Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meghna walking on the avenue taking newspaper in her hand whereby her commercial is printed. Deepu calls Piyush, but he rejects the name. Meghna involves the shop and tells Pankaj that she needs to level him something. Deepu calls Piyush over again. He picks the name and asks why she is troubling him. Deepu says I would truly like to expose you something and says something. Sarika is standing within the again of her. Piyush is insecure and says since you came, troubles started. Deepu asks him to head and build meghna as she went to market. Meghna keeps the newspaper there and tastes the cake, says Deepu makes the identical tasty cake. Pankaj appears to be like on. A customer comes and asks for tea. Kishore packs the tea within the newspaper. Man sees Meghna’s pic and says it is you within the newspaper. He tells Pankaj that Meghna’s pic is within the newspaper and says she will urge to Mumbai now. Pankaj says his daughter will now not work and takes the tea again from him. Buyer says you are cashing in on your daughter and goes.

Pankaj is ready to ogle the commercial, but precise then any other folks comes and splashes colors on the avenue and promotes the supermarket. Pankaj will get a pamphlet and search Meghna and Rahul’s pic in it and is insecure. Piyush reaches shop and sees Pankaj taking Meghna. Meghna is unnerved.

Rukmini scolds Rahul for taking Meghna for commercial. Mishra ji sees the pamphlet and says it is ok, lady and boy enjoy the identical rights. Rukmini asks if Pankaj has cash self-discipline. Mishra ji says no. He says if she took Pankaj’s permission. Rahul says yes.

Mishra ji asks Rahul to be careful as he tells that Producer likes Meghna seeing Deepu’s marriage pics. Rahul tells him that he’ll now not do the leisure unsuitable. Deepu involves Madhuri and says Meghna tensedly. Madhuri asks what took location? Pankaj brings meghna dwelling and presentations supermarket pamphlet to Madhuri. Piyush asks what’s unsuitable in it. Pankaj says our bahu and betis don’t strive this. Pragya asks why did you act in supermarket commercial. Meghna cries and says she didn’t know. Pankaj says that you can perhaps simply enjoy kept your hand on that guy’s shoulder. Meghna asks what you are pronouncing. Pankaj is ready to slap her. Piyush holds his hand. Pankaj is insecure and asks him to head away his hand. Piyush says if you want that you can perhaps seemingly beat me, but don’t lift your hand on her. Pankaj says right here is my in depressed health fate, I acquired insulted in return. Meghna asks him to listen.

Pankaj says if you wanted cash then I would enjoy supplied myself. Meghna says she has now not performed adv for cash and says she talked to Deepu in regards to the commercial after which she confirmed with the message. Deepu says she told her that Papa will never agree. Meghna says then you messaged me that Papa agreed. Pragya says even I observed that message. Deepu tells that she didn’t send any message. Pragya asks her to level the message. Madhuri asks Deepu. Deepu says she didn’t send any message. Madhuri says if she is pronouncing that she didn’t send any message then she didn’t send. Meghna presentations the mobile phone to Pankaj. Pragya smirks happily. Pankaj is livid after reading the message and presentations to Deepu. He says it used to be sent out of your mobile phone. Deepu is insecure and says I didn’t send this message, I don’t know how right here is dispensed. Pankaj says if bahu is pronouncing that she has now not send any message, then it device she has now not sent. Pragya is insecure and thinks she has managed her inlaws. Pragya says that you can perhaps simply enjoy trust in your bahu, but now not your daughter.

Pankaj says he trusts his daughter and bahu also, and is aware of who has sent the message. He holds Meghna’s hand and walks out of condominium. Pragya thinks whom he’s doubting. He involves Mishra ji’s condominium. Rahul opens the door. Pankaj beats Rahul badly. Meghna asks him to head away Rahul. Mishra ji and Rukmini come to his rescue. Pankaj and Rukmini argue blaming each various’s baby. He says your son has trapped my daughter. Rukmini asks in case your daughter is minute. Rahul says I didn’t trap your daughter. Deepu asks Rahul to expose reality. Rahul says he didn’t do the leisure. Pankaj warns him. Piyush takes Meghna from there. Pankaj leaves. Rukmini is angry. Pragya is tensed. Pankaj, Piyush and others come dwelling. Piyush asks Madhuri to create lemon water for him. He then asks Pankaj to head to room. Meghna is angry with Deepu. Pragya hugs her and says I will’t search our daughter tensed. Deepu goes to substantiate with Meghna, but Pragya stops her and blames her for the happenings at dwelling. Deepu tries to expose Piyush, but he doesn’t hearken to her. Deepu is awful.

Pragya instigates Piyush against deepu. Rukmini is livid and plans to do something. Pankaj slaps Meghna on gleaming that she met Rahul.

Written Update by H Hasan

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