Ishqbaaz 11th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Ishqbaaz eleventh October 2017 Written Update

Anika says where did Tej and Shakti took the actual person. Dadi stops her. Tej and Shakti consult with the actual person. Anika sees Pinky and says there may maybe be something putrid. Some time sooner than, Tanya sees the moon and Abhay’s face via the obtain. He asks her to originate fleet now. She says your boring major other didn’t procure the relaxation. He says thank God your husband is now not so boring. He feeds her chocolate and breaks fleet. She says I’m in a position to’t wait now, we preserve in identical dwelling, when will we preserve collectively. He says this mission is imp for me, I’ve to raze Oberois’ world sooner than settling. She says they build now not seem like so sinister. He says fact may maybe perhaps additionally very successfully be hidden from outsiders, now not family, blood is conscious of blood, I do know them, as I m additionally an Oberoi, Abhay Singh Oberoi, my Papa, Tej and Shakti had been cousins, he additionally worked day and night to perform Oberoi empire, but
they kicked him out from industry as my dad tried to present a catch to fact.

FB exhibits Vishal pronouncing we must catch accountability of the fireplace. Tej says it used to be valid an accident. Vishal says but we had been additionally at fault. Tej and Shakti argue with him. Tej says Oberoi empire is ours, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally very successfully be valid ours. Vishal says I desire you to catch accountability of the families who misplaced their family member. Tej says if anyone has a brother like you, he won’t need an enemy, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally very successfully be fired, procure out. FB ends. Abhay says my dad additionally had a portion in that manufacturing unit, it purchased burnt and everything ended, they made my dad leave industry and dwelling, Shivomru purchased raised with luxurious, I additionally had fine, they snatched everything, its my flip now, I will accomplish them helpless to live a lifestyles which I needed to live. She asks how will this happen. He says Shivaye will perform the relaxation, Oberoi family’s basis will shake the family.

Anika says where is Shivaye, I’ve to talk about to him as soon as. She gets his call. She says folks command fine, coronary heart has a approach to coronary heart. Shivaye asks her to listen to successfully, I told every person that a man is coming in memorial who will repeat me what took place in Kalyani mills, we know there’s no such man, I made up my thoughts I won’t be in match, if family doesn’t to find me and procure nervous, they’ll react, or now not it’s mandatory to deal with everything, we may maybe perhaps be linked on mobile phone, promise you are going to catch care and now not build yourself in direct, you valid want to abet an scrutinize. She asks him to catch care and ends call. She collides with Abhay. He says sorry I didn’t look you. She asks did anyone abet Karwachauth fleet for you. He says nothing like that. She asks about tika. He says pandit utilized tika after I went to temple. She asks what did you pray. He says this family happiness, especially yours and Shivaye’s, you both purchased separated on marriage day and now he doesn’t remember you, you couldn’t have a actually finest time Karwachauth with him. She says I m ecstatic my family is with me, when my Devars are huge, I don’t have any fright. He says everything will procure worthwhile. She goes.

The actual person says your CV is spectacular, congrats, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally be a a part of us, we can talk about about wage. He gets a call. He apologizes and says I’m in a position to’t give this job, my boss mentioned he gave this job to yet one more particular person. She asks how can this happen, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally very successfully be in HR. He says sorry, I’m in a position to’t talk about about this, there’s no emptiness. She goes. Abhay tells Rudra that Bhavya’s ego and pleasure broke down, you have got game in your hand, the total simplest, how continuously will you thank, I’m in a position to perform the relaxation for my brothers.

Bhavya gets a call from a formula dwelling HR supervisor. She says I didn’t ship you my CV. He says we purchased to snatch you didn’t procure a job in any agency. She says I will near. Tanya hugs Abhay. He scolds her. She says Shivaye is now not at dwelling since night. He asks how will you be careless, you’ll want to snatch where is he, if this used to be my diagram, I could maybe perhaps have told you. He angrily holds her and says we blackmailed him so that it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally preserve right here. She says talk about slowly, anyone will hear. He says you made me helpless to affirm, walk and to find out where is he. She says he can mislead me on call. He says then walk and anticipate Anika, use your thoughts infrequently. She goes. He says what’s Shivaye planning.

Bhavya involves trend dwelling and meets supervisor. Tanya asks where is Shivaye. Anika says he’s your husband and moreover it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally very successfully be asking me. Tanya says I m now not enraged, don’t act trim, satisfactory. Anika says I didn’t perform the relaxation. Tanya says you made him disappear. Anika asks what, since when. Tanya says he didn’t near dwelling since the day previous, you mediate you are going to perform this and he’s going to near abet to you, I m over trim and won’t let your diagram prevail. Anika says ant purchased its wings, you had been performing innocent, I don’t take care of you and Shivaye, I don’t desire him abet, how will , even you had been missing at night, Shivaye used to be ready for you, did you walk to meet any individual.

Tanya says I was on terrace after which Shivaye and I had been collectively, he broke my fleet. Anika asks when did this happen, repeat me what reward did he provide you with. Tanya says I don’t mediate I’ve to respond to you. She goes. Anika sees a injure on her arm and says what’s that impress, why did she procure tensed, I’ve to to find out.

Manager asks Bhavya to be a a part of this day itself. He says or now not it’s mandatory to signal a bond, or now not it’s mandatory to abet out this job for min. three months, else or now not it’s mandatory to pay spacious compensation. She gets insecure. She says I didn’t be taught to quit and indicators bond. He asks her to meet director who will expose her accountability.

Tej says Shivaye organized the memorial and disappeared. Shakti says he mentioned any individual goes to repeat him about secret. Jhanvi says did that man repeat secret to Shivaye. Tej says now not conceivable, Shivaye would have now not sat aloof, all of us want to be alert, if we anyone is raring to talk about to Shivaye, we want to end him and to find out. Anika says why are their faces faded, I will to find out. Anika asks is everything worthwhile.

Tej says yes, we had been discussing preparations. Jhanvi asks where is Shivaye. Anika says he doesn’t command the relaxation to me. Pinky says yes, his unique major other Tanya would know. Anika goes. Tej says if we preserve right here collectively, this is also direct, lets disperse. Anika says they ogle nervous, I must abet an scrutinize on them.

Abhay sees board and says Oberois may maybe perhaps additionally merely now not ever replace, they didn’t mention my dad in board of directors, I will remind them everything. He asks Anika is there any mistake. She says no, Shivaye purchased this made. He says I heard yet one more particular person used to be Tej and Shakti’s accomplice. She says I didn’t hear so, folks command the relaxation. She goes. He says Oberois don’t know the relaxation than lies and cheat, very soon fact veil will procure removed, Shivaye will perform this himself. Khanna says Shivaye told you are going to deal with media. Anika says I never did this sooner than. He says or now not it’s mandatory to abet out this. Anika addresses media. She welcomes them and says sorry, Shivaye is now not right here, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally anticipate me. Reporter asks why is this memorial organized. Anika says we kept this for these these that misplaced lifestyles in that fireplace incident, we desire to support these folks, Shivaye will near soon.

Tej says Anika is handling successfully in Shivaye’s absence. Pinky argues. Jhanvi asks them now not to fight. Shakti says we want to attain that man, but easy methods to to find him. Abhay looks on. Anika asks servant to serve company. She calls Shivaye and says I spoke to press, everything is k, I will call if there may maybe be the relaxation putrid. A particular person walks in. Anika says why are they having a seek nervous. Abhay says I told you retain far off from me. Tanya says no one right here is conscious of where is Shivaye. He asks her to abet an scrutinize on Anika. Tej says why is he doing right here, does he desire to talk about to Shivaye.

Tanya is accessible in Anika’s scheme. She asks about Shivaye. Anika asks her to transfer. They argue. Tanya says this home is of my husband. Anika says right here’s my family and dwelling, its my fine and accountability to abet out this, transfer away now. She sees Tej and Shakti talking to some man. Tej asks why are you tremendously very a lot surprised. Shakti says we want to talk about. They catch Shukla. Anika says whom had been they talking to, where did they catch him. She follows. Dadi holds Anika and asks where is Billu, every person is asking. Anika says he purchased caught in work, he’s going to near soon. Dadi asks is everything worthwhile between you two. Anika says yes, dont fright. Shukla says I didn’t perform the relaxation. Tej says you idea we is now not going to snatch. They confront Shukla for making an are trying to leak secret, as he’s finest stumble on of fireplace incident. Tej says we trusted you and gave all tapes to you, you had been going to blackmail us. Shakti asks what did you repeat Shivaye. Shukla says I didn’t repeat him, I m tremendously very a lot surprised as I m your worker. Tej asks did you execute tapes we gave you. Pinky asks Anika whom are you discovering.

Anika says mobile phone network, I’ve to perform urgent call. Pinky asks her to succor company. Anika sees Pinky and says there may maybe be something putrid. Tej asks what did you perform of that tapes. Shukla says I didn’t execute it. Tej asks are you enraged. Shukla says I didn’t use tapes towards you. Tej asks where are the tapes. Shukla says a man threatened me and took the tapes. Anika hides and sees Pinky. Tej asks who used to be that man. Shukla says I didn’t look his face, he got right here at night in darkness. Tej says it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally very successfully be mendacity, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps additionally very successfully be with them. Shukla swears on his family. Tej catches to beat him. Shakti stops Tej. Anika sees Shukla working away. She sees Shakti and Tej working after Shukla. She informs Shivaye that Tej and Shakti took a man to room, he used to be famous tremendously very a lot surprised and ran out. He says to find out who’s he, I m coming.

Bhavya greets Rudra. She talks and says your enlighten is….. Rudra turns and asks looks acquainted…. She asks what’s this joke. He says I will repeat you, you joined my firm as my non-public bodyguard, it scheme or now not it’s mandatory to follow me the total time and listen to to my direct. She asks your firm. He says you idea you are going to marry yet one more particular person, you are going to slap me and I will sit aloof, I m an oberoi and we never fail, I was proving I m now not a diminutive one, now I will expose what I m, welcome to my firm, I promise you are going to remember each day of this job.

Bhavya changes and is derived. She throws a miniature. Rudra asks her to behave. She says sorry. He asks enraged, annoyed or immature, call me Sir, don’t fail to remember I m your boss, what’s his title, Manav, he may maybe perhaps be ecstatic that you purchased a fine job. She says Manav and moreover you…. He says he may maybe perhaps be keeping you ecstatic, he would know your likes. She says I m ecstatic in my lifestyles, you don’t want to fright. He says I left being concerned. She says there may maybe be now not famous work, can I’m going. He asks why, newly weds, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps want to utilize time with husband, you are occurring an match with me, observe me.

A girl performs on Muskaan jhuti hai. Anika looks on.

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