Dev (Colors) 12th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev Comes Face To Face With Munim Ji Episode

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The Episode begins with Narvekar shouting on Dev and asserting you are Munim ji, I undoubtedly grasp risked my occupation for you, don’t know why I agreed to Zohra and Meera. Dev will get stricken and says perhaps experiences are tampered. Narvekar says forensic dept. is now now not corrupt, repeat me the truth. Dev says devoted, I m Munim ji. Narvekar says why did you lie to me, repeat me the truth. Dev says this Chakravyuh is a broad crime syndicate, if I trudge after this, I will additionally procure caught, I undoubtedly grasp made this name, which doesn’t exist, Munim ji, my aim turned into uncomplicated, in direct that everyone thinks he is the chief, in direct that the secret involves me itself. Narvekar says you historical me for this. Dev says we would grasp now now not reached right here if I didn’t lie, if we be successful, you might well perchance well perhaps also procure all of the pleasurable credit. Narvekar asks him to discontinue it.

Zohra calls Narvekar and says Meera went somewhere. Narvekar asks why did you let her lag. Zohra says I m terrified, is Dev there. Dev says we are coming. Dev tells Narvekar that he’s going to break this Chakravyuh. Narvekar says whereas you lie yet again, I is now now not going to mediate twice ahead of pulling this trigger. A person asks Munim ji what to carry out of that girlr. Munim ji says what might perhaps well perhaps quiet we carry out of Meera, climax desires to be mountainous for her. Dev and Narvekar attain home. Zohra says Meera’s phone is off. Dev asks what did she lisp, did she secret agent haunted. Zohra says certain. Narvekar asks did you repeat her about Munim ji. Dev says no, hint her amount. Narvekar asks did she lisp the leisure else. Constable tells Godbole that Dev and Mahek are now now not in their cell. Commissioner says someone helped Dev, score out Narvekar. Narvekar appears for Meera and says we are able to’t make a selection Dev’s attend. Godbole calls Narvekar. Narvekar asks constable to disconnect the probability.

They discontinue the automobile. A person tells about the accident. A person provides him Meera’s gift. Narvekar remembers Avi’s toy. He will get Meera’s phone. Narvekar is certain that Meera bought missing. Narvekar disconnects commissioner’s call. He says I m switching off my phone. Commissioner tells media about Yagnesh’s death. The reporter asks about trafficking trudge in ashram. Commissioner says we are discovering Dev and Mahek, someone can give recordsdata about them. He asks Godbole to search out Dev and Mahek.

Dev, Zohra and Mahek see the news. Dev says Narvekar’s job is decided by me, and he has locked me right here. He tells them that Munim ji’s DNA fits with him. Mahek asks how can this happen, someone modified proof. Dev says Narvekar turned into overjoyed, so I had to lie to him. She asks how can someone change proof. Dev says certain, we now must mediate ahead of him. Narvekar comes and says Meera bought kidnapped. He provides the chit to Dev. Godbole circulates Dev and Mahek’s images. Mahek asks what does this mean. Dev says Meera is giving us some hint.

Narvekar will get the CCTV photos. The man tells Narvekar that entire police drive is discovering him. Narvekar asks him to retain an eye fixed on for a whereas. Abdul will get the photos. They see Meera getting kidnapped. Avi comes and asks for Meera. Dev says I undoubtedly grasp sent her for some mission, she is valiant, she’s going to realize rapidly. Mahek takes Avi alongside with her. Narvekar says if the leisure occurs to Meera, Avi will never forgive you. Abdul will get the knowledge.

Meera is taken to a warehouse. She is tied up. Abdul tells about BCK company, whose owner is Arjun Munshi. Narvekar asks about the godowns. Abdul tells the addresses. Dev says we now must lag one by one, its about Meera’s existence, please. Narvekar agrees. He says I will be able to’t retain my phone off, else Godbole will know my predicament. They make a selection Zohra and Abdul’s telephones. Mahek says I will attain alongside. Dev and Mahek are on the diagram in which. He says I m terrified to dwelling the leisure. She says I m fearful of losing you. He says if the leisure occurs to Meera, I will be able to’t forgive myself. She says I might perhaps well perhaps quiet grasp now now not attain relieve. He says Meera is family now. He remembers Meera. He says I turned into uninteresting with out you, and Meera, she has some magic, she has keep existence in me. Mahek says you might well perchance well perhaps’t stay with out her precise. Narvekar asks Dev where are you, if the leisure occurs to Meera. Dev says discontinue it, I concern for her extra.

Zohra makes Avi sleep. She prays. She sees Abdul praying beside her and smiles. The men fix the bombs. The man says all the pieces is willing. Munim ji says this might perhaps well be fun on this sport. Commissioner will get a call. He asks Godbole to plot back shoot at secret agent expose for Dev.

Narvekar and constable attain to a godown. Narvekar asks constable to demand backup if she finds the leisure unsuitable. Constable says if the leisure occurs to you. Narvekar says this might perhaps well be proud part to die for the country. Constable salutes him. Narvekar salutes him too. He goes ahead. He tells Dev that he entered the ware home, there’s now now not this kind of thing as a one there. Dev asks him to take care of alert. Meera shouts for attend. Narvekar says its Meera’s reveal. Dev asks him to retain eyes begin, all the pieces can’t be undoubtedly easy. Narvekar appears for Meera. He turns and shoots the goon. Narvekar additionally will get shot. Constable hears the gunshot and calls alter room for backup.

Narvekar talks to Dev. Dev asks what’s going down there, where is Meera. Narvekar runs ahead and says I m correct hearing her reveal, I mediate she is right here. He sees a tape recorder. A bomb will get activated when he steps ahead. Narvekar will get stricken. Dev asks what’s going down, is Meera devoted. Narvekar says its a trap.

Narvekar runs. Bomb explodes. Narvekar falls some distance. Constable runs to him. Constable asks Narvekar is he devoted. Narvekar asks constable to repeat Dev to assign Meera. Constable tells Dev that Meera is now now not right here, Narvekar is serious, assign Meera. Dev asks him to make your mind up on Narvekar to clinical institution. Dev says I received’t let the leisure happen to Meera. Constable calls Godbole for attend.

Dev and Mahek attain the second godown and search for Meera. Dev will get stricken seeing welcome tag. He says its a trap, watch out. Munim ji sees Dev. Dev says Munim is playing a sport with us, he desires to separate us. Mahek says we now must assign Meera, have confidence me, I will be able to make a choice care of myself. They hug. He asks her to pass. Dev sees digicam and says I know you might well perchance well perhaps see me, you might well perchance well want touched my family, I will decide ratings, I m coming. Dev fastidiously walks ahead. He calls out Meera. Meera makes a sound. Dev hears her. Dev calls Mahek and says Meera is right here. The bomb will get activated. Dev sees it. Meera indicators him now to now not attain relieve. Dev runs to her. Bomb explodes. Dev falls away. Avi shouts mumma and wakes up. Zohra asks did you see any unhealthy dream. She hugs Avi. Avi’s nose bleeds. Abdul appears on.

Mahek puts water on Dev. Dev says Meera and appears around. Mahek indicators no. Dev remembers Narvekar’s phrases. Dev says this might perhaps well’t happen. He remembers Meera. Paas aaye…..performs……… Dev shouts Meera. Mahek asks him to discontinue. They cry. Mahek hugs him. Dev says this might perhaps well’t happen. Mahek consoles him. Narvekar is rushed to the clinical institution by constable. Dev says that Munim is long past. Police arrives there. Dev and Mahek camouflage seeing police. Dev calls Abdul. Abdul asks are you devoted, how is Meera. Dev asks about cctv photos relay. He asks Abdul to fulfill him. Abdul meets him. Dev asks him to look at the digicam. Dev cries. Mahek says I m sorry Dev, I know what Meera intended to you, please don’t retain sorrow inner, let it float out. He says Meera is now now not any extra, my tears don’t topic, I lost her, I failed Meera, I undoubtedly must stay with this burden on my coronary heart, its time for revenge, till Munim and his Chakravyuh ends, Meera’s soul is now now not going to procure peace. Abdul asks what, Meera is uninteresting, what did you carry accessible, did you repeat this to Zohra and Avi, you might well perchance well perhaps must repeat them, else I will lisp, all the pieces is over between us, Meera turned into my expedient friend, you don’t know Meera most standard you, its in some unspecified time in the future of now. He leaves.

Munim ji says time has attain. Dev and Mahek attain to Munim ji’s home. Dev says I is now now not going to recede him currently. Narvekar will get treated by clinical doctors. Dev regrets that the Chakravyuh snatched the Meera, they’re damaged, but adore glass, who might perhaps well perhaps make one bleed despite the truth that its damaged, this might perhaps well gash back Chakravyu and list Munim, that is my promise to you Narvekar. The man asks Dev to realize relieve, Munim ji is looking out at for him. He provokes Dev telling about Meera. Dev holds his neck. The man facets gun and asks him now to now not behave natty. He says Meera turned into explaining you to discontinue and died. Dev punches the man. Mahek says recede him, he’s going to die. Dev pushes Mahek away. He apologizes to her. She says recede him, lets quiet lag to Munim. Munim ji welcomes Dev.

He says even Narvekar received’t be ready to see day after currently to come’s morning. Dev says so you are Munim ji. Munim ji says certain, any doubt. Dev says I will be able to’t doubt. Munim ji says we are able to take a seat down and focus on, you might well perchance well perhaps must know loads. Dev asks him to say what’s Chakravyuh, Arjun Munshi. Munim ji says you bought to understand my name, what carry out you say what’s Chakravyuh. Dev says its against the law circus, and you are the ring master. Munim ji says Meera’s death made you a fool, attain on you are better than that, its now now not a goons’ gang, Chakravyuh is a uncomplicated but vivid belief that powers stays in hands which might perchance well perhaps be marvelous to retain an eye fixed on it. Dev taunts him for hiding face in darkness, Chakravyuh is a illness. Munim ji asks him to then cure him, the ashram turned into a little instance.

He tells about his idea to procure Yagnesh killed. He says you belief you turned into Aatmanand’s bodyguard by your prefer, whatever befell with you, Mahek coming for your existence, it turned into all a idea made by me, its a stable puzzle, you shot Yagnesh, my idea turned into a success. Dev says so you historical me. Munim ji says of direction, I exercise everybody, you are special, you might well perchance well perhaps’t tolerate, so this makes you predictable, your mind is puppet of your coronary heart, adore your mum. Dev says you trapped me to make your mind up on revenge from my mum. Munim ji says certain, you know why. Dev says I know you and my mum had been batchmates, perhaps she antagonistic your idea, so you pushed her to insanity.

Munim ji says you belief extra and realize less, truth is in entrance of you, even then eyes are shut, your mum supported me, as she blindly most standard me, Shreya and I made this Chakravyuh to assign country from corruption, she couldn’t realize the potential, she most standard you additional, for that I abominate her, I gave birth to you, I m your father, you are my son. Dev will get stricken. He shouts no. Munim ji asks received’t you hug Papa. Dev shouts shut up. He remembers all the pieces. Munim ji says you know that is the truth, I most standard Shreya loads. Dev says don’t make a selection her name, you ruined many lives, now now not anymore, its stop now, the game is over. Munim ji says you received’t carry out the leisure whereas you might well perchance well perhaps like to must be alive. Dev asks who will discontinue me, you. Munim ji says you say by coronary heart, now now not mind, you have confidence expensive ones loads, you doubtlessly did this even currently, welcome to Chakravyuh. Dev turns. Mahek aims gun at his head. Dev will get stricken. Dev will get tearful eyes.

Precap/Coming Soon:
Dev will get raging. Mahek appears on. Dev knows Mahek and his dad are his greatest enemies, will he lose Meera and Narvekar to Mahek’s hands, Mahek has attain as a cheat, will she recede Dev alive. The story will continue when Dev returns yet again.

Update Credit score to: Amena

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