Dil Se Dil Tak 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th July 2017 Written Update

Teni returns to her Chawl, it was smelly and dusty. She cleans around the house. Everything was stinking. She thinks how Parth got mosquito net on windows for her and rub mosquito repellent over her hands. She was irritated that Parth doesn’t leave her even now. She thinks to herself that after five months she will hand the baby over to Parth, take money and rent some good Chawl. She goes to fill water but there was no supply. She wonders how she would spend five months here, takes her and leaves. At a stall, Teni comes to eat something and orders Pao Bhaji. She notices filthy benches and thinks Parth must never have let her eat here. She spreads some newspapers over the bench and reminds herself of eating here since forever. She calls for a glass of water but the glass wasn’t washed. The stall

man reminds she always drink this water, she must buy herself water bottle. Teni orders a water bottle. She gets the order of her Pao Bhaji prepared. It doesn’t taste good. She spits near the bench. The stall man taunts if he must order something from big hotel. Teni was upset that Parth had ordered the servant to take care of her food. She pays 200 to stall man and half for Pao Bhaji and half for repairing their stall. She comes to hire a rickshaw but its seats were broken. She argues the rickshaw man.
There, Bharat Kumar hands their baby to Jalpa. He says he doesn’t resemble him at all. Jalpa boasts he is after her. Bharat Kumar suspects their child was exchanged. He gets a call about approval of their loan and cheers. He was sure a lot of his life’s problem would now be solved.
Teni thinks she has no problem with poverty, she only got used to Parth. She watches a street boy come to take her left over Pao Bhaji plate and eat it sitting on a floor. Aman comes to Teni there. In the car, Teni cries as she eats. She thinks it’s better to cry in a car than to cry on foot path. Aman says if she keeps on looking at her this way she will fall in love with him. She thinks this means Aman didn’t read the letter she left under his pillow and asks him to hurry towards home.
Teni comes to Aman’s room and says she has important task here. Aman asks if this and kiss her hand. Mohini comes there and scolds them for being together, she sends Teni to her room. Teni goes annoyed. Later, Teni comes to Aman’s room where he was asleep. She finds the letter under the pillow and thinks about tearing it. Aman holds her hand saying if his love has played the magic. He holds her close, Teni sends him to freshen up and brush his teeth. She takes the letter but Aman holds her hand from behind. He takes an advantage to lay in her lap. Teni hides the letter inside a magazine. Someone knocks at the door, Bharat Kumar asks him about the best car in the world. He looks towards the car magazine, in which the letter was hidden. He asks Aman about a choice from the magazine. Teni was worried Aman might find the letter, she takes the magazine as its theirs. Bharat takes the magazine. Aman doesn’t let Teni go behind him and was going crazy.

PRECAP: Teni follows Bharat Kumar but the letter reaches to Parth.

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