpesh says what’s liable to be the cause?

Kamiya calls Vidya and says you requested the faculty teacher for my address? She known as me and requested me. I knowledgeable her I will give you my address. You is liable to be so insensible. You private time unless the following day morning give me chriagh or prepare to be a widow. Shanaya overhears all this.
Alpesh says we ought to repeat vidya. She would possibly per chance per chance know what kamiay needs. Shanaya comes and says I do know what Kamiya needs. She needs chiragh in return of Diwan. Vidya knows all this already. Attributable to this she became once apprehensive in pooja. Manjila says why she hid it from us? Shanaya says exactly. Manjila says vidya attain downstairs. Vidya and sheila attain. Manjila says why has kamiya kidnapped diwan? Why she needs chirgah? shanaya says yes repeat us truth. Manjila says your silence is scaring me. Manjial says call police. Viday says no ba.. She falls from the ground however chiragh floats her in the air along with his powers. All people is dazed. Vidya says in coronary heart each person knows his actuality now. How will I answer them.

Precap-Manjila says repeat us what’s chiragh’s actuality.
Viday says your doubts had been honest. Chiragh is demon. Manjial says give chiragh to kamiya and get diwan attend. Vidya says I won’t enable you to salvage chiragh out of this dwelling.

Written Update by Atiba

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