Bigg Boss 11 (Day 9) 10th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bigg Boss 11 (Day 9) Tenth October 2017 Written Update: Hiten king, Shilpa-Arshi queens

At night time, Mehjabi is talking to Shivani about her story. Mehjabi says Lucinda became once MP’s wife, she is 25 years dilapidated and he became once 80 years dilapidated and he or she even threatened to throw us from his property, I became once MP’s daughter.
Lucinda talks to Hiten and Vikas. Hiten asks how she is connected to MP Siddiqui? Lucinda says he became once my boyfriend. Vikas asks if he gave her property? she says certain, he gave me as reward in Goa and a few diversified areas.
Mehjabi cries and says to Shivani that my husband Sajid died when Luv became once three years dilapidated, I introduced him up nonetheless he doesnt hear to me anymore, he doesnt respect me, he became once 19 years dilapidated when he met Sabyasachi and he’s furious over him now, he doesnt hear to me. Benafsha asks if he lives with Sabya? Mehjabi says no carry coming and going to aid him.
Luv says
to inmates that there became once abolish case too connected to MP Siddiqui, its about property.
Aakash says to Lucinda that I dont know noteworthy nonetheless India will hasten towards you, give them property or charity it, purchase 10% most tremendous and recede the case.
Vikas asks Mehjabi about property, she says there are cases about Mumbai farmhouse too.

Shivani says to Aakash that total story is not any longer factual, correct hear and dont react, we’re no longer fools, there might be one thing fishy.

Shivani says to inmates that Mehjabi acknowledged that they’ve crores of property then she couldnt build away with Lucinda? she can with out effort throw her out of nation. Puneesh says she cant, Luinda be pleased case towards her. Benafsha says Luv doesnt hear to Mejhabi too.

Aakash says to Puneesh that Lucinda is hot, she became once kissing cheek, Aakash says if we flirt then folks will curse us. Puneesh says no now we be pleased come right here for that. They come in restroom space. Puneesh says hello Lucinda my love. Aakash says Puneesh be pleased already bought female friend, Bandagi is his woman.

Day 9
Inmates accumulate up to music raja. They all dance together.

Sapna looks at Lucinda and says to inmates that how can they be so enthralling complexioned? they learn about cute after they are youth like pigs’ infants, all laugh. Sapna says her fingers are so enthralling. She holds Lucinda’s fingers and says possibilities are you’ll perchance well presumably fair haven’t any hair too, why? Lucinda says they are long past. Vikas sees her tattoo in hindi on her hand and asks if she likes bollywood loads? she says certain very noteworthy. Sapna says I cant consult along with her loads.

Mehjabi talks to Luv and says they cant learn about our story otherwise recreation will discontinue.

Arshi says to Shilpa that Luv and Mehjabi doesnt learn about like mom and son, they dont be pleased any aspects in fashioned. Shilpa says they are talking about their grandfather? Hiten says certain.

Luv comes to Hina and Vikas and says Arshi taunted about my s*xual desire, I wont procure it. Hina says Salman warned them.Vikas says they’ve decided that you just’re bis*xual. Hina says Priyank acknowledged he’s bis*xual. Vikas says nonetheless why fight over this venture? Vikas says I dont must share about my s*xual desire? Hina says Priyank instructed me that you just’re bis*xual, are you elated? Vikas says its my replacement if I are looking to share or no longer, Vikas says we’re struggling with with you for nothing? Hina says I dont are looking to check with with you. Vikas says I dont are looking to talk too. All come there. Hiten asks why they are struggling with? Vikas says I instructed her to no longer talk about my s*xual desire. Hina says Shilpa is capable to fight him. Vikas leaves.Hina says he fights with folks that are supporting him, he turns into wet cat when Shilpa takes on him. Vikas says I steer particular of her, Hina says consult with the walls. Vikas says she became once supporting Zubair when he became once right here nonetheless when he left, she began cursing him. Shivani says you need folks no longer talk about your s*xual desire nonetheless you carry bringing that topic up, you need folks to talk about it, Vikas says I dont are looking to fight with ladies. Shivani says you carry going in the aid of Shilpa. Bandagi says you touched Shilpa too.Puneesh says you charged on her, I had to discontinue you.Vikas says I correct touched her like this.Puneesh says dont you dare contact me. Puneesh asks Vikas to no longer mess with him, accumulate lost. Vikas says accumulate lost, you state their very be pleased praises your father’s money nonetheless I’m what I worked for. I carry my persistence nonetheless folks are towards me.

Hiten takes Vikas apart and says they need you to lose carry a watch on and recede like Priyank left. Luv says right here is correct launch. Vikas says I wont cry, I’m feeling disagreeable. Hiten says hasten to washroom. Vikas goes to washroom and cries internal. Shilpa is in luggage room and says oh my.. my… he’s crying.
Puneesh says to Luv and Aakash that Vikas carry threatening that he will murder my occupation, to hell with him.

Shilpa comes to restroom space and shouts at Vikas that cry, you cry as noteworthy you made me cry. Bandagi and Jyoti comes and says please come out, we can talk. Vikas cries internal and says they are all disagreeable.
Puneesh says he’s so drama queen.Shilpa says I’m so contented. Puneesh says recreation has correct began.
Vikas is in washroom and says to Jyoti that they are so disagreeable folks, Hina acknowledged she’s going to rise up for elated neighborhood after which she became once cursing me. I cant are living with filthy folks, I cant curse like them.
Hina says to Shivani that Vikas is not any longer bearing that I’m talking to Arshi, he became once contented when we be pleased been struggling with nonetheless now we’re talking so he’s struggling with with me.
Vikas comes out of washroom and says Shilpa dont lie, you left the direct and you are lying so noteworthy, I cant are living with jerks like these. He throws his mic away and leaves home thru blinds. Shilpa says so contented. Vikas tries to hasten away thru backdoor.

Vikas comes to confession space. Bigg boss says why did you are trying to hasten away home and distress property? Vikas says they are so filthy folks, they dont even let me cry, I dont know cope with these filthy folks, I dont know react. Bigg boss says presumably effort is that you just react to the total lot, its bothering you that you just react. Vikas says I may take into story it, I shouldnt be pleased tried to hasten away, I shouldnt runaway from my complications. Bigg boss says your habits became once very disappointing, it shouldnt happen again. Vikas says certain I’m sorry, I realize and wont scheme it again.
Vikas comes aid in home. Arshi sings oo lala.. Hiten asks why he ranaway? Vikas says I didnt desire scheme play, I didnt know what to scheme, I didnt come for all this.

Mehjabi is talking to Sapna about her relatives. She says I hottest my aunt’s daughter for Luv nonetheless after I talked to Luv about it, he acknowledged that he likes boys and if she doesnt are looking to be with him then marvelous.

Sabyasachi reads project of the week. Hiten shall be king and Arshi and Shilpa shall be queens who will strive to comprehend Hiten’s hearts. One shall be disagreeable queen and diversified shall be capable queen, On the discontinue of project, Hiten must wager who is capable queen, if he’s able to explore the capable queen capable then he and that queen will become contenders for captaincy and if he guesses it coarse then the disagreeable queen will become contender for captaincy of the home.

Arshi’s follower/servants shall be Vikas, Puneesh, Jyoti, Hina, Sabyasachi, and Lucinda. Shilpa’s followers shall be Aakash, Luv, Mehjabi, Bandagi, Shivani, Sapna and Benafsha. They’re going to bid enhance to their queens. There are red bricks and blue bricks. Red is of Arshi and blue if of Shilpa. Their servants must create wall from these bricks, whoever personnel makes a bigger wall, that personnel will become contender for captaincy along with their queen and king, this project might well be pleased an impact on subsequent nominations too.
All come in retailer and accumulate their royal costumes, all are angry.

Arshi and Shilpa is available in confession room. Shilpa says I know Bigg boss you are panicked to stare us. Bigg boss asks in the event that they understood project? they nod,. Immense boss says you each are crucial on this project, we’re looking to uncover you that Shilpa shall be capable queen and Arshi is disagreeable queen nonetheless you each will strive to create inmates assume that they are each capable queens, no one must mute wager who is capable and who is disagreeable, or no longer it is crucial to protect your home secret and dont direct it unless we insist you too.

Project starts. All are dressed. Hiten sits on crown. Shilpa and Arshi sits beside him.Shilpa says king I are looking to take a seat down on capable side, Hiten says you are already sitting on capable, Arshi and Hiten laughs. Inmates are making walls with wood bricks. Puneesh throws bricks of diversified personnel. Sapna says why they are doing it? Puneesh kicks Aakash’s wall. Vikas says Luv is touching, Bigg boss please discontinue Luv, right here is insanity. Vikas comes infront of Luv and tries to discontinue him from breaking wall. Vikas tries to break Aakash’s wall, he asks Bandagi to pass away. Hiten says dont kick each others wall. Benafsha says Puneesh is pushing. Hiten says you folks dont realize. Hina will get distress readily available, her hand is bleeding, she leaves.

Hiten says to Shilpa and Arshi that you just didnt strive to delight me.Arshi asks what he wishes? Shilpa says I may massage you. Arshi tries to protect Hiten’s fingers, he says carry your fingers to you. Shilpaasks if he wishes it tough or relaxed? I suggest massage, All chant for kiss.. kiss.. Hiten says no kiss. Arshi says now we must hear our crowd. Hiten asks followers to learn them. All launch massaging king and queens palms and feet. Hiten asks Sapna to massage Arshi’s, feet. Sapna says I wont massage this queen’s feet, my queen is diversified one, Hiten says nonetheless or no longer it is crucial to coach orders of king. Sapna says no I wont massage her feet, who can protect feet of low-value woman? She leaves. ,,
Sapna is available in kitchen and says they dont be pleased fashioned to even become bus conductor and be pleased become queen?
Aakash says to Puneesh that style asked Vikas to kick again and dont hasten one thing. Bandagi runs and hides in the aid of Puneesh. Banafsha comes there and laughs, she says queen Shilpa is asking you all, accumulate lost from right here.
Shilpa is available in kitchen and says workers must orderly it.
Hiten asks Sapna to massage Arshi’s feet, she says I will choke her neck nonetheless cant scheme this. Arshi says then I may punish her. Sapna says she’s going to punish me? learn about at her face even. Hiten says she wont punish you, we all are doing project. Shilpa says Sapna is my employee, you cant effect a inquire to her to work for Arshi. Sapna says I may massage her feet for Hiten. Vikas asks Sapna to no longer cry, you instructed me to no longer cry. Sapna says no I may scheme it, right here is a project. Arshi sits on chair. Sapna sits on floor and massages her feet. Hina says you are very sporty. She hugs Sapna after massage. Sapna cries. Shivani and Benafsha hugs her. Jyoti says right here is project, you dont must cry. Sapna breakdowns and cries. Bandagi says dont cry and give capabilities to Arshi, if she turns into captain then she might well be pleased weakpoint of yours.

Bigg boss says to inmates that this day’s time of project has ended. ,,

Sapna says now I may play of their fashion, no curse, no vulgarity.
Arshi whispers to Shilpa that we’re taking half in fine, you gave the impact of disagreeable queen, you be pleased been so noteworthy in character, I became once laughing in heart at your performing. Shilpa says there are heaps of colours of folks right here, they will switch colors. Arshi says most tremendous we dont switch colors, we’re what we’re.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that can hasten on date with me? she says why must mute I am going? Puneesh says all despise me right here, Bandagi says I dont know why they despise me, I didnt scheme one thing. Puneesh says you are too suave. Puneesh kisses Bandagi’s hand. Puneesh says its night time, lets hasten to sleep. Bandagi says lets hasten. Puneesh says I’m no longer tremulous of somebody.

PRECAP- Hina says to inmates that Sapna is from Haryana, she’s going to crush Arshi if she tries to debris along with her. Sapna says to Arshi that you just’re flying high nonetheless I may carry you to floor in a blink. Arshi says mental mental. Sapna says strive to be mental, dont mess with me, I may break you apart.

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