Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Namrata asking Deepu to dangle meals. Deepu refuses till Piyush dangle the meals. Kunal asks them to take a seat down and dangle meals collectively. Madhuri asks Piyush to take a seat down and dangle meals with Deepu. Deepu requests him. Kunal makes him sit down. Deepu seems at him and is ready to feed him apple. He refuses and asks her to dangle it first. He asks her to dangle it at the delivery and asks her to not be hungry as he’s weight loss weight loss program. Tune plays Rang De. He makes her dangle apple piece. As she coughs, he makes her dangle water. Madhuri asks Deepu to feed Poha to Piyush. Deepu feeds Poha to Piyush. Piyush eats it. All individuals smile seeing Deepu cleansing his mouth. Deepu thinks to net his heart along with her love.

Later Pragya asks Madhuri if Pankaj dangle meals. Madhuri says he had reliable a little. Pragya blames Deepu and Piyush. Madhuri
tells Kunal that pankaj seems to be to be tensed. Kishore comes and tells that Pankaj is insecure and even fired him from job. Piyush asks Deepu to dangle medication. Deepu says you cares for me, nonetheless by no method is of the same opinion. They argue. Piyush asks her to recede him. Deepu thinks Piyush might dangle felt contaminated about Mishra ji’s words. Piyush asks her to swap off lights. She asks him to swap off lights. She snatches blanket from him. He tries to snatch. She snatches it but again and says correct evening.

Director produces Meghna for the audition. Meghna says I don’t mediate that I will discontinue this. Rahul says she can’t conceal from her other folks. Director insists her to discontinue adv and says this shall be played in south. Rahul says he’ll convince Pankaj.

Pankaj asks Deepu to not be hungry and asks Madhuri to pack his tiffin. Piyush sees his ironed clothes and thinks Deepu did it. He opens his almari and sees Amit’s pic inside. He asks her why did she pasted Amit’s pic. Deepu says whereas you happen to can paste Sarika’s pic, and that’s why I in point of fact dangle pasted your precise friend pic. She says she has the next risk and reveals their marriage pic. Piyush refuses.

Meghna talks to Rahul. Deepu comes and is ready to hear them. Meghna makes excuse that she is talking to her friend. Deepu asks her to dangle meals. Pragya comes there and asks in regards to the audition. Meghna is petrified. Pragya asks her to seem Deepu’s assist to convince Pankaj as she is his current.

Deepu tells pankaj that she will be able to sew the button. Piyush says you dangle diverted my mind else I’d dangle accomplished it. Ragini asks Rukmini to discontinue everything by asking her in her apartment.

Written Update by H Hasan

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