Bigg Boss 11 (Day 13) 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bigg Boss Eleven (Day thirteen) Thirteenth October 2017 Written Update

Friday Ka Faisla
Saurav Sharma starts bulletin. He says lets bear a recap of this week, Priyank used to be thrown out of condominium on account of shedding attend a watch on. Neighbors entered condominium too, there is also love magnificent in condominium, Vikas turn into first captain of condominium. Saurav says we are in a position to focus on whats occurring in condominium, I even bear Mannu Punjabi and Surgan Mehta as company. Saurav asks how significant fact is in condominium and who is doing drama? er will focus on it.

In condominium,
Inmates fetch as a lot as song maina.. Sapna dances fleshy in her element. Puneesh says Sapna you rocked.

Puneesh says to Ben that folks gave away their property, belongings for Vikas to alter into captain.
Hina says to Hiten that whereas you happen to were captain and requested me to work then I could maybe presumably well bear but folks who dont work at all and
doesnt know one thing else about family chores query me to work then I wont. Hiten says he’s captain for one week, what produce we produce? Hina says I wont produce it, we are in a position to talk when time comes.

Vikas says to Luv that Sapna and Shilpa did advantageous work,unbelievable. Shilpa says thank you. Vikas says she is asking advantageous now. Shilpa says you fetch offended soon, Vikas says I dont perceive how to manipulate madden because I never bear to be all for fights, I used to be continuously busy in work. Shilpa says this is situation where you would possibly maybe presumably well be ready to swap. Vikas says after I cries, I realized I even bear to chill down, I used to be missing mother and wanted to exit. Shilpa says it’s most sensible to manipulate these urges. She is straightening her hair. Vikas says you hair are wanting advantageous, she says thanks. Shilpa says you dont know what’s going to happen day after nowadays to come,Vikas says I dont know on this condominium.

Vikas reads instructions that they had 2400 parts for luxurious budget but Aakash and Shivani didnt work in job and folks talked in english so that they misplaced a thousand parts, 1400 parts live for red physique of workers handiest. They’re going to bear issues assist which they gave up for Vikas too. Vikas asks if they wish issues assist? Hina says thats their particular person issues so we wont spend luxurious budget parts on them, I prefer meals and issues, Hina writes substances on board which red groups wants in luxurious budget. Hina says I prefer espresso. They write espresso, beans, beards and all that.

Arshi involves Vikas and says Sapna talked about that she wont wash plates as she cleaned bedroom too. Vikas involves Sapna and says there is rule that all bear to clear their bear dishes. Sapna says I clear bedroom for all people so who has kitchen accountability would possibly maybe presumably well also soundless produce it. Hina says she is handsome. Vikas says nobody is talking to you Hina, you dont even produce work. Vikas says to Shivani that you dont bear to produce any work.

In bulletin, Saurav says Hina changes facets very rapid. Saurav asks Sargun whom she thinks as solid inmates? she says Sapna, Vikas and Hina. Mannu says Vikas, Sapna and Hiten. Sargun says Shilpa, Arshi and Vikas are warring parties, Arshi can changes facets when she thinks its for her earnings. Mannu says that is now not depraved, she changes facets to give repeat issues, Vikas and Sapna bear accomplished it too. Sargun says she loves fully after which hates them next day. Saurav asks who is yowl toddler? Mannu says Hina cries when she doesnt fetch what she wants. Sargun says Vikas is yowl toddler but he has apt condominium. Mannu says Shilpa is terribly entertainer, if Vikas had save tea on my attire then I could maybe presumably well be out of condominium for violence but Shilpa upright washed her attire and says I am going to bear revenge. Sargun says Sapna is nice looking, she kept staring at Arshi and Arshi brokedown. Saurav says lets explore what Sapna is doing in condominium.

Clip plays about Sapna, Sapna says to Puneesh that I dont are desirous to mess right here, I upright wanna play.. then her fight with Arshi is shown, how she kept staring at Arshi, kept roaming on the assist of her, kept singing sweet songs in her ear.
Mannu says Sapna is solid but others are playing extra solid than her too. Sargun says but how she threatened Arshi with out even touching any individual, it used to be unbelievable. Sargun says she is natural, she doesnt produce grouping, she doesnt query for votes, she doesnt perceive how to play sport. Saurav says lets perceive how she is in her right existence. He connects call with Karan, who is Sapna’s brother. Saurav asks him if Sapna is same as she is in condominium? Karan says no she is now not treasure that outside, if she involves her bear color then. Mannu says she is the utilization of her thoughts and its crucial for this repeat. Karan says she cant attend a watch on madden. Karan says she would possibly maybe presumably well beat Arshi. Sargun asks if he thinks she is playing advantageous? Karan says she is playing very advantageous, she is controlling her madden. Saurav thanks him and ends call with Karan. Saurav asks whom you wanted as captain? Mannu says Vikas is also advantageous captain, Surgan says Hiten would possibly maybe presumably well be ideal captain, they listen in on him and appreciate him. Saurav says Hina is continuously in recordsdata, her come of playing and becoming pals and ending friendship too, lets explore how Hina is doing in condominium.

Clip plays, Hina is shown asking Zubair to bear on Hina, how she and Arshi had fight. When Vikas threw water on Shilpa, she applauded Arshi. Hina says to Arshi and Shilpa that you would possibly maybe presumably well be be a drum, your figure is now not treasure me, you would possibly maybe presumably well be auntie, she says to Shilpa that I used to be now not equivalent to you that your repeat had to attend dummy in veil as you left it, I left my repeat after death sequence. Vikas talked about that Hina changed facets when Priyank and Zubair left. Hina says to Shilpa later that we wont give photos to Shilpa.Vikas says to Jyoti that Hina is pretend and hypocrite.
Clip ends, Saurav says she must be in entertainer list, Mannu says she is artful, she is where solid folks are. Sargun says she is now not provocative, she has 8 years of publicity, she cant physique shame, she cant bid folks that she has drum figure. Mannu says they apologized. Sragun says whats talked about is declared. Saurav says we dont know who is dishonest, who is playing sport but soon they’ll launch up after they’ve to contemplate who will lunge in detention heart.

Bigg boss says to inmates that plot shut inmates who will lunge in detention heart, as Vikas is captian, he has first handsome to plot shut one inmates who he wants to ship in detention heart, Arshi whispers in ear. Vikas asks if he can save any individual in detention heart for any motive and now not basis of job? Bigg boss says can bear any motive. Vikas says I are desirous to connect Hina in detention heart as she is now not doing any work. Bigg boss asks neighbors to plot shut one inmate aside from Hina and Vikas that they are desirous to ship to detention heart. Neighbors lunge to bedroom. Aakash says to Luv that I will lunge to detention heart, bear my name. Hina asks why he’s asserting that? Aakash says I are desirous to spend time with you, all pout.

In bulletin, Saurav says Hina used to be handsome name to bear, she is now not doing work. Mannu says Hina is making an strive to connect Vikas’s captaincy to prevent so it used to be handsome for him to bear her name.

In condominium, Hina says I am elated to head to detention heart but I wont listen in on a indolent captain. Vikas says you dont are desirous to work but goes to fitness heart because Luv goes, first Zubair and now Luv. Hina says you would possibly maybe presumably well be ready to issue that handiest, you would possibly maybe presumably well be so cheap, factor in he’s talking about Luv and me. Vikas says you would possibly maybe head. Hina says talk over with my hand. Vikas says you fetch misplaced, she says you fetch misplaced.

Hiten asks Vikas to now not mess with women with imperfect language, dont issue that she will be able to lunge to fitness heart as Luv goes there. Vikas says I talked about what I explore. Shilpa says use your thoughts, this Arshi threw issues because she is treasure that, if I even bear to ship someone to detention heart then I am going to Arshi in detention heart as she throws issues away. Arshi says Shilpa you would possibly maybe presumably well bear long gone inflamed, now I am going to curse you, mental girl. Shilpa says sure curse me, all attend calling me mental girl.. shut up. Arshi says you pack up up. Hina says to Luv Arshi used to be asserting that I am going to lunge to detention heart since morning and now they are asserting that I are desirous to head to fitness heart with Luv thats why they are sending me to detention heart, this Vikas is disgusting. Hina says he’s such cheap man and pondering. Vikas says she is illmannered, I dont are desirous to discuss with you. Hina says he’s worst performer and cheap man. Arshi says to Shilpa that I spit at you, Shilpa says thoughts your language. Hina says Arshi is now not getting work, she is now not doing one thing else, Vikas is upright following her. Shilpa shows cramps on sofa to Arshi and says you left it right here? Arshi says I used to be going to clear it. Shilpa says clear it. Arshi says you would possibly maybe presumably well bear long gone inflamed, mental case. Hiten asks her to thoughts her tongue.
In bedroom, Mehjabi says to inmates that we are in a position to save Sapna in detention heart, folks will fetch offended on us and I prefer that.
Vikas says to inmates that Arshi didnt query me to bear Hina’s name to ship to detention heart, if she talked about it then I am provocative to lose captaincy handsome now, she tok Sapna’s name, she took Sapna’s name. Sapna says why she is bringing me in all this? I am now not reacting, she known as me dancer again, I am going to spoil her in two, query her to now not mess with me, I am going to spoil her face. Aakash says I am skittish of her. Arshi says I am now not asserting one thing else. Sapna expenses at her and says bid me one thing else. Vikas, Hiten and Shilps pushes them aside. Sapna says I will repeat her what dancer can produce, she says I am now not reacting. Hina says to Ben that you would possibly maybe presumably well be be laughing at all this? you revel in at this. Shivani says all are enjoying scenes right here, this is shameless. Puneesh involves Sapna and says whereas you happen to elevate hand then I wont talk over with you ever. Hina says to Shivani that I cant issue that folks laugh at fights right here? Shivani says Jyoti used to be laughing and enjoying fights. Jyoti says Ben used to be enjoying it too. Shivani says dont mess with me.
Neighbors focus on who they are desirous to ship to detention heart.

Bigg boss asks neighbors whom they are sending to detention heart? Mehjabi says we’re sending Arshi to detention heart, we issue that she is elated in kitchen too significant and I believe Vikas is giving her comfort as she supported him. Hina says thank you.

In bulletin, Mannu says neighbors gave lame motive on the assist of Arshi to ship her to hail. Sargun says I am upset in Hina, she is shedding her language and thoughts and its upright 10 days? Mannu says she is showing what she is, if she turns into faux then folks will treasure her? Sargun says its now not about being faux but about character. Mannu says Hina is upright reacting to what she cant endure. Saurav says there will be one extra inmate going to detention heart.

In condominium, Bigg boss asks inmates to contemplate whom they are desirous to ship to detention heart as third person. Aakash says inmates will bear Sapna’s name. Hina hugs Sapna. Sapna says I am going to lunge. Arshi says to Sabya that I labored loads in kitchen. Puneesh says I will lunge in detention heart and whereas you happen to need motive then I will curse handsome now. Sapna says I will lunge. Hiten says but you cant elevate hand. Shilpa says Arshi can provoke you but you wont elevate hand. Sapna says k.

Bigg boss asks inmates whom they are desirous to ship with Hina and Arshi? Puneesh says we’ve made up our minds that Sapna will lunge to detention heart as she slept in job. Bigg boss says Sapna, Hina and Arshi will lunge to detention heart and would possibly maybe presumably well soundless live there till our expose.

Hina, Arshi and Sapna involves detention heart. Aakash says you would possibly maybe presumably well revel in right here, you wont bear to produce one thing else.

In bulletin, Saurav says Sapna volunteered to head in detention heart? Sargun says she is my popular. Mannu says they’ll change into pals. Sargun says if she took keep on alongside with her then we are in a position to bear to follow TV. Mannu says she will be able to attend her attend a watch on, fights discontinue when folks are in shut condominium. Saurav says lets explore what occurs in detention heart.

Arshi is in detention heart. Her bed is between Hina and Sapna. Arshi says there are such quite a lot of bugs right here, so many. Sapna says there is broom too. Hina says Sapna live silent, she is upsetting you. Arshi says there are bugs right here.
In condominium, Puneesh says Hiten will sleep peacefully as Arshi is in detention heart.
In detention heart, Arshi says ewe.. so many bugs right here, she looks at Sapna and says yuck so many bugs. Sapna brings mosquito spray and sprays over Arshi so significant, she says now all bugs will die, she retains spraying on Arshi and says now mental bugs will die. Hina asks Sapna to chill down. Arshi goes to clear her face. Sapna says I told her to now not mess with me. Arshi will get offended and says she sprayed mosquito spray on me. Vikas comes there and says Sapna dont produce that, she will be able to change into offended. Arshi shows sprays out of detention heart. Arshi shours that she is mental. Sapna says you havent viewed mental. They both cry… Hina screams for them to quit it. Hina asks them to sleep on their beds and dont talk at all. Arshi says k Hina apaa. Arshi says she sprayed on my face.
In lounge, Shilpa says it used to be crucial for Arshi to bear sprayed on her face on account of her language.
Sapna screams in detention heart that after I exit of this mental condominium then I am going to bear on.

Hiten comes out of detention heart. Hiten says I am so elated that naagin is in jai.

PRECAP- Last weekend, Salman requested inmates that to now not bring him to stage of rage. Nevertheless this week inmates went ahead.
Sabya says to Jyoti that you would possibly maybe presumably well be be Umrao Jaan? if I dance then you definately will be ashamed of being girl. Jyoti cries and says he’s such imperfect issues.
The next day Salman will bear class of inmates for their deeds.

Written Update by Atiba

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