Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Chandni going to Advay to repeat her acknowledge. He avoids her. She finds him irregular and says my acknowledge is ready. He begins leaving. She holds his hand and forestalls him. She asks what are you doing, you were asking me so extra special and now running away when I m ready to give acknowledge, why spoil you’ve got tashan, repeat me, you continually distress me with big eyes and talk baseless issues, you then blow their very dangle horns style, you plot as if there is big entry scene.

He says notify my name some other time. She asks what. He asks did you end taking husband’s name sooner than marriage. She says sure, what spoil you mean. He says you are running after me to give acknowledge, I did now no longer know you are so alive to to marry me. He holds her in fingers and asks will you marry me. She says I will give my acknowledge in night. He says you

were restless to answer. She says my temper modified. He says as your wish, I know your acknowledge, so I organized a dinner celebration, in advise that you acknowledge me in entrance of family. She says you’ve got extra special self assurance, let’s uncover. She goes.

Kajal compliments Advay. Advay sees Chandni coming and gets mesmerized. Murli says she looks more tanatan than you. Chandni sees Advay and slips down the stairs. Meghna and Shikha relieve her. Meghna asks what occurred, you prefer to give acknowledge. Shikha says repeat me to give him prasad. Meghna says I will’t teach he has proposed Chandni. Chandni says even I will’t teach. Shikha asks will you give same acknowledge. Chandni says sure. Shikha and Meghna demand her now to no longer distress. Chandni goes to Advay. He says I know traditions topic to you, you are imp to me. He gets on his knees and says its talked about groom’s family has to give shagun to woman’s family sooner than marriage. He presents her shagun. He says everytime you need, that you would possibly perchance also give me the answer. Rabba ve….plays…. He leaves. She looks at him. Shakun, Kajal and Rajit own a chat. Chandni and Advay uncover each and each somewhat diverse.

Indrani comes and says Chandni informed me, we did now no longer seek files from this, all the pieces unsuitable became once going down, Yash bought ill, we did now no longer earn like, you then came and made issues ideal-making an strive, we were discovering a decent proposal for Chandni, we can own now no longer learned this type of decent proposal. She calls Chandni and says you are going to dangle his existence with happiness, Pratham will a lot like you once he sees you. Kajal says they own plot. The guy comes and greets them. Chandni sits down and asks Advay did he earn timorous. She presents him the coin and says that is my acknowledge. She goes. Advay smiles. Murli reveals ranking board, Advay 1, Chandni 10. Pratham’s mum introduces him. Kajal jokes.

Indrani asks did you earn any remark of affairs to plot here. Pratham says no, but parking pricey vehicle became once a remark of affairs. He tells about his rich issues. His mum says his dressmaker below garment is payment 50000. Kajal jokes. Indrani asks them to take a seat down.

Pratham asks for one other chair for his suit. Advay asks Chandni wherein museum did she earn him and smiles. Pratham tells his watch is payment 30 lakhs. Advay says I heard time is treasured, this day I own viewed it. Pratham asks who are you, why did you plot here. Advay says a lot like you’ve got plot. Pratham asks for dinner. Shikha gets a name and goes to meet her friend Radha. Radha says my engagement broke thanks to a slow prank. She reveals the video. Shikha says I will give prasad to that guy that he forgets all smartness. Prratha gets a obtain and reveals off his crockery. Advay jokes. Pratham gifts the plate to Chandni. He calls her moonlight. He says Chandni is so ragged fashioned, I will name you my moonlight.

Advay asks her to thank PT baba. Chandni smiles and says uncover he’s so candy. She sees Chandi written on the plate and tells him. Pratham says sure, its your nickname, I will name you moonlight at night and Chandi/silver at day. Advay jokes. Indrani says we are going to originate dinner, now we must survey kundli too. Murli reveals Advay’s ranking 20, Chandni’s ranking 10.

Pandit tests Chandni’s kundli. The sunshine goes. Advay takes pandit apart and retains his computer. He holds Chandni.

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