Bigg Boss 11 7th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Luv Is Eliminated Episode

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Elimination Day
Salman welcomes each person to the weekend ka vaar. Salman says here is final weekend ka vaar on story of next weekend will likely be gigantic finale. Salman says one will likely be out of speed at the new time. Shilpa, Vikas, Luv and Hina are nominated. Salman says outcomes of elimination is in ballotbox and we are able to know who goes to hurry away at the new time soon. Salman says we are able to hurry are residing voting for this level to day too. India will waste are residing voting at the new time.

Salman connects name to home. He greets each person and says here is final weekend ka vaar, you all are having a look for effective, Shilpa says you constantly look for effective. Salman says we are able to know soon who goes to finale. Salman asks which thing they’re going to hurry away out most? Hina says we lie down in daylight hours here, here is aloof and silent environment, I might hurry away out that. Salman says silence and peace is bigg boss? all chuckle. Luv says I might hurry away out wake up song. Shilpa says I might hurry away out Salman and Bigg boss’s narrate. Shilpa says these are the things we is no longer going to salvage any place. Salman says here is perchance the most interesting answer. Salman asks which they would presumably moreover just no longer hurry away out? Vikas says I might hurry away out each person here, I might no longer salvage Aakash’s madness. Shilpa says I might no longer hurry away out fully one person and that is Aakash. Salman says we are able to know next Sunday about who’s winner of this season.
Salman says to inmates that we are able to join to final caller of the week. Caller calls and says I want to quiz Shilpa, in BB mount activity, you were no longer performing on story of you noticed fans will establish you, are you overconfident or ego? Shilpa says you’re elevating Hina’s topic, I was taking half in by myself in the activity, I belief my fans, I’m no longer overconfident. Caller says you were no longer attracted to museum activity too, your much less involvement can disappoint your fans. Hina says thank you. Shilpa says I constantly grab participation in tasks, I constantly play by myself, all play in groups here nonetheless I play by myself. Caller says to Vikas that you are taking half in so neatly, you deserve to know so be assured and play neatly. Caller ends. Salman says she grew to change into your fan in the occasion you wore that whisper of business unlit dress, all chuckle. Salman asks Hina if Shilpa gave her a hundred% in mark to finale activity? Hina says no, I wished Shilpa and I to play together, I requested her to waste with regards to door, boys were no longer letting us to hurry inside,it was their strategy nonetheless if we effect extra efforts.. Shilpa didnt supply protection to my catch, she stated that she doesnt love push and pull, I requested her to effect extra efforts so she stated she cant waste that great. Shilpa says I stated that when activity was long gone out of hands, you cheated me first day. Hina says you occupy here to me, I didnt cheat you. Shilpa says each person seen and you know what you likely did. Salman says this would presumably moreover just no longer ever stop. Salman asks Vikas his opinion. Vikas says Shilpa can waste better in tasks. Shilpa says you’d like me to shout? Vikas says she did effective in cushion activity, she can effect in further efforts. Puneesh says each person has a vogue to assemble, she doesnt device mess, she quietly waste her activity, in first day of BB mount activity, she performed very neatly, she didnt establish Hina’s catch on story of Hina is her competitor. Vikas says Hina wished to aid Shilpa so she didnt aid me and I obtained out nonetheless Shilpa didnt establish Hina. Salman asks Shilpa if she wished Hina to hurry away activity? Shilpa says no. Vikas says Hina wished to aid Shilpa so she sidelined me nonetheless she obtained aid stabbed by Shilpa. Shilpa says Hina came to me when Vikas stated he is rarely in activity then she requested me to be along with her. Puneesh says except the final, Shilpa was in activity. Vikas says each person has considered. Salman says to Shilpa that its lawful you belief your fans nonetheless dont forget that they’ve fans too and you cant underestimate them, all fans want efforts from you, she nods. Salman ends name.
Shilpa says due to Puneesh, Shilpa says of us are explain their very possess praises. Aakash says your attempting is shown. Hina says to Vikas that I dont care if she doesnt play in tasks nonetheless it is shown birth air. Shilpa says to Punees that I did tasks after I was captain too, Puneesh says it doesnt matter what they are saying. Shilpa says they shield highlighting that I wont work in tasks. Hina says to Vikas that Puneesh was backbiting about Shilpa and now supporting her infront of her face.

On stage, Salman says we are able to expose you soon about what we are able to waste are residing voting for.

Salman connects name to home, Salman says its final time for Sultani wrestling, that is also final war so we are able to occupy gun war, Puneesh might occupy gun and Aakash might occupy plastic fork, its handsome correct? all chuckle. Salman says its time to play for your self, friendship out of the window. Salman says war will likely be between Puneesh vs. Aakash.

In Sultani ring, Salman, Puneesh and Aakash comes there. Salman says there’ll likely be two rounds, first round will likely be verbal war, or no longer it is a have to to expose why other doesnt deserve to be winner. Aakash says I occupy Puneesh doesnt deserve to know on story of he plays in team. Puneesh says he flips in team, you’ll likely be ready to never belief him, he has change into stressful from intelligent. Aakash says Puneesh works much less in home. Puneesh says Aakash dresses up love Ramu kaka, his hygiene is long gone, he doesnt occupy manners so its better if he goes out of home. Aakash says he has won the game, Puneesh says I might grab the expose too. All vote for Puneesh, Puneesh wins first round. Salman says in second round, or no longer it is a have to to know off flags from stop and effect them to other stop and or no longer it is a have to to know a look for at to no longer let the other grab flag from one stop to other stop, you each will likely be tied to every other so or no longer it is a have to to drag towards every other. Aakash and Puneesh are tied from aid to aid. They pull towards every other to salvage the flags. Aakash pulls Puneesh aid to salvage the flags. They pull towards every other to know flags from one stop to other stop. Salman says Puneesh won the round, Puneesh effect the total flags so he won. Salman says sportsman misplaced nonetheless you fought neatly. Salman says Aakash appears to be like love Vin kerosene no longer Vin Diesel, all chuckle. Salman provides meddle to Puneesh and says Puneesh won the final Sultani war of this season. Shilpa says Puneesh won first meddle in the final.

On stage, Salman says Manoj Bajpai and Sidharth Malhotra went in home.

In home, Manoj and Sid is accessible in home. They meet each person. Sid says you of us will play a recreation with us. Manoj says you’re with regards to finale, you’re with regards to winning so nothing will likely be easy here. Sid says this activity will likely be for participants. Manoj says recreation is that or no longer it is a have to to sit down on fitness heart balls, kick on the football balls which occupy faces of different inmates and send them to pit, or no longer it is a have to to guard your face’s ball from going to pit too. Manoj says the four of us who effect balls in pit in the final will lose, that is also love football whereas sitting on the fitness heart ball. Inmates sit on fitness heart balls and birth transferring ahead to kick the football to the pits. They’re kicking balls of every other. Aakash kicks Shilpa’s ball in the pit. Sid says Luv’s ball has long gone to pit too, they can unexcited effect others ball in the pit. Puneesh and Hina puts others balls. Sid says Hina and Puneesh’s ball are long gone to pit too so Vikas and Aakash won. Sid says you performed neatly. Vikas says this baldie performed effective.
Sid and Manoj sits in lounge with inmates. Sid says Aakash and Vikas are our winners you saved your balls gracious. Sid says Vikas kicked his ball to aspect and saved it. Sid says now you of us will expose who’s most lustrous and changes facade in home, who’s neatly-kept and lustrous? Aakash says its Vikas, he’s mastermind, he tricks of us. Hina says it works for him, it works for him. Aakash says we didnt discuss to him earlier and now he’s my buddy. Vikas says I occupy its Shilpa, she is bad actress, she can narrate romantic lines having a look for to your eyes and in the next one minute, she can drop tears. Vikas says Hina can drop tears with out issues too. Hina waste it. Hina says appears to be like down.. and all exact away run falls from her eyes. Sid says she did it so soon, he bows to her. Manoj says majority says Vikas is the lustrous one of many home. Vikas touches Manoj’s feet. Manoj provides him mark of lustrous one. Sid and Manoj waves bye and leaves home.

On stage, Salman welcomes Sid, Rapul and Manoj. Salman asks how was it in home? Sid says they are all effective, they stated Vikas is the lustrous one. Sid says he’s master of trickery. Salman says Sid came here for his first film, Salman says Manoj’s first movie was Bandett queen and Bigg boss was on air that time. Salman says we are able to waste something which we never did before. Salman asks Rapul what you didnt waste which you ought to total? She says I never wished lady cop role so I want to total it. Salman says lets waste it. He provides her aviators, police stick and cap. She mimics Salman’s line of Robinhood Pandey.. They all dance on Munni badnam hui. Salman says I genuinely occupy heard this song after many days. Salman asks Manoj how he wishes to conception Sid? He says I want him to assemble love Bhojpuri giant title. Sid says Manoj danced much less in movies so he’ll dance love Mithun’s disco dance. Salman says I might give lines to Manoj, Manoj will narrate in Bhojpuri and Sid occupy to repeat it. Manoj says lines of Tiger in Bhojpuri, Sid says its love he’s wanting in toilet, all chuckle. Sid copies him in bhojpuri. Salman says no Sidhave to dance love Bhojpuri giant title, they dance on bhojpuri song. Sid says now Manoj will dance on disco dancer. Manoj dances love Mithun with guitar. Salman and Sid dances with him. Salman says I akin to you Mithun Da. Salman greets the team, he promotes their movie Ayyari, they hurry away.

Salman says Aakash and Puneesh are in finale, we are able to know soon about others.

Salman connects name to home, he says to inmates that its time for elimination. Salman says ballotbox of votes from mall will likely be opened in home fully and you of us will depend the votes. Salman says Puneesh will birth ballotbox, and kind their votes and effect in their sections, then nominated inmate will depend their very possess votes after which they’re going to write the decision of their votes in envelope. Salman says dont expose your decision of votes to anyone before I quiz you. Salman quiz them to birth it, he ends name.
Puneesh opens ballotbox, he begins sorting and says there are so many votes. He begins striking votes in their containers. Vikas says these are votes of some of us fully. Puneesh says there are somewhat loads of votes.

Bigg boss says Puneesh occupy sorted votes, he asks inmates to birth counting their votes and they’re going to expose their number when requested. hina, Luv, Vikas and Shilpa begins counting their votes.

Salman connects name to home. He says Puneesh work done? Puneesh says and someone is accomplished too, all chuckle. Salman says I might quiz one after the other about voting numbers. He asks Hina to expose her decision of votes. Hina opens her envelope and says I obtained 464 votes, Salman says thats all? she says sure. Salman asks Shilpa to expose her decision of votes? she says 660 votes. Salman says thats it? Shilpa says thanks for this too. Salman asks Luv to expose his votes, he says 393 votes. Salman asks Vikas to expose his votes. Vikas reveals his votes, they are 428. Salman says wow.. Luv your jog ends here. LUV IS ELIMINATED. Salman says it was gargantuan having you. Luv says love you. Salman says Vikas, Hina and Shilpa are going to finale. Hina is emotional, Salman ends name. Luv hugs each person. He involves Hina, Hina hugs him and says the total most interesting, Luv says I might hurry away out you, she says I might genuinely hurry away out you, Luv says I’m in the waste going, they each chuckle. Luv says I might conception you soon. Puneesh says you’re champion, Aakash says you’re our hero. Luv greets them all. Hina hugs him all every other time and says I’m sorry. Luv waves at each person and leaves.

Salman connects name to home again. Salman says Luv is long gone, there is just not this sort of thing as a love left in the home. Salman says final season’s theme was commoners vs. celebrities nonetheless it was taken up in final week, why? Puneesh says we grew to change into mean final week in activity and stated about all this, we obtained afraid that if we salvage caught with star in finale then that is also advanced, I’m sorry, it was a manner, we opinion that if Shilpa is towards us in finale then we are long gone, I stated sorry. Hina says we never opinion of commoner vs. star, they realized soon when next came on. Salman says India went are residing and did are residing voting for Hina and Shilpa’s efficiency. Salman says at the new time India will hurry are residing for a role which Bigg boss will expose you about, the total most interesting for your are residing efficiency, salvage increasingly extra votes. He ends name.

Salman says they’ve brought up commoner vs. star so now they have to endure it. Salman says lets conception the game for at the new time.

In home, Bigg boss goes are residing and says we welcome all india are residing, expose is in final leg and we are here with final 5 inmates who occupy entertained you every single day, these 5 inmates didnt hurry away a gamble to entertain you nonetheless fully one will likely be winner of the season which we are able to know next week. Bigg boss says one ask is left to be answered, all inmates lived with out any wall nonetheless all exact away final week, there was a wall and commoners vs. celebrities were towards every other and they argued about who entertained extra, who made this season extra a success and we want to know from India about who ought to be the winner of this season? a star or a commoner? we give you a gamble to present your opinion, Puneesh will debate on behalf of commoners and Hina will discuss on behalf of celebrities, they’re going to expose who might presumably moreover just unexcited grab and why? and India will expose their opinion thru are residing voting. Bigg boss says Puneesh will hurry first and provides his opinion. Puneesh stands on a platform. Bigg boss says India salvage ready to vote, stamp in time begins now. Enable us to expose you a jog of commoners in home. Clip plays, many commoners came in home, Puneesh and Aakash went except the stop, Puneesh worked hard in tasks, made it interesting along with his love story. Aakash entertained along with his rapping and tricks, each these commoners worked hard to every here. Clip ends. Bigg boss says Puneesh your time to expose why commoner might presumably moreover just unexcited grab, are residing voting begins now. Puneesh says I want to expose India why commoner might presumably moreover just unexcited grab, they dont occupy the edge, they are attempting thru audition from birth, celebrities salvage invitation, their lives occupy controversies so that they’ve material to boost the expose, we dont occupy the fan bad love them, they’ve worked for years, we occupy done the entirety here, we have not any expertise of camera, we dont know solutions to behave in any train, we were exact here, thirteen commoners came and fully 2 left, Luv left on story of he was caught with celebrities, we dont occupy fan bad love them. Puneesh gets Fifty five% votes. Puneesh says no longer satisfied with the votes nonetheless thank you.

On stage, Salman says you heard Puneesh’s aspects, now its time for Hina’s discuss, hear to her and take who deserves extra votes.

In home, Bigg boss says Hina its your time to expose why a star might presumably moreover just unexcited grab, Fifty five% of us votes for Puneesh, what waste you noticed possibilities you’ve? Hina says I dont know, I might try. Hina stands on platform. Bigg boss says stamp in time for India begins now, lets conception jog of celebrities. Clip plays, 6 celebrities came in home, Shilpa, Hina and Vikas reached except the stop, Vikas’s struggles, Shilpa’s breaking down, Hina crying. Vikas’s cleverness, Shilpa’s calmness and Hina’s sharpness in tasks, their efforts in tasks, their entertainment and now they are in finale, clip ends. Bigg boss says its time for are residing voting and Hina’s discuss. Hina says I came in home about 3 months aid, we are celebrities, we occupy baggage of being star nonetheless we left that establish and came as a contestant on this home, we tried our hardest to play as a contestant, on this jog, we tried to are residing love a commoner here, Bigg boss occupy eliminated that line on this home, Puneesh stated that they dont occupy fan bad, sameway we occupy baggage of behaving neatly, taking care of the entirety, we performed as contestants no longer as celebrities, we performed, we apologized, we worked hard to be most interesting, we 5 are equal, one of the significant interesting might presumably moreover just unexcited grab this expose. Time ends. Hina has obtained 79% votes. Bigg boss says Hina won this voting. Hina thanks the voters. Bigg boss asks what she wishes to claim? Hina says its lawful to know that India thinks we all occupy given so great to the expose, we never differentiated, they accredited their mistake, we are able to are residing as contestants, no longer as star or commoner. Bigg boss says time for voting ends.

Salman thanks India for voting at the new time, he asks to vote for him they have to conception as winner. Salman says we are able to know if star or commoner will grab on 14th January. He signs off from the expose.

PRECAP- There’ll likely be press conference for inmates in home. One journalist asks Hina that Shilpa won hearts by her cooking, are you jealous of that? Hina says we didnt come here to cook fully. Other journalist says that here is no longer Khatron Ke Khiladi, you’ll likely be ready to know with out doing the tasks. Hina says if that was the case then I’d occupy taken the cooking class and are accessible here. Vikas says the person that changes statements in minutes, that person is no longer handsome.

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