Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Dhhai Kilo Prem twenty fourth July 2017 Written Update

Piyush and Deepika are laughing and they also obtain too end. Piyush realises it and moves on aspect. He says next time he may be determined he doesn’t attain this kind of bewilderment. Deepika says marriage is correct fully when there may be right understanding. He reminds her of their self-discipline and says she soon may be out of his home. He goes to sleep. Deepika sees him throwing away some box and they also each giggle. She thinks he’s so elegant.

In evening, Deepika objectives of Piyush romancing her and them being an extraordinarily most sharp husband and wife. Piyush falls off the bed and he or she comes out of her dream. She smiles and sleeps hugging Piyush’s pillow.

In morning, Deepika is making cake at her home. Taiji wakes up from noise and taunts her why she came there to produce cake. She may perchance even maintain executed it at Piyush’s
home fully. Deepika’s mum tells Taiji that that is Deepika’s home as properly. She will get furious at Taiji. Deepika cools her down. Her mum asks what’s the must produce cake, she will give her money. Deepika says no, her home’s accountability is her fully. She will attain whatever require. She’s doing all this for Piyush and his dad’s appreciate. Her mum wishes Piyush may perchance also perceive Deepika.

Rahul sends ad describe to Meghna and he or she’s very chuffed. Buaji asks her to repeat the ad. She says not have, she will repeat it to everyone collectively when it is out there in newspaper.

Piyush’s dads retailer is empty. He sees of us walking by with grocery store baggage. Kunal brings Kishore again to the retailer. Kishore apologises and he will work without salary. Piyush’s dad furthermore apologises him for his behaviour with him and says he must rob his fleshy salary.

Ragini comes with cake to the retailer. She’s on the call with Deepika and he or she guides her. Ragini is terribly nervous. She tells Piyush’s dad that her buddy is in need for any person to sell cakes and he or she thought this retailer may perchance be most efficient express. Piyush’s dad hesitates to attain that. Then a customer comes and Ragini asks her to style the cake. She loves it and says she will without a doubt settle on it from them. This makes Piyush’s dad to retain cake. Deepika is chuffed.

Whereas Ragini is leaving, Piyush comes there. Ragini goes in a store to mask. Piyush sees her and he furthermore goes to purchase and asks for bangles for Deepika. He praises her loads. Deepika and Ragini are chuffed, however they don’t know Piyush had seen Ragini and he was once fair doing drama.

Deepika meets Ragini and they also gossip. Ragini asks he behaves properly along with her, correct? She says sure, then again it may perchance recover, however she’s k with present scenario. She is sure, within the future she will employ his heart. Ragini then displays Meghna’s ad in newspaper to Deepika and he or she will get alarmed. She calls up Meghna and says she will repeat it to Pankaj. Before Deepika stops her, she hangs up. She calls her again, however Buaji doesn’t let Meghna search the advice of along with her and says she will search the advice of along with her. Meghna leaves. Deepika is jumpy. Buaji calls her and says Meghna was once attempting very chuffed, her ad came in newspaper. Deepika asks whether she knows when Meghna did the ad? Buaji says how she would know.. Meghna fair acknowledged that she obtained permission from Deepika. She even acknowledged that Deepika obtained permission from Pankaj. Deepika says she never talked with Papaji, he doesn’t even know she did the ad. If he sees the ad, then this can form somewhat self-discipline. Buaji says Meghna has left however she will try to reside her. After disconnecting call, Buaji laughs and says sorry Deepika, I won’t be ready to reside her because of the I must peek you suffer.

Precap: Piyush’s dad sees the ad is alarmed and offended. Meghna says she talked with Deepika about it. In one other scene, Piyush’s dad is thrashing up Rahul.

Written Update by Anju

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