Chandra Nandni 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Chandra Nandni 14th July 2017 Written Update

Nandini goes to explore Amartya,guards stay her,Nandini says Magads queen needs to set up with Amartya let me in,guards let her in,Amartya asks how near a queen needs to explore me,Nandini takes his blessings and says a daughter wished to explore her father and she notion of you so I came to you,Amartya says you didn’t Stand by your cling father then why will you by me,Nandini says I’m factual supporting the truth,you taught me this,Amartya says Chandra is terrorist,Nandini says no pitahamaharaj changed into once a terrorist I serene cherish him but detest the technique he consume to climb the ladder of success and I’m here because I need attend.

Amartya says sorry I’m serene staunch to my maharaj Nand and so I gained’t attend,Nandini says you would be making same mistake cling pitahamaharaj did,he took throne extra important

than country,don’t have confidence this,kings reduction altering,Amartya says sorry I’m in a position to’t can enable you.

Nandini says I beg of you, I need this for my son,I factual need to know is my son protected from my malayketu,as a result of contemporary rule Chaya needs malayketu aid,magad is your land and bindusara it’s future king and so please if not a queen attend a mom,Amartya says Nandini malayketu factual needs to rule Magad, he tried marrying you so that he will get over Magad but when failed he tried it with Chaya and now he needs to get internal mahal and homicide Chandras son to get over magad.nandini thanks him and leaves.chaya thinks are these two attempting to consume malayketu a ways from Magad,what changed into once Nandini talking to Amartya.

Nandini says the next day to come I will suppose Chandra about malayketu and bindusara might be protected too,Nandini sees Chandra with bindusara and says Nandini need to you left to explore Amartya he started crying observe ,he doesn’t stay after I’m with him,near cling some water and set him off to sleep,and I am hoping your confusion is cleared,Nandini has some water,Nandini says Chandra you knew I went to explore Amartya why didn’t you stay me,Chandra says I do know the distance Acharya Chanakya cling in my existence you cling amartya for your existence and don’t effort I gained’t set a query to blueprint,Nandini says but I,Chandra says observe son your mom needs to bid It after I don’t need To know.

Nandini says Chandra I went here for sake of bindusara ,surely I heard in bindusara kidnap,malayketu changed into once included too and explains whole discussion to Chandra. Nanidni says Chandra here’s why I don’t need malayketu and now Amartya cleared my doubt that my effort isn’t imprecise,Chandra says Nandini don’t effort,malayketu gained’t near but I’ll maybe maybe perchance maybe be happy need to you had shared this with me,Nandini says I do know I shouldn’t cling hidden I’m sorry but I did it for bindusara,Chandra says we need to and here on will fight collectively,Nandini smiles and walks to bindusara.

Malayketu asks Apma what took you see you later,Apma says patience malayketu and I genuinely cling a correct info for you,Magad will call you aid and factual hope Nandini doesn’t stay you because she has learnt That it changed into once you in the aid of bindusara kidnap,malayketu says this Nandini why is I she continuously in the aid of me,Apma says frigid down we can dispose of her soon,malayketu says Nandini after I near aid in mahal I will make every breath of yours refined.

Acharya parts a guard, guard says but promise me this gained’t hurt Amartya Acharya,Chanakya says I promise ,me and Chandra gained’t hurt him here’s for his correct,guard says I’m his pupil and his welfare is my accountability , the pupil creates smoke and guards faint,the pupil walks in and says Amartya I’m your pupil I’m here to put you,Amartya recognises him and asks how did you get in here, He says I genuinely cling lot of contacts in Magad don’t effort we can get away safely.amartya says Magad will continuously be grateful to you and leaves.

The pupil walks to Chanakya and says work carried out,and says why cling I carried out this,Chanakya says pandugan is in mahal ,hands final chain and after I punish him my oath is fulfilled and I will retire from my put up and Magad needs a obliging particular person on this put up and this is in a position to maybe perchance be Amartya ,pupil says but he hates Chandra,Chanakya says but he loves Magad and so don’t effort you observe after him I will get Amartya aid in mahal and leaves.

Mora asks Chandra your decisions,what’s the blueprint. Nandini says ma malayketu changed into once in the aid of bindusara kidnap and this changed into once to homicide Chandra and bindusara and rule over Magad,Chaya asks any proofs,Chandra says yes Amartya,mora says but he’s your enemy,Chandra says but he’s staunch in the direction of Magad and so gained’t lie,mora says k then I would have confidence to listen to this from him,Chandra asks guard to get Amartya.

Guard informs Amartya has escaped,Nandini says this isn’t that you just’d factor in, Chaya says it is since you let him get away,Nandini says Chaya what are you announcing,final evening I met him,Chaya says yes you met him and now he has escaped,and this can happen totally need to you will attend him,Nandini says Chayas you would be depraved I went for sake of bindusara,mora says enough Nandini I’m in a position to clearly explore what your intentions are and now king Chandragupta now you might want to always get malayketu as we attach not cling any proofs.

Chandra says acharya gained’t you bid one thing else,Chanakya says no I genuinely cling nothing to bid on this,Mora says l need to hear malayketu as well and if I safe any thing fishy I will step aid.( before this Helina had met Nandini : Helina says Nandini I do know we were below no circumstances on correct strings with each and every utterly different But I’m with you and moreover a mom to bindusara and so we can dash in opposition to anyone for bindusara and so for his security I genuinely cling a belief,Nandini asks what’s it,Helina shares a belief)
Nandini says ma can I bid one thing,mora says k,ma you know what I’m feeling about binudsara, reminiscent of you bought to cling Chaya protected even I’m troubled for bindusara so how about if we give Chaya and malayketu their very cling affirm so that they can cling their very cling non-public location and live fortunately there and even bindusara might be protected here.

Mora says who’re you to send my daughter out of this mahal this implies you from very first are in the aid of her,and let me suppose you Chaya has equal rights over this mahal as Chandra,Nandini says ma you would be taking me depraved,Chandra says ma a minimal of listen to her because I dont safe one thing else worng, mora says not doubtless, if Chaya has no rights here even I gained’t cling here.

Precap : Mora says Helina you bought no letter then who will need to cling long previous in opposition to me,Helina says who else utterly different than Chandra.
Chandra says Nandini I gained’t dash away anyone who tries to get enemity with bindusara .
Pandugan says Nandini isn’t in mahal,bindusara is with Malti I need to cease him before Nandini comes aid from pooja.

Written Update by Tanaya

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