Bhootu 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu Finds Out Bobby’s Truth Episode

Bhootu fifteenth February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita fumes hearing Bobby lying that Anandita is mentally unstable maid, her husband died in an accident, and he is letting her keep on this house. Pihu calms her down. Anandita smiles and tells ACP that she is telling truth, this house belongs to her and she will demonstrate him property papers, her husband is alive and has gone on a commercial day crawl. ACP says he trusts her. Bobby signals Rohini to address this topic. Rohini yells she and Bobby are liars, they can wreck alliance or let Barbie indicate her truth first. Barbie’s mother asks ACP to serene down and never atomize this alliance. ACP agrees. Anandita says but all over again she is no longer lying and asks Pihu to demonstrate. Pihu asks her to no longer narrate to her, nonetheless Anandita continues. ACP thinks she is basically mad and says but all over again, he trusts her, asks Rohini to earn

her away. Rohini takes Anandita to her room. Sooraj furthermore doesn’t narrate the leisure. ACP says he will keep on this house till truth is cleared.

Anandita asks Pihu why didn’t she narrate, she will bitch Subodh. She tries to gain her cell. Pihu picks cell phone and says she will call papa. She acts like talking and says papa is busy in a assembly and disconnects call, says papa will no longer approach for some time.

Barbie’s mother scolds her for eating all 10 laddoos. Pihu says she ate 5 laddoos. Barbie says sweets are her weakness. ACP shows his family jewelry and says he is ready since 23 years to provide it to Barbie, will give some to his son Mike furthermore. Mike does mischief. ACP says he will no longer give any jewelry to Mike.

Bobby speaks to someone over cell phone and says he is coming. Barbie walks in and asks whom he is talking to. He laughs and says he is caught,, he goes to elevate laddoss for her. His cell phone falls. She picks it. He snatches it from her and acts as getting romantic. She shies. Gopal closes Pihu’s eyes. Piu doubts Bobby and gets into his automobile. Bobbie reaches a secluded put. Pihu thinks there isn’t very one of these thing as a sweet shop right here. Bobbie gets out of automobile. Two goons salvage out of automobile and trash Bobbie asking him when will he return their boss’ money. Bobbie says he has trapped a beefy girl and once he steals her family jewelry, then he will sell it and return boss’ money, boss knows his occupation is to fool girls and loot their wealth. Boss says girl’s father is ACP and is no longer a fool. Bobby says he will pick jewelry and veil in bungalow’s backyard, then converse that beefy girl has affair with someone and atomize alliance, then will salvage jewelry and pay Boss’ money. Pihu thinks Bobby is so corrupt..

Precap: Bobby steals jewelry box. Pihu pushes him and he falls down.
ACP wakes up shouting..thief..thief. and sees Bobby.

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