Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon twenty first July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pratham’s mum asserting about her pandit. Advay interprets Pratham’s phrases. Pratham says you’re respect my brother from every other mother. Advay says you may per chance be elated with a calculator. She says he will not be any longer so passionate about numbers that you call him a calculator. Pratham counts time. Chandni says so what, he is good, chilly and neatly off. He asks why does his richness topic to you, are you pricing yourself, if heart is neatly off, one coin is enough. Pratham’s mum asks for Chandni’s kundli. Indrani says Shakun, kundli will ought to at any designate. Shakun says don’t pain, I in actual fact occupy place the kundli, all 36 gunn will match. Pandit tests kundlis on laptop. Advay says you’re very excessive tech. Pandit boasts of himself. Advay says I m extraordinary to know, can I gaze. He indicators Murli. Murli will get

the vitality off. Indrani asks Rajit to switch and gaze. Advay asks them to come in the direction of window. Murli exhibits Advay’s ranking 50, Chandni’s ranking 10. Advay says I will preserve your laptop right here, come.

Advay asks Shilpa to utilize USB. She says its no longer working. He says preserve USB there, I will precise come. Chandni slips. Advay holds her. She asks attach you study with yourself in darkness. He says you’ve come now, I will study with you. She asks him to depart her. She walks away and slips. He shouts detect out and runs to preserve her. Rabba ve….performs…. They’ve an eyelock. She asks how did that I m going to descend. Advay says on memoir of Chandni is precise considered in darkness, don’t descend every other time, I will preserve your hand and eradicate you. She says I will high-tail myself. He says you may per chance be nervousness. She says whatever, I won’t eradicate your relief, the plan to have confidence you, in case you high-tail away my hand in darkness. He says I did not preserve your hand to depart. He picks the USB and says you may want to marry me. He will get the tips. He asks her to have confidence him. Lights come. She will get away.

Meghna and Shikha come and impart they made the fuse ample. Chandni stops Advay and will get the coin, which he used to short circuit the fuse. She tosses the coin and offers in his hand. She says don’t omit if blowing off the fuse, each person is conscious of fixing it. He smiles. She goes. Murli exhibits their scores, Advay 50, Chandni 70. Advay modifications the kundli. He thinks I m the Rahu of your kundli, your kundli won’t match with any kundli. Pandit says Chandni’s kundli has Rahu dasha, if this wedding occurs, this could be a catastrophe. Shakun says I made kundli neatly. Pratham asks pandit to take a look at kundlis any formulation. His mum says this marriage won’t happen.

Pratham says she is so ample-attempting, she can demolish our apartment heaven. Pandit says and you would high-tail to heaven. His mum says this marriage won’t happen. Murli exhibits scores Advay 90, Chandni 70. Shakun says I changed kundli. Kajal asks how did this happen. Shakun says anyone changed it every other time, I m nervous. Kajal and Shakun argue. Indrani shouts shut up, folk impart ample, trim enemy is most consuming than silly buddy, Chandni’s relation broke ensuing from you.

Meghna asks Chandni are you okay. Chandni says yes, mum had hopes from this relation, her heart would occupy got broken. Meghna says so what, ASR is right here, I believed couple title also Advay and Chandni, he is assorted, its irregular your and PT kundli did not match. Chandni asks did he attach the relaxation, I don’t know the relaxation. Shikha comes and talks about Veer.

Pratham’s mum says come, I will refuse to them. Pratham says deem every other time. She says my resolution will not be any. He sees Chandni coming along with her sisters. He says moonlight. Dekha jo tujhe yaar…performs…. He walks to her. Advay is accessible in his formulation and says seven… Pratham asks seven rounds. Advay asks slaps, will you’ve it right here or shall I get dwelling offer performed. Indrani asks what did you come to a resolution. Pratham says this marriage will absolutely happen, I will marry my moonlight, there may per chance be some kundli topic, however pandit will net some resolution. Indrani says its ample recordsdata, Chandni is yours from this day. Advay goes. Chandni calls him out.

She asks what’s in your hand. He exhibits the coin. She smiles and says next time undergo in mind, every stubborn wish doesn’t get fulfilled. She goes. Murli exhibits Rep board, Advay 90, Chandni a hundred. Advay places gentle on the pic board and thinks of the past. He thinks game precise began, if I lose now, how will I take, no Chandni, I won’t allow you to switch.

Chandni sees the sunshine and is derived there. She thinks he will not be any longer in room and sees the laser pen. She kneels below the bed and picks it. He comes there and sees her. He keeps his give up her head. She will get up and says I saw gentle and came to study. He says lie. She says I don’t lie. He asks in actual fact, purchase Chandni, you would occupy lied in some unspecified time in the future in life.

Chandni sees the lightning bugs. He says gaze I got moons and stars for you, you may per chance precise wear dupatta of my title, now we want to connect many rasams till marriage. He offers her the coin.

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