Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya Reveals Rocky’s Evil Intentions Episode

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The Episode begins with kanhaiya asserting Daali shouldn’t marry Rocky. She gets offended and says I’ll ultimate marry Rocky now. She calls Rocky and asks him to meet. She goes to receive ready. Janki fortunately dances that Daali bought ready to marry Rocky. He goes. Kanhaiya thinks its time to whisper Rocky, I’ll bring his truth out now, Janki doesn’t know Rocky’s inferior intentions. Daali says I m going parlor. Kanhaiya asks why to waste money. She asks what’s your field, is it you money. He says no, what if I give you a makeover, every thing is organic, did I damage your belief ever, give me one likelihood. She has the same opinion. He says I’ll arrange every thing there, my magical box has every thing.

He says it’s essential to seemingly well well also very smartly be occurring lunch with Rocky, I’ll prepare you first. He affords her a haircut. He then does

her facial and hair therapy. Daali looks somewhat. She likes her fresh perceive. She says wow… so you even know all this. He says yes, I do know every thing. She says you answered in english. He says yes. She says it’s essential to seemingly well well also very smartly be very mysterious man, every thing. Rocky comes. Kanhaiya asks her to plod. She scolds him. She says it’s essential to seemingly well well also’t alter me. She goes. He jokes.

He says I’ll dispute Rocky, there is not the kind of thing as a name of two heroes in this story, there is ultimate one hero right here, Kanhaiya…. daali sees Kanhaiya and holds Rocky’s hand. They sit down in the automobile. Kanhaiya becomes the driving force. Daali asks driver to capture them to restaurant. He says the automobile isn’t starting, battery field. Daali says I told Janki to rob an imported car, Rocky are you able to push the automobile. Rocky pushes the automobile. Kanhaiya drives away. Rocky and Daali inquire of him to cease the automobile. She gets taken aback seeing Kanhaiya. She scolds him.

Rocky says I’ll sight you. He sees the driving force. He asks you right here… who’s driving the automobile. Driver says Kanhaiya…. Daali says you didn’t cease the automobile, how dare you receive me to restaurant enjoy this, Rocky would be skittish. Kanhaiya says don’t receive upset, slap me, don’t lift out this, everybody is seeing. She scolds him for leaving Rocky intentionally. She says I’ll ultimate marry Rocky. He says dwell a ways flung from Rocky, he’s not an very fair right man, he wants your immoral. She asks who are you to repeat me. He says I’ll repeat every thing on ultimate time, who am I.

Daali gets seated. Kanhaiya asks the supervisor to receive meals for Daali. Daali shouts angrily. Kanhaiya says I purchased you to heaven. She says I’ll consult with Janki, I’ll carry out you out of the house, you agree with crossed the limits, you forgot it’s essential to seemingly well well also very smartly be a servant. He says I will’t put out of your mind, I desire your and Janki’s betterment, I must sight you happy, Rocky doesn’t desire your fair right, he wishes to bring you on boulevard, belief me. She says I don’t belief you. He says I’ll describe it. She says then it’s essential to seemingly well well also procedure dwelling, else I’ll inquire of Janki to carry out you out of the house.

She gets Rocky’s name and says so sorry, no matter Kanhaiya did…I didn’t understand. Kanhaiya serves her meals. He calls Janki and says Daali isn’t listening, she is not having meals. She asks are you complaining about me. He says Janki is additionally hungry, he’s ragged, he can receive sick. Manager asks them to kind out their personal affair exterior. Daali shouts. Manager asks her to exit and yelp. Kanhaiya says sorry, there received’t be any noise now. Maya comes. He hides his face from Maya.

Kanhaiya says where shall I plod now. Maya asks Daali lift out who’s Kanhaiya. Daali says he’s my house servant, how consistently shall I repeat this, lift out him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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