Dil Dhoondta Hai 10th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Dil Dhoondta Hai Tenth October 2017 Written Update: Vishi reaches the village

Ravi exhibits Cosy their village on tractor. She says Cosy would by no components ranking to peep such farms. Cosy takes some photos and uploads them with hashtags. Ravi asks if he ever tasted Punjabi food. Cosy says once Ravi goes to Canada, she will omit village. He feels overjoyed with being in a situation to resolve in Canada. His family is upper class and gigantic minded, he’ll enable her to work as successfully. Ravi used to be intrigued at the observe, Enable. Cosy says there is never always a comparison between the village and Canada. Ravi suggests about going to fields, Cosy takes snapshots. Ravi suggests him to in most cases are dwelling the recollections and clutch them to your mind. Cosy used to be convinced with the philosophy and says its main for your commercial to be filled with life and going down on social media. Ravi insists for her, the family is extra main.
She used to be irked and leaves Cosy capturing photography again.
Payam calls Vishi and complains about missing him. Vishi says it’s his felony responsibility. Payam says loads goes on right here, and he isn’t handiest right here. Vishi tells her to proceed sharing snaps with him. Ajji involves Payam and says its Swayamvarg taking region right here. Baldev brings Parneet. He provides them a honeymoon in Canada, if Payam considers it first-rate-looking he’ll e book the tickets for him.
In the kitchen, Manjeet scolds Ravi for leaving Cosy in the fields. Ravi says he wasn’t with her, he used to be alongside with his phone and handiest boasted about Canada. Manjeet says Ravi has to are dwelling with him now. Ravi says she didn’t like with Cosy, she loved being with Vishi. Vishi made her ogle complete Mumbai and gave her complete consideration but Cosy loves to be with himself. Manjeet tells Ravi no longer all people looks to be supreme, minor points are mounted after marriage. She could perhaps seemingly substitute Cosy after marriage. Ravi says alright, she will substitute Cosy and Payam will substitute Baldev. Manjeet doesn’t agree Baldev would substitute. Ravi argues that equally, Cosy received’t also substitute.
Kavita calls Vishi and asks his consent about a tune. Payam asks Vishi to intention encourage atleast now and used to be aggravated. Ravi heard this conversation and leaves upset. Ajji calls Vishi and asks him to intention encourage as a minimal now, every of them and he or she omit him. Vishi asks who? Ajji laughs, while Vishi smiles getting its Ravi.
In the room, Ravi used to be fascinated about Vishi. She daydreams that he sat with her and tries to contact him, but the reflection used to be misplaced. The doorbell rings, Ravi watches Vishi originate air. She says this isn’t that that you can enjoy, and asks him to make a vary a finger and says he is de facto arrived. Ravi invitations him internal. Vishi asks about the family but Ravi says all people has slept. Vishi says he is de facto hungry. Ravi says she will encourage him Punjabi food. Vishi sits to employ. Ravi used to be upset at present as there used to be little left over food. Vishi watches the bowl and says it’d be sufficient. She goes to carry roti for him, Vishi forbids her to be casual. She turns to put collectively contemporary roti for him but he says that is sufficient. Parneet watches Ravi and Vishi collectively in the kitchen. Vishi appreciates the food but will get a cough. Ravi hurries to pour water for him. Ravi asks if it’s tantalizing, Vishi smiles that a little bit of handiest.
The following morning, Anjali wakes up and wonders why Abhijeet slept with her did. Abhijeet used to be popping out of the washroom. Anjali wakes all people up out of anguish, wondering who’s drowsing with them. All people used to be unnerved to peep Vishi and turns to hug him. They had been all angry to peep Vishi. Vishi asks if Payam would be at liberty to peep him. Kavita says even Ravi would be at liberty. Vishi explains he already met Ravi. Kavita asks if he came by flight. Avinash scolds him for spending loads on flight. Ajji interrupts Avinash that they ought to tranquil be at liberty merely for Vishi is right here. Payam involves the room and hugs Vishi, grateful for him to intention encourage over.
Manjeet complements the ring and tells all people Ravi is getting inspiring breakfast for everyone. He sends to carry Ravi but she wasn’t in the kitchen.
Ravi and Baldev had taken Vishi and family to peep the village. Ravi looks to be round for Vishi in the fields, Vishi stood with pot over his head and makes her jumpy. They play in the fields. Later, Ravi brings them all to employ smartly-known Cholay Kulchay of their village. Vishi burns his fingers, Ravi holds them in remark but soon feels awkward.

PRECAP: Parneet warns Vishi his needs would by no components intention staunch. Ravi and Cosy are about to ranking married.

Written Update by Sona

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