Kuldeepak 13th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kuldeepak Thirteenth July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Diwan slaps chriagh. Kamiya says why did you develop that. What has he done. Diwan shows her the video. Vash’s locket touched the telephone by mistake and it changed into the video on. Diwan says you were the usage of her helplessness? This time you might perhaps well perhaps be punished. THis is simply too a lot and a sin. Kamiya appears to be like to be at the locket and is never forever feeling successfully. Diwan says vidya tried telling what chiragh is doing. I believed vidya is correct taking vash’s aspect and didn’t give her note importance. Diwan says I’m sorry vidya. Kamiya says can I seek the advice of with chiragh privately about his behavior? diwan nods. Viday says no I will seek the advice of with him. She takes chiragh interior. Diwan says let her talk vidya. We have to develop something extra indispensable.

Diwan comes to servant quarter. Madhav says did vash develop one other mistake? shanit

says will you allow us to are dwelling or no longer vash? Diwan says I came here to claim sorry you. Fact is that vash had no mistake. It changed into as soon as chiragh’s mistake. I didn’t probe. Please forgive me. Madhav says don’t issue that. He says you might perhaps well perhaps bag a intention to take care of here. Vidya says here is a return of vash’s truth. Shanti says I knew my daughter is candy. I’m sorry i changed into as soon as vulgar. Sorry. Vidya says leave it. Just take care of one component in mind, resolve care of vash.

Kamiya says to Chiragh your papa is responsible for all this. He’s turning staunch into a hurdle too. We have to place away with the total hurdles. Chiragh throttles her. Kamiya is dazed. Chragh says I adore my fogeys don’t even maintain of harming them.
Vidya says to diwan, chiragh loves us. It is upto us to manufacture him a greater human. Diawn says I’m sorry. I changed into as soon as getting outmoded to of concerned with you contaminated. I don’t know address chiragh. I don’t know resolve all this. SHe says correct don’t quit. We are able to bag a system out. Chiragh will alternate with adore.

Chiragh shoves her and says my fogeys are no longer our hurdles.
Kamiya says to devil it is a long way getting worrying. Devi says we now private got despatched chiragh in this world to rule the field by darkish. We all private to address him. His adore for his fogeys will be awful for us. It’s most real looking to discontinuance it in him.
Kamiya says I’m sorry chriagh I shouldn’t private acknowledged this. Chiragh says ideal vash is our hurdle. She says certain we now private got to decide her from our system.

Manjila says how might perhaps we develop this injustice. Shanaya says we shouldn’t trust her. Diwn says she is innocent. Chiragh has done a sin. He can’t be forgiven.
Kamiya comes downstairs and says I in actuality private talked to him. He regrets what he did. Chiragh says sorry. I made a mistake. Diwan says I acquired’t forgive you.
Kamiya affords Shanti money. She says I need you to develop something. Give me vash’s locket.

Scene 2
At night,
Vash asks Vidya why did chirgah settle on to resolve this locket off? Vidya is mute. Vash says God protected us all.
Kamiya calls chiragh and says be ready. I will regain that locket eliminated. I in actuality private stumbled on a system to our purchase. regain ready. Tonight is vash’s final night.
Shanti comes shut to vash and cuts her locket while she is asleep. Later chiragh comes to vash’s room.

No precap.

Written Update by Atiba

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