Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Advay recalling the past. He remembers a woman wearing anklets and sees her downstairs. Indrani sees the identical lady Asha. She remembers bribing Asha to acquire crowd and extinguish Kashyap family. She thinks Asha used to be blackmailing me. Advay thinks she has kept voodoo doll in my house, she is here appropriate now, I truly favor to search out her. Asha meets Indrani and her sisters. She says I truly absorb hidden your secret for Sixteen years and now came to comprehend a mark. Indrani says you will absorb steady asked, why did you blackmail. Asha says I don’t absorb extra special time. Advay runs downstairs and would no longer glimpse the widows. Indrani provides the jewellery to Asha. A snake comes out of the box and bites Asha. Asha falls down. Indrani says you said appropriate, you had less time. They run Asha. Advay sees the blood marks on the floor

and sees the anklet too.

Advay leaves and thinks I used to be so terminate, I overlooked the blackmailer. He hears of us and goes to sight. He sees Asha lying ineffective. Indrani removes the cage and throws down. Murli comes to Advay and sees the room messed. He asks Advay to absorb food. He asks her what is he pondering. Advay says its imp day for me and Vashisht family. Murli asks what is it this day. Advay says the story started Sixteen years sooner than,Vashisht family will strive and acquire the fondness, if this occurs, my revenge will discontinuance, I is no longer going to let this happen, despite the reality that favor to bend the sky.

Chandni sits for rituals. Shakun says our Rahukaal is ending this day. Indrani says the door which is shut since prolonged will open this day. Kajal says this time Lord is with us, so sun is lights in this wet season, we can acquire fancy now. Indrani says I is perchance no longer aggravated this day, its an auspicious day.

Pandits arrive and say about Suryadev’s rays falling on Shiv idol, the shadow forms on in some unspecified time in the future in Sixteen years, the door will release by the mantra which steady Yash knows. Chandni says like we open mobile password by our utter, why can’t temple door open by mantras. She goes. Curtain flies on her face. Advay seems to be to be like on. Rabba ve….plays…. Her bracelet gets stuck to his wrist band. He scoffs her. She says diagram is viewed in temple, no longer assign of dwelling. He says your diagram is more shadowy than shadowy nights. She says I m no longer a shadowy evening, I m Chandni. He holds her and says colossal talks crash by reality, whatever you did used to be for money, you absorb purchased your jewellery, came to meet me by hiding, nevertheless no exhaust of all that, you did Maha aarti, nevertheless I is no longer going to let Vashisht family acquire that fancy, its a misfortune. He goes.

Veer’s pal scares somebody as ghost. The man gets too terrified and runs. Veer and his pals snicker. Veer says our Chudail episode can be hit. He goes and sees Shikha entering the purchase. He remembers her words and says this lady exhibits extra special attitude. He asks his pal to dread her, so that she cries and runs home. His pal in ghost disguise tries to dread her. Veer expects her to grunt. Shikha beats him and throws him out of the purchase. Veer says you absorb broken his bones, he used to be steady joking. Shikha indicators him to end and removes earlplugs. Veer asks her did she no longer hear any sound. She asks what, this man used to be teasing me, I gave him prasad, as soon as you truly feel omitted, shall I provide you too.

Veer says no thanks, we’re experts, we’re pranksters. Shikha says I truly absorb overwhelmed him extra special. Veer asks who beats the ghosts. Shikha says I believed he deserves beating. She leaves. Every person perform aarti. Shikha comes. A man says its a anxiety, rains started. Pandit says its abshagun, if fancy door would no longer open, every little thing can be ruined. Indrani runs out and sees the rain. She cries and runs to the temple. She says you absorb ended my wait, I m a mum, whatever I did used to be for my family and children, even tigress hunts for deer for her childhood, that is your rule, I did a mother’s accountability, you will’t punish me. She cries. Chandni comes and hugs her. She says nothing will ruin, every little thing will acquire honest, arrive home. Indrani says every little thing got ruined, now door received’t open. Chandni says Lord is with us, doorways will completely open.

Advay says I told you, despite the reality that I truly favor to bend the sky, I received’t let this door open, Chandni did no longer listen, she has to settle for defeat. FB exhibits Murli asks will you change weather, this would possibly perchance occasionally be contaminated to trade nature. Advay says if person asks something with honest coronary heart, entire universe helps him. Murli says its unimaginable to acquire rains by computer. Advay says cloud seeding can accomplish this doable, this would possibly perchance occasionally rain this day and sun will cowl in front of Advay Singh Raizada. FB ends.

Chandni goes to Advay’s room and is set to switch off a curtain. Advay comes to room and sees her hiding below the mattress. He says I will glimpse you, arrive out. He holds her terminate.

Written Update by Amena

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