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Kasam Twenty first July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Tanuja will get a name from Abhishek. She tells Rishi not to pass, Abhishek used to be involving and forestalls assembly. Abhishek asks Tanuja if she met Rishi. Tanuja says they didn’t. Abhishek tells Tanuja to cease away from Rishi and give his savor to Natasha. Rishi takes the phone and speaks to Abhishek, Abhishek tells him to cease away from Tanuja and repeat her to traipse away as soon as that you just are going to be ready to judge. Tanuja assures Abhishek that this Rishi can’t enact any effort to her anymore, that point is long gone. Abhishek says I omit you Abhishek, she shares the same with him leaving Rishi curt.
Naitra cheerfully cooks pondering Tanuja and Abhishek. Bee ji comes there. She says every person has arrive to London, Naitra would possibly probably well probably also also be her friend and portion what’s occurring in her suggestions. Naitra shares with Bee ji that Rishi stated he likes her. Bee ji couldn’t judge this, she tells Naitra not to overthink else her hair would gray. Naitra thinks if she tells Bee ji she is overjoyed because Tanuja married, Bee ji would elevate Tanuja into the dwelling again.
At dwelling, Natasha performs with bodyguards and revel in making them dance. Tanuja comes dwelling and sends the guards away, then scolds Natasha. Natasha says key toys had been dancing by themselves. Tanuja clarifies these aren’t any key toys. Natasha asks to traipse and meet Mr. Aesthetic. Tanuja says she will be able to’t traipse there. Natasha asks why they’ll’t traipse to his dwelling. Tanuja says he is ill.
Rishi returns dwelling, Naitra welcomes him with a smiling face. Rishi involves glance a candle gentle dinner organized for him. Naitra says this is qualified an informal dinner with assorted lights. She takes his coat. Rishi goes to clean his hands. Naitra thinks for her this would possibly be romantic, atleast she would get to spend some time with him. Rishi comes for dinner and looks around. Naitra serves for him with his favorite dish. Manpreet involves repeat Rishi that Tanuja is calling on his amount. Tanuja scolds Natasha to dial this amount, Natasha insists to talk to Mr. Aesthetic how he is. Tanuja cuts the name pronouncing it’s defective manners. Natasha says she called his brother. Tanuja asks where she will be able to get the total numbers. Natasha says the bodyguards get them. The phone rings with Rishi’s name, Natasha used to be furious and says she will be able to complain her Papa. Rishi used to be worried why Tanuja called after which decrease the name. Naitra says she understands she is with him for past seven years. Manpreet hear the conversation. Naitra asks Rishi what if she demands something nowadays. Rishi says he can not give her the rest, his heart isn’t his. Naitra says she qualified wants some admire in his heart, she qualified desire Rishi doesn’t repeat anybody how she and Tania are connected to him. She says he can repeat Tanuja about it, she has her possess husband and daughter but not anybody else. Rishi promises Naitra.
At dwelling, Natasha runs from involving. Tanuja blackmails pronouncing she would also aid hungry then. Natasha says she will be able to complain Papa about her blackmailing. Tanuja wonders where she will be able to get such suggestions, Natasha runs away replying Aaliya Bhat. Tanuja wonders if she is staring at motion footage than cartoons.
Manpreet involves Rishi. Rishi asks Manpreet why he came here. Manpreet says he came here to get him rid of that sticky Naitra. Rishi verify with Manpreet that he’ll indubitably elevate Tanuja encourage sooner or later, though he and Naitra had been staying for a while together. Manpreet calms Rishi and takes him for a movie.
Within the room, Tanuja used to be combing her hair and remembers Rishi’s words within the office. She thinks about her hair tucked into his shirt. All exact now the lights get off, Tanuja used to be relieved that Natasha is asleep else she must have held the total dwelling overhead. She lights the candle. There, Rishi used to be sleepless. He wonders what’s taking place to him, when Tanuja is there he can’t blink and when she isn’t around, he can’t sleep.
Tanuja looks to be like commence air the window and thinks about Natasha’s words that none would possibly probably well probably also also be pleasing than Rishi. She remembers her meetings with Rishi within the past few days, about Natasha’s suited of story ‘Prince need to get a probability’.

PRECAP: Tanuja asks Rishi if her hand hurts. Rishi says it happens, the one giving effort also feels effort. He says although he dies. Tanuja stops him pronouncing she dislikes when he speaks about dying. She knocks on the door with much power. Rishi holds her pronouncing she should not enact this, this can effort her. The bewitch door opens up, Naitra stood commence air.

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