Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2017 Written Update

Asha meets Ishwari and asks why did no longer she tear to state of work as of late. Ishwari says she is unwell as of late. Asha says she prepared sweets for her family and took it to her state of work, but discovered she did no longer advance as of late. She then expose that as of late maa’s sister had referred to as and told that her and Bejoy’s marriage is no longer complete as fully 6 pheras occurred as a alternative of seven. Ishwari asks what…Asha says even she reacted identical and told Bejoy to contain 7 pheras, but then maa told hearts must unite, marriage does no longer subject. Ishwari thinks of Nikki and Laksh.

Ishwari goes to Nikki and Laksh’s colony and asks passer by their take care of. She sees them with their baggage arguing. Laksh says he did no longer know owner’s daughter will advance as of late as a alternative of the next day. Nikki says what now. He says he has arranged

flat, but will gain it in 2 days, so they’re going to tear on a day shuttle wherever she likes.

Sona searches Ishwari, but does no longer get hold of her. Dev comes after hair lower. Sona says he is taking a peep sizzling and says maa is no longer at home. Dev says what if she went to meet Nikki and will get apprehensive. Ishwari returns followed by Nikki and Laksh. She says Dev that she agreed to him and went to meet them. They are going to conclude with them now. Dev and Sona command she did in actuality comely. Dev asks Jassi to take their baggage. Laksh says he’ll conclude alongside with his just valid friend and then will gain a flat. Nikki says Laksh did no longer gain his family’s like, so he wants to be section of our family describe. Dev and Sona peep at Ishwari, but she stands silently. Laksh tells Ishwari that he named his firm with Nikki and his identify NIL, but now he realized it’s Nikki, Ishwari, and Laksh. His firm is incomplete without her, he’ll continue sending her mails and she will valid and approve them. Sona and Dev smile. Laksh speaks to Nikki subsequent and leaves.

Dev and Sona prepare for family photo shoot. Dev walks to his room and will get romantic with Sona. She says someone will explore. He says let them. Jassi walks in to name them for photo shoot. Dev asks him to gain out and shut door. He obeys.

Whole family gathers. Neha and Riya’s husbands chat. Mamaji says he can not anticipate photo session, so will gain selfie alongside with his 3 daughters to peep at their faces when he wants. Riya, Nikki, Neha click selfie with him. Mami joins them. Mamaji asks where are Dev and Sona. Riya, Nikki, Neha command they’re going to name bhaiy and bhabhi and skedaddle in direction of their room.

Elena goes to name Vicky and sees him inebriated, sipping alcohol. She says every person looks to be calling ahead to him for photo session and he is ingesting here. Vicky starts yelling that they give idea to him as their watchman and nothing else, yells at Dev that he snatched every thing, even his son. He asks Elena to be toughen him and drink. She tries to aloof him down.

Dev and Sona’s romance continues. Riya, Nikki, Neha skedaddle and silly story they are identical since marriage and did no longer change. Nikki says they must contain as a minimum closed doorways. Dev jokes. All of them thank Sona for reuniting them. All of them skedaddle down for photo session. Vicky and Elena be half of. Vicky will get inflamed seeing Golu with Dev and insists Golu to advance help to him. Golu says he’ll take pic alongside with his bade papa. GKB tries to disclose. Vicky continues his yelling. Mamaji asks him to shut up. Laksh says there could be a drama in all families and he likes it. Nikki thanks him for becoming a member of them. Vicky goes apart. Dev follows him and asks if he is beneath the affect of alcohol. Vicky says yes, so what.. and shouts he took his son Golu from him. Dev stands troubled.

Precap: Sona will get a name and says she is coming, says sorry Dev I contain to gain it alone. Dev asks Jassi where is Sona. He says she used to be on cellular telephone sometime within the past.

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