Dev 19th August 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Dev dreaming of Mahek and romancing. She asks him why did he kill her. He gets haunted and wakes up. Meera says Dev, arise, a girl came to meet you. The girl asks Dev to reduction her, her sister has long previous lacking. Dev asks her to scramble to police. The girl Straightforward Kapadia requests him. Dev changes and springs. Straightforward complains that Dimple has long previous lacking. He says presumably Dimple went to meet her buddy. Straightforward says no, she has no buddy, I m certain she is in some arena. She exhibits the pic. He asks did you call place of job. She says certain, but none knows about her. Dev and Straightforward scramble away.

He asks enact you discontinue on my own in city. She says certain, after of us’ dying, we discontinue here, she bought a job in moral firm, she has no BF, she is aged licensed, she was looking petrified since some days, and behaved
uncommon, she has veteran my clothes by hiding, she didn’t love me sporting western clothes, she aged to scold me, when she started sporting such clothes with out asking me, I felt something is unsuitable. They reach to Dimple’s place of job.

The guard greets her. She asks about Dimple. He says I really private viewed her leaving in place of job. Straightforward says she consistently travels in bus and trains to keep money. Dev asks guard about cab provider. Straightforward asks about Lalit. Straightforward gets tensed and says girls are no longer saved in taxi. Dev asks who’s Lalit. Straightforward says he is mad about Dimple, he is her colleague. Dev meets constable and gets taxi’s information. Constable says now we have to direct Narvekar. Dev diverts him and takes Narvekar’s card.

Constable asks taxi driver about Straightforward. Narvekar gets the driver and searches the taxi. Constable gets a blood stained dupatta. Driver says I don’t know anything else about this. Straightforward cries and says here’s my stole, Dimple has veteran this. Driver says she was crying all advance, I didn’t contact her, I m announcing fact. Narvekar asks Dev to reach out of the auto,, they’ll enact their work.

Meera says girls can’t skedaddle in taxi. Dev says taxi driver didn’t kill Dimple. Meera says it means she is alive. Dev says there are many questions, why was she hiding something from Straightforward and sporting her western clothes by stealing. She says don’t fear, Amod Narvekar will assemble all the pieces enticing. He asks who. Meera says I’ll gain tea and goes. Dev drinks tea and thinks in regards to the case successfully.

Dev says I really have to scramble place of job. Zohra asks him to private breakfast first, Meera will reach, she has taken his car. He says I don’t love any individual taking my car. Zohra says its simply car, no longer wife. He gets sad and goes to Meera. He gets within the auto and asks her no longer to the contact his car all but again. She drops him at court and asks how grand time will it rob. He asks why, will you scramble residence on my own. She sees a funeral going. She recalls somebody asking her to reduction him gain justice. She panics and her nostril bleeds. Dev comes and asks what happened. She says nothing, it happens by heat. Dev comes to Dimple’s place of job and exhibits Narvekar’s card. Dev meets Dimple’s boss Rishi and says I came to request about Dimple. Rishi says she was a moral lady. Dev asks was? Is she silly? Rishi says no, I didn’t mean thiss, the of us of this city are love animals, I really private viewed her at place of job the day past night time. Dimple’s news is viewed by all people. Meera waits. Meera talks to Ashwani and introduces herself as sub inspector.

Dev interrogates Rishi. Ashwani says Dimple and I had an argument the day past, she left her score on desk in scurry. Meera takes the score and goes aside to set up. She hears somebody crying in washroom and apologizing to Dimple. Rishi gets a call from police keep. Dev takes the decision and talks to Narvekar. Dev disconnects the decision. He says I really private some imp work, if I don’t gain Dimple, I’ll meet you all but again. He goes and indicators Meera. Meera indicators him to reach out. She sees Lalit. Dev says I told you to seem forward to me. Meera says I came as a lot as reduction, I bought imp information about this case. He says enticing expose me. She says notify please. He says please Meera. She says mental, you can private no longer known that Dimple left her score the day past, it has her private clothes, salwar swimsuit. Dev says it means Dimple changed clothes and veteran western clothes. She tells about Lalit. He says I do know he is Lalit.

Dev sees the blood marks and observes the bottom. Meera gets a call. She gets haunted. Dev and Meera scramble and explore Dimple’s silly physique. Narvekar tells them about Dimple’s dying by an accident. Dev works out Narvekar’s story and says you are very filmi, why are you in police. Narvekar says I m in police, so that I arrest you sooner or later. He goes. Dev says I really have to meet that driver. Constable says sorry, Narvekar refused to enable any individual. Meera hugs Straightforward and cries. Straightforward says thanks, I’ll give your charges soon. Dev asks how was Rishi. Straightforward says very mean, he takes ideal thing about girls by promotion name. Meera tells about Ashwani, such of us have to be killed. Straightforward says but how is this linked to Dimple’s kill. Dev asks Straightforward no longer to present charges till he finds trusty assassin. He asks Meera to gain Avi from college and presents the auto keys. He goes and interrogates Ashwani.

She tells him in regards to the miniature argument over clothes. Dev says Lalit stated about your and Rishi’s family. He goes. Dev goes to Lalit’s apartment. Dev throws a bin and checks if Lalit is at residence. Lalit gets killed. Dev runs to search out assassin. He checks the cigarette there and recalls Rishi. Police comes there and sees Dev. Dev lands in police keep. Dev says I didn’t kill Lalit. Narvekar says you are Yamraj, whomever you meet die. Dev says I’m able to sing who killed Lalit, its Rishi. Narvekar interrogates Rishi. Dev tells about Rishi taking ideal thing about girls. Rishi tells about Dimple discovering about Ashwani’s promotion and confronting Rishi. He asks her to please him to gain the put up she deserves.

Dev says presumably Dimple licensed Rishi’s offer, Narvekar scramble and request Rishi. Narvekar says I m no longer your messenger, reach and request. Rishi says no, Dimple didn’t reach, I didn’t kill Lalit. Dev says I’m able to instruct you were at Lalit’s apartment, you left cigarette there, glance at me and notify fact, we can gain fingerprints from cigarette. Rishi says it all went unsuitable, Dimple came to me that night time. She says I m doing this for promotion. Rishi says for certain, you are going to gain promotion. Dimple runs from there.

Rishi says somebody has viewed us, I really private waited for her and she didn’t reach, I left from place of job after which she came below my car, I really private dumped her physique and Lalit has viewed me, I threatened him no longer to expose any individual, but he was worn and aged to cry in place of job, I belief he’ll expose all people so I killed him. Narvekar scolds him.

Dev comes residence and hears the news of Rishi’s arrest. Meera congratulates him. She says Straightforward called and thanked you. Dev says something is unsuitable, I really have to consult with taxi driver, how did blood stole came in taxi. She says presumably Lalit and Rishi had a fought and Dimple was hurt, why did she scramble reduction to place of job in injured speak, what does Lalit’s sketches mean, I really have to consult with taxi driver.

Dev meets taxi driver and says I’m able to expose you who kept the blood stained stole for your taxi, what happened in taxi, I are seeking to snatch all the pieces. Taxi tells all the pieces to Dev. Dev imagines and understands. He thanks the man and says now explore how I expose the actual fact, pay for the tea. Narvekar comes to meet Meera and asks Meera why did you call me here. Dev says police has reach, now we can expose the actual fact, Rishi has killed Lalit.

Dev says we can play Sach Ka Saamna this day, Dimple didn’t die unintentionally, it looks somebody has pushed Dimple and killed her. Ashwani asks what enact you mean. Dev says Rishi has driver his car on Dimple’s silly physique. Narvekar asks who killed Dimple. Dev says unsuitable question, enticing question is who took the taxi if she died. Narvekar says one who took blood stained stole within the taxi. Dev says Straightforward and Dimple glance identical, Dimple has veteran western clothes, Straightforward has veteran former salwar swimsuit when she was in taxi, Straightforward has viewed her with Dimple, they argued and Straightforward pushed her down. Straightforward cries and says certain, I really private killed her, she had aged traditions and consistently fought with me, I wanted to alter into an actress, when I noticed her stealing my clothes, I wanted to snatch what she does, I really private viewed her together with her boss, we had an argument, Dimple slapped me after which I really private pushed her to handbook clear of talking to her.

Straightforward says I was afraid that she died, I needed to veil her physique some advance. She tells how she has made crime scramble on varied’s head. Dev scolds her. Straightforward takes the gun and goals at Dev. Dev recalls Mahek. Narvekar stops Straightforward and arrests her. Dev tells Avi that Meera taught a lesson to Straightforward this time. Meera smiles seeing Dev. Narvekar says here’s no longer Dev’s simply face, I’ll expose his fact to you. Narvekar goes. Dev spends time with Avi. Meera looks on and thinks what does Amod are seeking to expose me, what’s Dev’s fact.

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