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Dil Dhoondta Hai eleventh October 2017 Written Update: Parneet fixes Ravi and Ecstatic’s roka

Ravi and Vishi bring Payam and Baldev to meet at roof. Vishi takes Ravi aside. Ravi thanks Vishi for serving to him, such recollections stay with out crash. They discuss romance. Ravi used to be brooding about Shahrukh Khan’s movies, she feels awkward about discussing romance with Vishi. Vishi tells her to smooth down, it’s about Payam and Baldev. They hear footsteps and depart to conceal Payam and Baldev. Parneet arrives from on the support of and warns Ravi it’s slack. Ravi leaves. Parneet strictly warns Vishi to cease in limits and far from Ravi, as Ravi is to marry Ecstatic soon.
Vishi comes to sleep within the hall. Ajji notices he used to be unsleeping and teases him via a music. Ajji says insomnia in formative years is bad, nonetheless she is conscious why he didn’t sleep. Vishi says Ravi is most attention-grabbing a chum, nonetheless that Tauji… He warned him to cease
far from Ravi. He feels there would possibly maybe be one thing between them, nonetheless how can he even assume like this. Ajji says she moreover sensed one thing between them, and it’s about trip. Avinash scolds Vishi for the disturbance. Vishi thinks Parneet is classy, he obtained’t assume about Ravi anymore.
Ravi used to be scared about Parneet’s warning. She thinks he must never gain acknowledged this to Vishi, then wonders why she frequently assume about Vishi. Why she dislikes if someone scolds him, what is that this all.
The next morning, Parneet gathers all individuals within the hall. Manjeet used to be disturbed if the company did one thing unsightly again. Parneet says he wants to advise double celebrations within the family on the present time, first is Baldev and Payam’s marriage ceremony. 2d is Roka of Ravi and Ecstatic. Vishi notices his phrase over himself. Manjeet used to be contented, they company had been all gratified too. Vishi leaves the hall. Parneet says Ecstatic’s folks gain left Canada for India and gain well-liked the proposal as effectively. Ajji murmurs if he doesn’t care about Ravi’s need. Avinash asks for his or her permission to prepare their venerable candy. Parneet sends Ravi to prepare sweets. Ecstatic asks Parneet to elevate Ravi’s consent. Manjeet says Ravi is most attention-grabbing afraid, else she have to gain instructed Parneet about it.
Outside the home, Baldev asks Ravi why she is so misplaced. Ravi used to be upset about her Roka. Baldev cheers, and asks Ravi if she like someone else. Ravi takes Vishi’s title, Baldev used to be alert for some time then notices she used to be watching him on the roof. Ravi goes to say feel sorry about Vishi.
Ravi comes to Vishi on the roof. Vishi gets a name from his boss and goes aside to elevate the name. Ravi thinks he would possibly maybe well maybe very effectively be upset as a result of final evening, and he is rightful. Papa ji appreciates Avinash’s efforts for birthday party. Anjali need they like Mishal-pao. Avinash boasts all individuals admire them. The family gathers. Avinash makes a serving for Baldev. Parneet and Ecstatic moreover be a part of the desk. Avinash happily serves all individuals. Ecstatic denies to elevate oily food. Parneet denies taking such food, nonetheless Ajji delieberatly prepares keen serving for him. Parneet takes a chunk simply to retain his appreciate, nonetheless gets hiccup and cough. All of them bustle to bring water for him. Parneet used to be enraged, he warns Payam strictly to now not elevate a behold at cheap food in Punjab again.

PRECAP: Payam and Ravi the symptoms of admire they both felt. Ravi used to be disturbed she doesn’t feel this for Ecstatic. In a characteristic, Ravi and Vishi confront every various.

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