Ek Shringaar Swabhiman 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Ek Shringaar Swabhiman 14th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meghna making arrangement for puja. Sandya smiles. Sharda tells Nirmala that Naina didn’t lose her strength even though she is tired and says we shall have strength, and asks God to be with her. Sandhya plans evil against Naina. Karan comes to Naina and holds umbrella under her head. Naina asks him to go and says this tapasya is mine. Karan says no, it is both of us. He wipes her face as she makes Shivlings. Sandhya gets furious. Tu Pyaar Hai plays……Sandhya thinks Karan saved you from sunrays, but who will save you from hot sand. Pandit ji asks Meghna and Naina to do puja and asks Naina to ring bell and do 108 parikrama. He says nobody shall step there else puja will be left incomplete. Sandhya thinks even God can’t help her today, and her puja will be ruined. Naina prays

to God Shiv before beginning the puja. Pandit ji asks everyone to concentrate on prayer. Naina do the puja and aarti of the shivlings which she made. Karan, Meghna, Sandhya and other hears the bell ringing while she is doing parikrama.

Sandhya thinks her puja is going smooth and thinks how can nothing happen to her. Just then broken glass pieces pierced into her foot. She thinks how she got contractor to put glass pieces there. She thinks of Pandit ji’s words that she shall not stop ringing the bell. Meghna is worried for Naina and says she is having fever.

Naina continues to do pooja, and more glass pieces pierced in her feet. Sandhya thinks stop Naina and tie bandage to our feet. She thinks she is doing this to fulfill Pushpa’s condition. Sandhya signs Pandit ji. He sings bhajan to make everyone busy. Meghna steps out of house and sees Naina walking with much difficulty. She recalls Pandit ji’s words and stops herself. She thinks how she can help Naina. She gets the flower garlands and throws on Naina’s way seeing the glass pieces. Karan comes out and sees meghna throwing garlands on her way and blood coming out from her leg. He is about to go, but Meghna stops him. They throw garland on her way so that she don’t keep her feet on glass piece. Naina completes 108 parikrama and faints. Karan runs to hold her.

Nand Kishore comes and sees her unconscious and hurt. Others also come there. Karan takes her to room. Doctor asks them not to worry and says he has bandaged her feet and asks them to take care. Karan thinks how can anyone love him so much and asks God to make her fine. Naina gains consciousness. Meghna asks her to sleep. Nirmala says your puja is successful. Meghna says she will call that contractor and asked how did the glass pieces come there. Sandhya says she talked to Contractor and came to know that the workers were having food with glass bottle and it broke. She says she has cancelled the order.

Sharda gets CM’s call, and she refuses to talk to him and disconnects the call. Sandhya thinks this can benefit her and thinks to enquire. Sharda comes to her room and keeps the phone. Sandhya calls him. CM apologizes to Sharda repeatedly. Sandhya thinks if he is drunk and sends messages to CM inviting him to Chauhan’s house. CM thinks to go. Sandhya thinks everyone will see the drama of CM and Sharda tomorrow.

Meghna calls contractor and says she came to know that because of his workers’ carelessness, glass pieces was found in the puja place. Contractor says they didn’t do any mistake. Meghna asks him to come and give statement infront of everyone. She thinks to expose Sandhya infront of everyone.

Written Update by H Hasan

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