Ek Shringaar Swabhiman 21st July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Ek Shringaar Swabhiman Twenty first July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meghna enquiring the of us about Pushpa’s address. Nand Kishore tells Dada ji that they shall originate up the puja as Meghna took significant time. He asks Pandit ji to originate up the mantras. Naina and Karan exercise God Shiv and Goddess Parvati’s idol. She thinks this submit office is moved from this space or the dwelling. She calls Pushpa. Karan and Naina locations the idol within the cradle and takes rounds. Kunal tests for his phone for Meghna’s name. Pushpa picks the name. Meghna says she came to meet her from Jaipur. Pushpa thinks Sandhya will dance now. Meghna introduces herself as Sujan Singh’s bahu. Pushpa tells her address and asks her to come assist. Meghna thinks Sandhya’s secret will start this day. Pushpa smirks. Sandhya comes assist dwelling. Dada ji tells that Naina and Karan are a success to maintain puja,

and tells that Nirmala and Karan will maintain sangeet jugalbandi. Sandhya thinks she can’t let Karan care for stop, his victory is her defeat.

Pushpa calls Sandhya and says you didn’t show me that Meghna is coming right here. Sandhya is unnerved. Pushpa says she has reached right here and in 2 minutes, she will likely be right here at my residence. Sandhya is unnerved and says Pushpa. Pushpa thinks even she don’t play sport badly and thinks Sandhya could likely even very effectively be tensed now. Sandhya goes to her room and calls Pushpa. She don’t capture the name. Sandhya breaks the things in her room and opens her room and appears at jharoka. Naina asks Nirmala the build is Sandhya? She says she is within the room and asks her to ride and prefer her blessings. Pushpa thinks Sandhya is tensed this day and thinks it is a ways relaxing. She thinks if the bottom line is out this day then.

Sandhya talks to pic within the jharoka and says no one can invent me a ways from you and touches somebody’s pic. She gets Pushpa’s name. She asks what would you fancy and tells ours relation is of 25 years and asks her to ship Meghna assist. Pushpa says colossal family bahu is getting down from the taxi and came to meet me, and it is probably going you will likely even very effectively be asking me to ship her assist. She asks her to get unhealthy dream from her aspect. Meghna reaches the dwelling and tests the address. Sandhya says no, it is probably going you will likely even very effectively be my friend, we’re a family, I am going to maintain whatever I whisper. Pushpa says she is coming right here, and could likely even level-headed ring my bell in 1 min. She asks if she will exercise on the name. Pushpa says each time I extinct to name you, you extinct to win annoyed. She says now it is a ways my turn. Sandhya says I am going to give whatever you needs? Pushpa says it is a ways simply too slack. Sandhya tests her phone for community and goes out. Naina comes to the room and sees the cabinet start. She thinks if she shall verify.

Sandhya tells Pushpa that she will ship her money. Pushpa says I am going to no longer agree and says she will show the truth to Meghna. Sandhya is unnerved. Naina tests the jharoka and sees Kunal’s pics collage. She is unnerved and thinks maasi maa talks to Kunal’s pics in hidingly, why. I believed she loves Karan extra, and recalls Meghna’s words that Sandhya delight in stored Kunal’s s DOB as her mobile Password. Pushpa opens the door. Meghna comes within. Pushpa welcomes her. Electrical energy goes off. Pushpa says I understand it is probably going you will likely even very effectively be Sujan Singh’s bahu and Kunal Singh’s wife. She says you delight in many questions and tells that Nirmala is no longer your saas. Naina is unnerved and thinks why Sandhya delight in stored Kunal’s pics secretly. Pushpa tells Meghna that genuinely, she is no longer Chauhan’s family bahu. She asks whenever you delight in courage to listen the truth and tells that Kunal Singh Chauhan doesn’t belong to Chauhan family. Meghna is unnerved.

Nirmala sings yeh moh moh ke dhaage….whereas Karan plays music. Karan also sings music. Sandhya is tensed. Kunal thinks the build is Meghna. Pushpa laughs whereas Meghna is unnerved.

Written Update by H Hasan

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