Chandrakanta (Colors) 15th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Chandrakanta (Colors) fifteenth July 2017 Written Update

orry I attain no longer glance color chandrakanta, so I attain no longer know mighty names and their roles. So pardon me for mistake.

Episode start with virendra announcing I shall consistently follow chandrakanta. He uses magic and damage penal complex door and fling away with killing guards.

On varied facet chandrakanta is marrying and someone is doing their magical wedding.

Virendra buddy waste soliders and he fling away. Chandrakanta gathband is accomplished and bride-groom are asked to put off rounds but is stopped by virendra, with background music and he takes entry. He pushes groom and search recordsdata from bride to marry.

Chandrakanta says that you is also fruad. But virendra suppose that i’m in esteem and i obeyed you, in every other case I would cling fling away. Chandrakanta says you is also enemy. He shield her hand and put off round along with her and pushes

soliders and groom. Panditji recites mantra And their marriage occurs. Umang claps and everyone says you each are married. Chandrakanta denies and goes from mandap.
Soliders attack virendra but he goes using magic. Irravati search recordsdata from her soilders to attack suryagarh.

Chandrakanta take into story previous happenings and savings accomplished by virendra. (Iss demonstrate ko dekh kr lgta hai sab ke sab ayyiyar hai insan nhi).
Dolphin arrives and chandrakanta shares her fret.

Village other folks search recordsdata from chandrakanta of us to attain vidai of her and she is now our enemy. Viru arrives and the intention in which might maybe you attain this. And that i shall no longer power her, if she attain no longer imagine in marriage and I shall jog to.

Irravati attacks suryagarh and chandrakanta sees them and hides herself and thinks to elaborate everyone. And fling away. Irravati search recordsdata from soliders to attack fishers first.

Maharaj scolds each other folks of his court docket. Chandrakanta arrives and informs that some one is going to attack us. And court docket other folks false their concept and goes.

Irravati along with her soliders attack villagers and all court docket other folks veil within the help of each varied. Irravati and maharaj attack each varied. With stout on comedy secenes.

Irravati attack chandrakanta of us and vir uses their powers and set up them. Irravati search recordsdata from vir to come to my facet. Vir denies and suppose I am that facet the place my esteem is. Irravati says you is also denying your god, vir says that nowadays my god is irascible. Irravati tries to waste chandrakanta but vir protects her. Chandrakanta remembers flashbacks. Vir says I am doing for esteem, as all happiness is for her and all disappointment is for mine. Irravati says it’s no longer high-quality for raja and vir says i shall attain the entirety for esteem.

Irravati pronounces to suryagarh that i shall spare you all but waste this lady and vir search recordsdata from them to fling. Vir search recordsdata from them to pass residence baba and maa. He goes.

Maharaj’s court docket other folks brainwashes maharaj and search recordsdata from him to waste chandra. Baba search recordsdata from to put off clothes and fling away. Chandra denies. umang comes and search recordsdata from them no longer to pass and vir is chandra husband. Umang says that he’s high-quality but chandra donot agree. Soliders come and suppose that maharaj ship us to set up you all. Soliders suppose that when they sleep take chandra and provides to irravati.

Maharaj pain his court docket and everyone suppose give chandra to irravati. Vir arrives and suppose i’m right here to set up you all. Maharaj says that attain one thing put off chandra with you as your wife and provide protection to her.

Soliders refer to kidnap chandra but her parnets are no longer snoozing. Vir goes to chandra and wake her up and elaborate all issues took space in court docket. He search recordsdata from her to comprise me. She denies as you is also lier and ought to aloof be lier its appealing to imagine. Dad and mom listen the entirety and says that we should always aloof fling. Baba says that vir within the occasion you had walked on reality direction, all this wouldn’t took space. They fling.
Irrawati’s aina give her herbs form judge to drink. Baaz arrives and irrawati search recordsdata from to pass suryagarh and eat other folks. Each person fling and solider enters. Vir provides hand to chandra fling her possess. Vir does magic and earn solider fight.

Villagers fling and krur singh shield ladies and build flirt with them. Chandra and her family reach shore and she earn in confusion what to attain? Vir says I imagine in god and my esteem. Chandra judge of each verdict of irravati and denies to pass. Her of us tries to put off her along but she denies. And search recordsdata from them to pass to tej singh.

Vir dwell irravati soliders and chandra reaches and irravati sees them collectively. Vir protects chandra. Vir search recordsdata from soliders to pass and huv chandra and put off sowrd and waste them. They each cling eyelock and vir says its elan-e- jung. I consistently attain what I desire to attain and consistently search recordsdata from you attain so but nowadays you take. Chandra says I shall fight with you and be half of hand with him with their romantic music teri deewangi.

Chandra residence earn burns and vir search recordsdata from her dwell others from burning. Suryagarh and vijyagarh fights. Umang cries and says everyone appears to be loss of life. Vir says lets jog and set up suryagarh. Chandra says ensuing from you we face all this. Infect its all my fault to imagine a stranger.

Chandra says that it used to be me who asked maharaj to educate sword, but we are in fret. Chandra shouts dwell everyone. Now I chandrakanta pronounces that I shall summit myself to Irrawati. Vir says no. She says even supposing I say this marriage but it took space now put off your bride to your condominium. He says no longer indulge in this, but occupy his hairline with blood and suppose I shall grab your coronary heart with esteem.

Precap (for subsequent week)-
1. Chandra reach there and is welcomed by vir.
2. Vir suppose to irrawati that she is that lady, scrutinize my esteem brought her right here, you’ll probably be able to waste her.

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