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Tej walks in as magician Trinami, rising a storm. Iravathi asks if he is Dhrina and anxious her, let us own a fight. Tej accepts and says she will be able to be terrorized of him. She says let us peep. He shows a bowl by which Swayam is captured. She can get disquieted and tries to snatch bowl, however he snatches bowl support. In jungle, Chandrakantha searches Veer. Veer tries to climb dry well unsuccessfully. Masked particular person reaches and clears leaves on well. Veer reaches top shouting. Masked tries to push him support with kicks. Chandrakantha hears Veer’s sound and rushes against sound. Veer catches masked particular person’s face and pulls hide. He falls support into dry well. Masked particular person is Dhruv. He hides dry well and changes support to Dhruv. Chandrakantha sees injured Dhruv and asks what took issue to him. He says somebody hit him and ran away. Chandrakantha says she heard Veer’s tell and desires to search out him first. Dhruv says he’ll wander to palace and she will be able to attain later. Chandrakantha walks with him, while he walks smirking.

Tej/Trinami and Iravathi’s fight starts. Iravathi creates unlit clouds. Tej says he’ll throw her rakshas in cloud itself and throws bowl. Iravathi will get terrorized and pulls bowl support. Tej picks it support and warns her no longer to anxiousness villagers, forgive their taxes and pay them 500 money each. Iravathi says she will be able to no longer. Tej says then she misplaced her rakshas son. Iravathi concurs and asks to present her a while. Tej concurs. Villagers chant saint Trimani ji ki jai.. Gehna asks how can she accept defeat so without complications. Iravathi says she actual fooled Trinami to clutch a while and keep Swayam.

Chandrakantha/Surya searches Veer in jungle. A tiger assaults her and she pulls knife and shows her magic. It runs away. Dhruv comes from slack. Chandrakantha says she obtained terrorized. Dhruv makes her unconscious and throws her in dry well. He walks away thinking let Chandrakantha be with Veer, he’ll procure magical knife.

Iravathi takes Gehna to jungle’s secret tree the establish she hid magical knife. She says she will be able to keep Swayam with her belief. She stabs tree in most cases with magical knife and it bleeds. Gehna yells even tree bleed her. One other tree grip her. Unlit soul comes into Iravathi who says they must present royal blood sacrifice and attach it on Bhadra’s half unnecessary body to relive it. Iravathi falls unconscious, then wakes up and says she had call immoral soul from hell, what did it direct. Gehna says she is perplexed. Iravathi asks to no longer smash her head worthy and actual say what she heard. They both attain palace. Gehna repeats what immoral soul suggested. Iravathi sees Nishi scolding soldiers to lift food and thinks she will be able to sacrifice Nishi and procure Bhadra re-dwell.

Villagers thank Tej/Trinami for saving them and put together a celebration for him. Tej hopes Chandrakantha turned into with them and peep modified Vijanagar. In dry well, Chandrakantha wakes up and finds herself on Veer. She can get fully contented seeing him and says she turned into searching him, thank god he is honorable. He asks why did she attain here and starts arguing, asks her to straggle away. Their nok jhok starts. In Vishnu temple, Dhruv prays Vishnu ji for magical sword. Sadhu comes and says ideal Chandrakantha is chosen for the magical knife, and if somebody else tries… Dhruv says he’ll die, however he helps Chandrakantha. He starts pooja. In palace, Gehna informs Nishi about feast in village. Nishi will get furious listening to that. Gehna affords money to servants and they mix medications in Nishi’s drink. Nishi will get heavily inebriated.

Rain starts. Tej thinks it is Iravathi’s unlit magic. Umang asks villagers no longer to misfortune. Dry well starts filling. Chandrakantha and Veer strive to procure out of it keeping tree vine. Veer falls down. Chandrakantha helps him. Her leg will get stuck. Veer jumps in calling Surya and helps her out. Iravathi’s tied pukhraj stone falls down from Veer’s hand and magic wards off. He rescues Chandrakantha and they both procure out of well. He asks Chandrakantha if maa’s soldiers are soundless searching them. Chandrakantha realizes pukhraj stone fell down and Iravathi will understand it, so she has to preserve it intact on Veer till she meets her perform. She jumps into well support. Veer thinks why did she soar support, well is filling with water and they both will die if he moreover jumps. Surya finds pukhraj stone.

Dhruv continues praying Vishnuji. Devi emerges and says he’s no longer chosen to procure magical knife and ideal Chandrakantha can. Dhruv says Chandrakantha just isn’t any longer making spend of her boon, so he must procure it. Devi says he must draw her realize about her mistake and procure support her on purpose, he made a mistake by tricking Chandrakantha, so will be punished.

Catch together continues in village. Inebriated Nishi asks Iravath what extra or less birthday party is this, it is colorless.. Iravathi says she will be able to peep valid birthday party now, she orders villagers to commence dancing. Veer reaches village and drags Umang apart. Umang asks if he needs the relaxation. Veer asks to attain support along and takes him away. Chandrakantha reaches village and sees Iravathi and her team on stage. She disguises herself as tribal girl and searches Veer. Veer walks keeping Umang’s hand.

Precap: Umang tells Surya that he’s no longer drawn to his story. Chandrakantha says Umang turned into constantly in Chandrakantha and Veer’s story. Umang asks if she is Chandrakantha. She says yes, she is his friend Chandrakantha.

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