Bigg Boss 11 (Day 10) 11th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bigg Boss Eleven Day 10 eleventh October 2017 Written Update

Day Eleven
Inmates secure as much as extinct tune dulhe raja. All of them dance. Vikas appears spherical yawning, Shilpa dances spherical him.

Mehjabi talks to Sabya and says Vikas became once saying that we lived collectively for 7 days and have to know one another well, he seems to have an thought about story being counterfeit but its our work to support believing it. Sabya says Vikas became once calling you Aunty, Mehjabi says Puneesh became once touching my toes, Sabya says he is 33 years extinct. Mehjabi says I am 29 years extinct.

Aakash asks Lucinda what she is taking into consideration? she says I am next yoga pose, he asks her to illustrate it. Lucinda will get in pose. Aakash says the tune became once about king and queen, ideal one kiss and we’re going to secure married.

Puneesh says to Hiten that Aakash became once swooning over Lucinda’s

Aakash says to Lucinda that earlier than you allow dwelling, I could kiss you. She blushes and says no kissing, he sings sweet rap for her, she laughs.

Vikas is in kitchen. Shilpa comes there and says all are equal right here, I by no methodology thought I’d secure hunt right here admire this, darling every dog has a day. Shilpa asks Bigg boss if they cage for mental these that strive and runaway? Vikas avoids her. Shilpa says Bigg boss you shouldnt relief mental of us near. Vikas says to Hiten that my mother has made me learn to appreciate women folks but she crosses limit most regularly.

Puneesh says to inmates that on the unique time king and queen will secure married, Arshi have lottery on the unique time to marry Hiten. Sapna taunts that its ethical, these that cant secure married will secure to marry for demonstrate, counterfeit marriage is k for them. Arshi says so dancers secure married? Sapna asks who is dancer right here? Arshi says you cant conceal what you are/ Sapna says I am a dancer, yes I am a dancer, any deliver? yes I am a dancer.

Sapna is glaring at Arshi who is sining. Hina says to Sapna that she known as me a dancer(nachne wali), I wont spare her now. Sapna is accessible in kitchen within the support of Arshi and retains glaring at her. Arshi involves Hiten and whispers that Sapna is glaring at me. Hiten says you messed with her, you opt to have some drama.Arshi says she is glaring so creepily.

Sapna retains staring Arshi. Sabya is cooking in kitchen with Arshi and asks all americans to transfer away. Hiten says to Luv that Sabya doesnt let anyone contact things in kitchen. Mehjabi comes there and says Arshi shouldn’t be any longer letting me secure breakfast, she is spitting in meals, I were seeing grime and drinking grime. Arshi asks what came about? Mehjabi says relate your tips on tract. Arshi says walk secure tea. Mehjabi says secure lost. Arshi says right here’s her methodology of methodology speaking? Luv asks Arshi to be respectful infront of him atleast.
Arshi is accessible in kitchen and says to Shilpa that Mehjabi became once going indignant. Sapna involves Mehjabi and says she is asking you mental. Mehjabi involves Arshi that dwell on your limit, dont mess with me, I could damage your girly nature, dont spit in meals. Sapna laughs seeing Arshi getting roasted. Mehjabi says she is the entire the time in kitchen, Arshi says I could secure Mehjabi rubdown my toes when I am change into queen. Mehjabi says I’d by no methodology rubdown her butt too, she has no long-established to secure rubdown.

Luv and Vicky are laughing and speaking. Sabya comes and says you of us are joking? Vikas says we have change into visitors. Sabya quiz them to attain out in garden. They walk in garden. Vikas says Luv became once flirting with Lucinda who is his said grandma. Mehjabi comes there too. He says to Mehjabi that you are very nice actress. Jyoti comes there too, Vikas says I bless you to transfer forward. Vikas says Luv and Sabya are in relation. Jyoti asks if he’ll marry a lady and likes girls? Vikas says yes I admire girls. Jyoti asks Luv if he may perhaps well well also no longer ever admire girls? he exact smiles at her. Vikas says he exact revel in girls’ company. Jyoti says how will he have kids? Vikas says he’ll hire orphans. Jyoti asks if he by no methodology loved girls? Luv laughs and says have some persistence.

Luv says to Hina that Sapna is making Arshi crazy. Hina says Arshi sick talked about her occupation, said so noteworthy sick things that Sapna has long past indignant. Mehjabi says its her greatness that she didnt roast Arshi and is correct following her. Arshi comes there. Sapna retains glaring her. Arshi taunts dancer and leaves. Sapna says to inmates that if she calls me dancer yet again then I could hit her. Mehjabi asys you are indignant, she wants you to leave by showing violence.

Luv is talking to Shilpa, Shilpa says you opt to have half of property? Luv says yes, he became once my grandfather. Shilpa says you cant demonstrate ethical on grandfather’s property. Mehjabi says but he became once my father. Luv says who is Lucinda to secure all property? Shilpa says your grandfather gave her the whole lot so he have to have thought earlier than doing it and Luv has no ethical on property. Luv says I am family members, he became once my grandfather. Hiten says she is correct saying thought. Shilpa says its judgement. Luv says who is she to give judgement? you are coming in free fund, Shilpa says you form no longer have any ethical over grandfather’s property.

Sapna talks to Hina and says if I hit someone right here then she’s going to change into elegant till January? and till then sport will end? Hina says yes. Hina laughs and says she’s going to beat Arshi to pulp, she is haryanvi lady, she wont spare her Sapna says I am no longer Priyank, if I beat her then she wont secure up from mattress for 5 months and cant even say sorry, I could damage her head. Arshi is mendacity in her mattress. She will get up. Sapna strikes within the support of her and sings treasure hua kab hua.. ab hua.. she retains singing within the support of Sapna. Arshi says in mic that Bigg boss call me in confession room ethical now, call me there. Hiten asks what came about? Shilpa asks Arshi to no longer be timid of Sapna and picture her on face. Sapna retains singing. Arshi says I could secure wound in all this joking, she’s going to secure my existence hell. Sapa retains bright within the support of her.

Shilpa talks to Mehjabi and says there may perhaps be property, you and Lucinda both cant say it, you dont know how noteworthy time it’s probably you’ll perhaps have, it’s probably you’ll perhaps have lived without husband, what is going to you attain with so noteworthy cash? appreciate other lady too, she became once in relationship with your father for 2 years, end this matter with treasure. Mehjabi says I could reflect and cries. Shilpa says end this matter by giving her runt share. Mehjabi says seems admire father took revenge from me, she cries. Shilpa says dont be unhappy.

Arshi involves Shilpa and says this Sapna is threatening me to in an instant abolish. Sapna comes there. Shilpa says if she hits you then Bigg boss will scrutinize her. Sapna glares at Arshi from within the support of. Arshi says right here’s no longer shaggy dog story.

Shilpa and Arshi are getting ready for process. In king queen process, king will spend time with his queens in each pronounce on the unique time, king can have the entire bricks with him on the unique time, both queens will strive galvanize king, if king becomes impressed with any queen then he’ll give bricks to that queen’s group to secure wall and additionally her group can damage other group’s wall too, queen can quiz for bricks ideal when trumpet performs. Bigg boss says the group who makes better wall can change into contenders for captaincy, and if Hiten guesses who is ethical queen then he and ethical queen will change into contenders for captaincy too and if he guesses harmful then substandard queen will change into contender
Job begins, Hiten says I am king but getting overwhelmed. Hina asks if he wants rubdown? Arshi comes there. Hiten says lets walk to deepest. Arshi jokes that I dont need privacy, I’m able to originate wherever, king I could present you with every peace, basic other’s treasure, and the whole lot, all snigger.

Arshi and Shilpa are spherical Hiten as their king. Arshi asks how many kids he desire? he asks her to support bright. All of them attain in garden, all chant for king. Hiten asks teams if they need bricks? all say yes. Hiten says I could give one pile to Arshi’s group. Arshi’s group originate making wall with pile. Puneesh says queen scrutinize we are making wall.

Bigg boss says queens are making an strive to galvanize king. Shilpa dances infront of Hiten funnily. Hiten laughs. Shilpa asks if he is happy now?
Puneesh says to Bandagi that attain in our group. She says if I’d also, I’d have, I am so angry but I dont are seeking to secure nominated. Puneesh says yes walk to Luv’s group.
All relate king in garden chanting for him. Sabya is preserving umbrella on their heads. Hiten says Arshi’s group did very nice, however the one who surely entertained me this time by dancing wisely is Shilpa, so her time will secure bricks pile. Shilpa breaks Arshi’s wall. Her group begins making their wall. Benafsha says this group is dishonest and crying. Aakash says she is a cry shrimp one.

Shilpa fans Hiten and says I am making you tumble for me, he says this methodology? she laughs.
Vikas says to Arshi that if Shilpa becomes captain then all americans’s peace will be destroyed.

Arshi involves Hiten and says I are seeking to live peacefully a ways off from all americans. Hiten says I could secure separate palace for you, queen may perhaps well well also no longer be there.

Buzzer performs, inmates say now king will give resolution. Arshi sits on his knees infront of Hiten. Shilpa says I are seeking to marry him and live existence long with him. Aakash says she is trusty basic other. Hiten says both queens did very nice and served me very wisely but I surely loved how Arshi’s followers served me, group sequels. Hiten says so I am giving their group three bricks per particular person. Arshi’s group lifts Hiten in air. They secure wall again.

Bigg boss ends king queen process. Bigg boss asks Hiten to relate which group acquired the duty by making better wall? Bigg boss asks Hiten which group became once successful to secure increased wall? Hiten says Arshi’s group made a better wall. Bigg boss asks Aakash to relate some things from retailer room. He brings flower garland. Bigg boss says how Hiten will utilize whom he thinks is ethical queen. Hiten says I reflect Arshi is ethical queen because she tried to illustrate that she is violent and is cruel but surely her heart didnt are seeking to attain cruel things, he makes her wear garland and chooses her as ethical queen. Bigg boss says Arshi becomes the contender for captaincy as she became once substandard queen and Hiten’s wager became once harmful. Arshi sequels and thanks Bigg boss.

Benafsha says to Jyoti that all americans appears to be like playing sport right here.
Hiten says to Hina that Ben became once happy for Arshi changing into contender for captaincy. Hina says yes she became once happy. Hiten says she became once admire again harmful resolution.Hina says it became once no longer harmful resolution.

Mehjabi talks to Luv and says Hiten and few other inmates about story being no longer correct, our process remains to be happening as many others dont have an thought about it being counterfeit.
Sapna talks to inmates,,,

At evening, Puneesh asks Bandagi why did she call another particular person for inspire in tying her chain in washroom? Bandagi says there became once no one, whom may perhaps well well also quiet I call to inspire tie my chain? Puneesh says to no longer secure Aakash attain it, he is a *****, dont call him ever, She asks if may perhaps well well also quiet asks Hiten to attain it? he says no, she says Vikas? he says you are speaking filthy of us’s names. Bandagi says Luv? he says Luv undoubtedly no longer, her mother wants to secure you daughter in regulation, you call me on the entire time, I am near you. Bandagi says no I became once in washroom and I requested for inspire whoever became once near helped me, there became once no lady there. Puneesh says what if it became once Aakash? Bandagi says I wouldnt have known as him. Puneesh kisses her hand says your body spray have made me crazy.

PRECAP- Hina asks inmates why didnt snatch thanks to her? what harmful she did with her group? Vikas says it’s probably you’ll perhaps have your private politics that you play. Hina says I play on my very private and Bigg boss Arshi shouldn’t be any longer happy with this resolution, she is compelled to rob it. Arshi appears on.

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