Kasam 12th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kasam Twelfth July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Manpreet sees Rishi holding Naitra’s hand and hinting one thing, he coughs, Rishi strikes faraway from her, Rano says I am horny, Naitra rupture massaging, Rano says you every talk, I am horny. She leaves. Rishi says to Naitra that I suggested you to hang a examine out. Naitra says I am bringing it, she leaves. Manpreet says sorry I didnt know you gave her cell phone to dry, you had been about to throw it? Rishi says yeah I indicate.. I would opt to tell you original one so i asked her to dry it. Naitra brings cell phone there, Rishi is able to win it however Manpreet takes it and says its my cell phone, Rishi seems on. He starts beating Manpreet, Naitra asks what came about? Rishi says nothing, here is our worship bond, he takes Manpreet from there, he snatches cell phone from him.

Abhi says to his physique guards that it’s far crucial to be with Natasha

your entire time and make contact with me for the leisure, I will address all concerns of her. Tanu seems on. Natasha says glimpse papa hang introduced me toys, Abhi says they are your physique guards now not toys. Natasha asks guard to position her down from chair, he does it. Tanu takes Abhi away. She says what’s all this? Abhi says safety, Tanu says we dont want it, Abhi says I want to know that Natasha is safe your entire time, Tanu says I suggested you I am here and I will call if the leisure occurs to Natasha, whenever you happen to dont preserve up then I will call effect of industrial,you dont opt to make it. Abhi says whats the dispute? they can repeatedly be with Natasha, thats fair, she says no, you dont realize, I dont desire it. Natasha comes to them and says papa dont hear to mama, I worship your toys, Tanu says they are now not toys, Abhi says yes, come here, he lifts Natasha and says they are physique guards, my princess’s decision is final. Tanu says you every.. Natasha says doesnt hear to you, Abhi laughs, Tanu says make what you ought to hang.

Rishi assessments Manpreet’s cell phone and says it doesnt hang Tanuja’s amount? Naitra sees it, she recalls flashback how she introduced cell phone out of rice container and used to be about to win it to Rishi however she opened it and came upon Tanu’s amount saved in it, she used to be petrified and deleted it, flashback ends. Naitra thinks Rishi I gave you eight years to change into your kindly friend, I am lastly nearer to you so I cant let your past come inbetween us, your heart has Tanuja however your demonstrate is with me, she leaves. Rishi seems at cell phone confused.

Rishi meets his managers and says if we collaborate with Abhi then we’ll hang loss. Abhi comes there and says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be upright.Rishi says you dont hang decency to win permission sooner than coming in, Abhi says I dont want permission of anyone, Rishi says I dont care about your effect. Banker says collaboration will earnings you every, Abhi says I am willing, banker says substantial then we’ll proceed extra, bankers leaves. Rishi seems on. Abhi says marriage technique residing forcefully together, that is our marriage. Rishi says technique now we hang that marriage evening? our relation is weird and wonderful, its primarily primarily based on helplessness, we’ll win divorce if it doesnt determine, Abhi says we arent even married but and it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well perhaps additionally be talking about divorce? it’s far crucial to realize other celebration, when are we having first industry date? Rishi says tonight, hang dinner with respective households, let me glimpse who has your lifestyles, I indicate where you dwell and all that, first date at your dwelling then at my home, Abhi says glimpse you tonight and leaves. Rishi says this collaboration would maybe be stress-free.

Abhi call Tanu and says we are having collaboration. Tanu is in web assert online visitors and says why didnt you enlighten me sooner than? Abhi says you merely come home then we’ll talk. She ends call and says when will I reach home. Rishi’s car arrives beside hers. Tanu’s driver says to Tanu that our car brokedown, its rain keen and engine is now not beginning. Tanu will I reach home this day or now not? Driver says let me are attempting, he goes out and knocks on Rishi’s car, Rishi asks what came about? driver says my madam’s car brokedown, please tumble her, its pressing, Rishi says horny call her. Driver comes to Tanu and says I undoubtedly hang asked for preserve, you wont win cab in this rain, Tanu says how will you quiz preserve from stranger? Driver says there would possibly well be now not any such thing as a technique. Tanu says horny. Tanu goes and sits in Rishi’s car, she says thanks.. Rishi says its ample.. they flip and are petrified to appear every other, they every face palm, Rishi says are you horny? Tanu says what would happen to me? Rishi says ask with a ask, where make you dwell? Tanu thinks i crucial to dwell on your heart however you didnt let me preserve there, Rishi says where make you ought to hang me to tumble you? Tanu thinks you already dropped me in center of the procedure, Rishi says dont talk whenever you happen to ought to decide on to, mana ample hum yaar nahi performs. Rishi sees Tanu in tears, he tries to console her however cant pass against her. He affords her tissue, she takes it and wipes her tears, she affords it succor to Rishi, Rishi takes it, their fingers touch, they feel the shock, Tanu says I will roam myself, Rishi says its raining, Tanu says rupture car, I will win cab. Rishi says horny, he asks driver to rupture car, car stops. Driver goes out. Rishi says I am sorry. Tanu says for what? Rishi in restaurant? I shouldnt hang completed that, Tanu says you know the procedure much it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally hang hurt me? Rishi says I do know, Tanu says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally hang hurt me over and over, it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally hang moved on your lifestyles however I dont feel fair, Rishi says times moved on however lifestyles used to be stuck that negate greatest. Tanu says why Naitra known as you that day? Rishi says she crucial to quiz when I will comeback home, it used to be for Tanya.. Tanu starts leaving, Rishi tries to rupture her, she says dont you dare touch me, he says I’m now not touching you. He comes out and opens door for her, Tanu comes out and turns to roam away however her dupatta will get stuck in car’s door, she says dont rupture.. she turns and sees it stuck in car, Rishi frees it and affords it to her, Tanu says I frail to mediate our relation is for lifestyles, Rishi says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be upright, our relation is for births and births, I repeatedly hoped it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well perhaps comeback to me, if its my final wis sooner than dying even then you wouldnt comeback? Tanu thinks now not even for that, now not after what came about eight years, desire it didnt happen eight years so I would be with you this day, Rishi says my heart says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well perhaps come. Tanu turns to roam away however Rishi holds her dupatta this time, he says you perceive why? attributable to I undoubtedly hang loved you, it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally hang loved me, he drapes her in dupatta, he says if our worship is correct then it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well perhaps undoubtedly comeback to me, humari adhuri kahani performs as Tanu leaves. Rishi thinks Tanu it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be in my fate otherwise I wouldnt win you when I witness for you, I will raise you succor in my lifestyles quickly, I promise on our worship.

Scene 2
Tanu comes home in daze. Abhi asks how she bought drenched in rain? where are you lost? greatest me and Natasha are allowed to be sick,whenever you happen to win sick then what we’ll make? Natasha says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be upright papa, mama change sooner than you win chilly, Tanu says you playful. Abhi asks her to win willing, that stressful man is coming, Tanu leaves.

Naitra comes to Rishi and says win willing quickly, we are going to AK’s home, now we opt to tell flowers too,Rishi says I wont pick the leisure for him, Naitra says dont give it to him, give it to his wife, Rishi says horny. Rishi will get willing.

Tanu is getting willing. Abhi comes there and seems at her smiling. He says aesthetic, comely, it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be having a ogle so slightly, Tanu slaps him and says whenever you happen to untrue praised me but again then I will beat you, Abhi says I am fair praising, my competitor is coming, I desire to burn his blood, when he sees how my slightly wife loves me then he would win jealous, it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be having a ogle worship AK’s wife this day, now we opt to present made for every other worship, Tanu says why now not identical outdated couple? Abhi says he’s going to behold it, he is aware of my everyday life, we cant know our relation, Natasha and I ogle worship daughter and father however dispute is with you, it’s far crucial to faux worship loving wife, Tanu says whenever you happen to ought to hang me to behave loads then enlighten him that I’m now not home, he says no fair as much as you ought to hang.

Rishi buys one flower. Naitra says you introduced one flower? Rishi says I fair bought this, Naitra says it doesnt ogle simply to give one flower, Rishi says i wouldnt desire to give him one single thorn.

Door bell rings,Tanu goes to call Natasha. Abhi welcomes Rishi, Naitra and Tanya. Abhi says flower for me? Rishi says there used to be boycott of flowers this day so I fair bought this. Rishi asks is there your wife or now not? Abhi says she is coming. Abhi says meet my candy and horny wife.. Tanu comes down stairs. Rishi and Naitra are petrified to appear its Tanu, they every come up seeing her, she is petrified too.

PRECAP- Naitra comes in washroom and laughs, she says Tanuja married but again? I cant imagine this, she married any individual else and has daughter with him.
Rishi is in room with Tanuja, he grabs her hand. She says leave my hand, its paining, Rishi says what about my trouble? I was shopping you for eight years, if I knew it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally be worship this I wouldnt hang hunted for you, it’s in all probability you’ll maybe well additionally nonetheless feel trouble which I felt, I frail to appear your face every waking moment, it used to be your face and your face greatest 24/7… Tanu is wincing in trouble as he doesnt leave her hand and twists it. Abhi comes there and says Mr. Rishi Singh Bedi? Rishi turns and glares at him.

Written Update by Atiba

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