Kasam 17th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kasam Seventeenth July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Rishi stands outdoor Tanu’s home, he turns to head away. Tanu comes there, he says sorry, I became once staunch outdoor your non-public home, I do know if anybody noticed.. Tanu says then each person will know about us? Rishi says you suggest you esteem me? Tanu says I married you, I favored you with every honest, Rishi says then why fabricate you consistently state that you just dont esteem me? Tanu says so what? cant you glimpse? she cups his face and says we are tied by esteem thread and cant spoil it, right here’s the truth, Rishi nods and says yes, he cups her face and says no one can separate us now, no one, Tanu you will comeback to me? we ought to dwell for ourselves for now, I’m expecting you, I devour you and handiest you.. all of it appears to be Rishi’s dream. Samar knocks on Rishi’s car and asks why he is right here? Rishi says um.. Samar says appears

devour you are aloof drunk, Abhi became once drowsing on airport too, Rishi says he is now not at home? Samar says you bought right here to meet him? rishi says yes I needed his signature on some papers, Samar says Tanu can signal them, Abhi has given energy of attorney to her, give me papers. Rishi brings out some papers from car and presents it to Samar. Samar takes Rishi in home. Tanu opens door and is bowled over to glimpse Rishi and Samar there. Samar says i occupy some work, I need one file, Tanu says I will bring it, she goes. rishi sits in lounge, Tanu presents file to Samar, Rishi is there too. Samar says to Rishi that you just genuinely prefer her to signal papers? Rishi says yes, Tanu remembers Rishi giving her divorce papers earlier, Tanu says I wont signal any papers devour that with out Abhi right here. Rishi says why dont you belief? Tanu glares at him and says no I dont. Samar says consult him then signal, Tanu says yes. Rishi says can I procure a cup of tea of your hands? I suggest I with out a doubt occupy an headache. Samar says for me too. Tanu says good passable, she leaves.

Manpreet is in his residing of labor, he gets Rishi’s message that decision Samar and time scramble. Manpreet says what has took residing to him? how I will time scramble along with a guy, I with out a doubt need to fabricate it. Manpreet calls Samar. Samar goes to gain it. Rishi involves Tanu in kitchen, she says scramble and sit down there. Rishi says staunch listen, I held Naitra’s hand closing evening on myth of you keep hand on his shoulder.. I’m sorry, Tanu says I dont care what you and Naitra occupy however what you noticed between me and Abhi, its exactly devour that. Rishi slams his fist on desk.Tanu sees bandage on his hand and gets panicked.
Manpreet calls Samar and talks to him as a lady, she says you noticed me and I died, you are graceful. Samar says I’m now not that samar, Manpreet says you are graceful and hotty and work for AK, Samar says I never met you. Manpreet says you met closing evening, Samar says who are you? Manpreet modifications tone to his long-established one and says I’m your perfect friend and I became once joking, Samar asks his title, Manpreet stammers and ends name, he says I cant fabricate more Rishi.
Rishi says to Tanu that truth is Naitra and me.. Samar comes there and says it became once irascible amount, Tanu says tea is ready. They all approach in lounge. Rishi drinks tea and smiles, he says I drank this appropriate tea after days, Tanu is greatly surprised. Samar says you wanted her to signal some papers? Tanu says I will signal after consulting AK. Rishi says I with out a doubt occupy pointed where AK need to signal, you glimpse it sooner than he does, fabricate you brand? I will write my amount too, he presents her file. She reads his gift that contrivance to park tonight, please for esteem sake. Tanu panics and says right here’s now not honest, I dont need it, I dont need your amount or meet, its irascible. Samar says let me glimpse what’s it, Tanu says you drink your tea. Rishi takes one file and leaves. Samar takes but some other file and leaves. They sit down of their vehicles. Rishi opens his file and sees it became once exchanged with Samar’s. He’s scared.
Rishi involves Tanu’s home and tells her Samar took my file in which I wrote gift. Tanu says I’m in a position to name him and quiz him to bring file, Rishi says then he will overview file. Tanu says you will trap me, lets scramble to him now. Rishi and Tanu sit down in car. Rishi starts car however its now not working. Tanu says your car never works, Rishi tries and starts once more, it genuinely works. Rishi thinks that I wont let your honor be destroyed at all. Rishi asks Tanu to name Manpree from his cell phone, she asks for password, he says your date of birth.. they both behold at each and each other. Tanu calls Manpreet, Rishi puts on speaker, Rishi asks Manpreet to name Samar and quiz for anything, I with out a doubt occupy keep gift in the file, staunch fabricate anything and aid him busy for 10 minutes, Manpreet says good passable and ends name. Rishi says to Tanu that this is in a position to presumably maybe also work out dont anguish.

Manpreet calls Samar once more, he says it is probably going you’ll presumably maybe even occupy earned 1 crore, we can ship you amount and it is probably going you’ll presumably maybe even occupy got to ship your bio, it is probably going you’ll presumably maybe also need to ship all the pieces, your current coloration, college, leisure pursuits, food all the pieces.

Rishi is riding, Tanu stares at him, he appears at as she appears away. Tanu feels unsleeping in his presence and aid glancing at him. Tanu sees her dupatta on equipment, she puts her hand on it to gain it, Rishi puts hand on her hand to press equipment, they with out a doubt feel spark, rishi press on equipment whereas maintaining her hand, she glares at him and jerks her hand away.

PRECAP- Rishi says to himself that Tanu became once observing me, I noticed it myself devour she became once lost in me, It genuinely felt appropriate to meet her these days, my coronary heart occupy started beating once more devour spring has approach aid in my existence.

Written Update by Atiba

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