Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee seventeenth July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Aastha telling Shiv that she can power the automobile. Shiv asks if she can power. Aastha says certain. She ties seat belt to him. They cling got a romantic see lock. Song performs…..Shiv asks are you certain? Aastha says I indubitably cling drove the automobile ahead of. Shiv prays to God. Aastha drives the automobile. Shiv says you drives effectively, I belief you excellent know biking. He asks her to decide left and proper and argues. He asks her to decide him in a single part. Aastha asks him no longer to disturb him. They argue. The automobile hit on to the tree. Aastha says sorry and says she seen canine and that’s how the automobile met with an accident. Shiv and Aastha gets down the automobile. They uncover regarding the storage there. Shiv calls mechanic. Mechanic says this can decide time to repair the automobile. Shiv imagines flower petals falling on Aastha as a lady throws rubbish there.

Aastha tells that she requested the girl to decide away rubbish from there. She asks why you are staring me. Shiv says nothing. He imagines waving to Aastha. Aastha finds his conduct queer and asks what you are doing? Shiv says his hand is paining. Mechanic gives the automobile keys and asks for money. Shiv pays him money. Aastha asks shall I power the automobile? Shiv says if accident happen all as soon as more then where we are in a position to bag storage. He says he’ll power the automobile and asks her to approach reduction.

Govind brings Lakshmi house and asks her to crawl slowly. They greet the inhouse God. Govind says I’m thinking to present Gayatri. Lakshmi asks him no longer to give her tension and asks her to approach reduction to room and rest. Lakshmi says she has one extra work. She asks Aastha to request her vardaan. Aastha says you are elegant, and says she can request later. Jaya and Janki bag tensed. Lakshmi says I could sit down up for that time. Aastha says I could decide you to room. Inspector comes there and says we cling done your papad’s lab take a look at and chanced on gross chemical substances in it. He asks Lakshmi to approach reduction with him. Shiv and Aastha argues that why Lakshmi will mix gross chemical substances in the papad. Lakshmi asks Shiv to let inspector enact his accountability and says reality shall be out at some point soon and then I could be proved harmless. Inspector handcuffs her.

Guru maa asks him to finish it and says Lakshmi will no longer ride from here. Inspector says we cling arrest warrant against her and says if we try to finish us then we must file case against you. She asks him to finish it and calls Authorized excellent. Authorized excellent presentations the bail papers. Inspector frees her. Govind thanks Guru maa. Lakshmi also thanks Gurumaa for saving her. Guru maa tells that she is standing ahead of them infront of ache cope with a mountain and nothing can happen to anyone. Govind says he’ll bag preparations for her to cling water. She says she has kept nirjala like a flash.

Aastha makes Lakshmi sleep on bed and massages her toes. Lakshmi stops her and asks what you are doing. Aastha says you are very tired, with the rubdown, you might per chance perchance indubitably feel relieved and sleep. She massages her toes. Shiv looks to be like at her. Lakshmi asks Aastha to ride and sleep as she is feeling sleepy now. Aastha says good ample.

Gurumaa comes to room and thinks no person will know thanks to the agarbati (Incense Sticks) that I’m having meals here. She says unimaginative of us assume that I indubitably cling water with the pipe and says they don’t know that I indubitably cling Fifty six bhog whenever I’m pleased and eliminates the cloth showcasing the meals kept over there. She says nowadays she is terribly pleased by exhibiting the steady say to lakshmi She says Lakshmi purchased egoistic and forgot that after I’m in a position to bag her, then can atomize her too. She eats the sweets, meals etc. Aastha thinks to request Gurumaa if she came to know who had added chemical in the papad. Gurumaa eats the meals fastly and feels pleased. Aastha comes there and sees Guru maa having meals. Gurumaa is alarmed.

Shiv imagines Aastha in Runjhun and Gurumaa etc. Balwan tells Shiv that you just’re in admire. Aastha tells Guru maa that she can explain her reality to every person. Shiv thinks to admit his admire to Aastha.

Written Update by H Hasan

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