Chandra Nandini 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Chandra Nandini twenty fourth July 2017 Written Update

Nandini in her room,tumble the curtains and is danger after which thinks about moras words, Chandra walks in and says uncover I’m very drained and don’t count on me to trek trying after binudsara I’m very sleepy let me consult with bindusara and request him if he has say if I sleep,where is he,Nandini says he will sleep with rajmata,Chandra says effective opportunity,let’s employ this time,let’s play,Nandini says nonetheless you were sleepy and tried,Chandra says now I’m not,Nandini says nonetheless I’m very sleepy and drained,Chandra thinks quit her and or not it’s miles a must to sing about how you feel about her.

Pandugan walks in and says sing me a story and furthermore I skipped over you nowadays all day,Chandra thinks this was handiest thing last, I bet in my life I will never appreciate the chance to utilize high-quality time with

her,Nandini says I will come to your room after which sing,pandugan says no I shall sleep with Chandra,Chandra says it’s gorgeous,Nandini says k as soon as upon a time,pandugan says sing me about nowadays,let me sing you,there was a substantial mahal appreciate us and beautiful queen appreciate Nandini and pandugan narrates nowadays’s episode expose of story of how bindusara was in hazard after which says how was it, undoubtedly this isn’t a story this took dispute in mahal,somebody took binudsara away,Chandra says what I in fact must consult with acharya,pandugan says Nandini your flip,Nandini says not now,Chandra I shall trek care for bindusara,pandugan thinks this can also simply soon flip to a truth and that i rupture your son and also you and Magad will be mine Chandra.

Pandugan with a toy and appears to be like to be to be like at mora walking in hall and remembers how Chandra killed his father and brothers and gets very mad and throws the toy at mora,she dodges it,pandugan starts dancing mora saved oh no I desired to damage her,Mora says son this isn’t upright,somebody can also simply be wound,pandugan says nonetheless mora didn’t derive wound I know my father killed your husband and now I will rupture you,mora says pandugan behave your self,quit this insanity,pandugan says you mad your husband mad,I know my father killed your husband and behead him and tied his head in mahal mora gets mad and slaps him,Nandini sees this and says don’t wretchedness she didn’t intended to and says ma why did you lift out this he isn’t in senses, mora says he puzzled my principles and made stress-free of my tiresome husband,Nandini says ma ,bhaiya isn’t in senses and I’m sorry on his behalf ,mora says I’m rajmata and I won’t tolerate anything else against my husband and it’s unsafe to leave him by myself,lock him in some room if you is inclined to be so alarmed about him,pandugan says no locking,Nandini says ma please,mora says he is factual the son of Nand who had torchered and confused me and
never ever revered ladies folks,Nandini says and ma even I’m nands daughter,lift out you hate me too,please sing something,pandugan sees Chandra and runs to him and says she slapped me wrong mora punish her.

Chandra walks to mora and says ma why did you lift out this,mora says pace I did and I don’t remorse it, if somebody misbehaves he has to struggle through this,and how might perchance you neglect your moms tears,these passe recollections mild prick me appreciate thrones and so it’s subtle to address all this.

Nandini in tears,Chandra says frigid down,ma was mad,Nandini says Chandra I’m upset because pandugan bhaiya he acknowledged so many wrong issues it was ma so she took it lightly and if it was somebody else and they behaved assorted manner,let’s send bhaiya some save aside else,Chandra says Nandini he wants you,your adore,and I promise I will decide care of him.

Helina says dasi this is special alcohol to maharaj and derive in after I request you too,he will be very entirely pleased.Chandra says Nandini you is inclined to be my friend and as promised I will decide care of him now and even later,no one in mahal and originate air will damage him i will fight for him,as promised I shall lift out this,Helina listens to all this and says if this happens Nandini and Chandra will be abet to derive and now I shall expose ma about this.

Chandra says Nandini quit crying, I will be able to’t uncover you cry,my heart stops beating and there’s strange feeling,Nandini asks what happens,Chandra says I will be able to’t point out,now wipe your tears,Chandra appears to be like to be to be like at her and thinks I will be able to never uncover you in tears,dasi walks in and says acharya is looking ahead to you in Sabha and leaves,Chandra says I shall come,Nandini asks first sing me what happens,Chandra says I shall sing tonight.

Apma says undoubtedly a promise,Helina says now Nandini will be abet with Chandra and quickly the patrani and she forgot in regards to the lover too,Apma starts laughing,Helina says ma what,Apma says you chortle too,can also simply be then dust in your Brain goes, this is the particular recordsdata,uncover why does no one learn about it,Helina says because Chandra urged Nandini of their room,Apma says the stress-free begins now,no one in mahal is aware of about this,the variation between Chandra and mora will be widened thanks to Nandini,Chanakya wants to rupture pandugan and mora hates him and Chandra promised to set him and now when Chandra will ruin his acharyas oath your whole mahal will be in mess and all thanks to Nandini,the mahal will be in two parts stopping and accusations and Nandini can be the reason.

Chandra was urged in regards to the retailers,Chandra says as acharya finds upright,Chanakya says k mantriji call them the next day and later asks why were you so absent,Chandra says acharya ma and Nandini,their disagreement is widening day by day,Chanakya says never tumble into ladies folks issues, they will gain a manner themselves,nonetheless we appreciate a bigger say,there’s somebody in mahal leisurely bindusara and persistently attacks him,even the day previous to this this took dispute and it was upright I sensed it and made plans beforehand,Chandra says pace pandugan urged me some medicines from your room were stolen and dilapidated it to divert the troopers,Chanakya says nonetheless I didn’t save the topic in front of someone that medicines from my room are lost,is he the one,Chandra says not conceivable,Chanakya says gain it from him and be obvious he shouldn’t gain it,be careful.

Precap : Chandra says pandugan I beloved the day previous to this’s story where did you hear it,pandugan gets bowled over.
Chandra says acharya sooner than killing pandugan it’s top to trek me.
Nandini and Chandra in room and listen to pandugans converse and Nandini rushes out,pandugan is attacked by a particular person lined in blanket.

Written Update by Tanaya

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