Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2017 Written Update

Two men on boulevard Eve teasing,they discontinuance a woman and say we send you so many messages but you never answer,she says you send such dirty messages don’t you are going to rating eticates I shall bitch about you in police,Bittu says let me harass then you definately you can high-tail bitch,Anita passing by stops and says how dare you, Bittu says leave or else even you won’t be spared,Anita says okay are trying mess with me,Bittu says you do no longer desire any belief who I am,Vibhu says and why are you combating,Anita says appropriate you bought here suppose them a lesson that they shall never disaster a woman,Vibhu says peaceful finished and goes catches bittus ft and says please forgive her,Bittu bhaiya we are sorry,Anita says Vibhu,Vibhu says shut up,Bittu says I spare her this time but next time I won’t and leaves,Anita slaps Vibhu and leaves.


walks to teacher and offers him tea,and says I’m going market laddu and teacher discontinuance take care of I shall give you snacks when I attain support,teacher says laddu listen each questions are interrelated,Tiwari comes downstairs talking loud on phone and says I need price and don’t you dare impart slangs and keeps the phone,teacher says I’m teaching him don’t disturb,Tiwari says I rating consistently advised you notice internal,teacher impart his stick and offers Tiwari advantageous strolling on his bum and says you do no longer desire any manners lets high-tail laddu.

Tilu walks in and says sir misfortune god,Tiwari says we are in loss in lakhs,Tilu says you bask in my salary I’m aready in loss,Tiwari says where did this attain from,Panditji walks in,Tiwari says circulation apart Tilu let Panditji sit down,Tilu says present some admire,Tiwari says I’m in loss Panditji in lakhs,Panditji says I be taught your kundali there’s Rahu and so these losses,Tilu says seek data from this Rahu to present him brains to present my salary,Tiwari says rating out and Tilu says greedy sir and leaves,Tiwari asks any acknowledge,Panditji says there is but a uncommon one,you are going to must In sad health address Anguri bhabhi,Tiwari says I haven’t finished this but for exchange I will.

Anita says Vibhu how dare you,Vibhu asks what you’ll want to me to struggle,Anita says yes but you had been terrorized,I would perhaps well be proud if you can be overwhelmed in saving us but you made me so ashamed,Vibhu says it’s no impart of pulling this topic this happens every now after which,Anita says because we rating men equivalent to you who’re coward,Vibhu says uncover Bittu is ajgar Singh son and the assorted boy became once his cousin,sAnita says I don’t care I will struggle anybody,Vibhu says you do no longer desire any belief how abominable are they,Anita says I will bitch but you sit down and wear bangles, happu walks in and says you are appropriate,bangles will uncover appropriate on him also give him bindi and a saree.

Anita says appropriate you bought here I wanna hotel a bitch in opposition to too goons,happu says I shall wander them in penal complex who timid you,Anita says appropriate to know at the least any person cares,they didn’t eve teased me but some assorted lady,happu says remark me,Anita says it’s Bittu and his cousin and it’s Ajgar Singh son Bittu,happu says baby-kisser ajgar singh, don’t fear this goons I will’t but assorted goons i will,Anita says you wear bangles too,happu leaves,Vibhu says attain out of your dreamy world that is how the sector runs and Vibhu leaves,Anita says I must discontinuance something.

Tiwari says I must In sad health address Anguri for exchange but my Anguri sad thing she never offers me a gamble I’m sorry Anguri,attain internal now so I will yowl. Anguri walks in with a flower and says haven’t you slept,Tiwari shouts no I haven’t any scenario,Anguri says no,take care of awake,Tiwari says so that you just’ll want to me to take care of awake and rating in sad health,Anguri says high-tail to sleep,Tiwari says so that you just would have the ability to blame me that I sleep loads,discontinuance you rating I’m a inflamed man,Anguri starts crying and says I never rating this vogue you hurt me,I won’t focus on with you and leaves,Tiwari says okay high-tail high-tail and yells at her,Tiwari say sorry god this became once too unparalleled now I need my money.

Anita on call says theses men are needless they don’t desire any courage I’m upset with every men in colony,Vibhu keeps coming and soliciting for what she would bask in and Anita keeps asking him to rating misplaced,Anita sees Anguri in balcony crying and asks what’s inappropriate,Anguri says I’m hurt,he scolds me loads without any reason,I believed loads but realized no mistake I rating finished,Anita says these men present their vitality on us but where they deserve to they are coward when this day in market I requested Vibhu to struggle for a woman he didn’t,even happu Singh is linked,Anguri says is Vibhutiji so coward,Anita says yes I in actuality feel esteem giving him bangles,I must discontinuance something,Anguri says appropriate evening.

Anita hears tikka and malkhan and calls them and says did I hear appropriate,you gracious eve teased a woman and are support,tikka malkhan protest and say we gracious watched a film,wear a ladies folk turns to a cat ladies folk and teaches every villain a lesson,she is known as cat lady,tikka says malkhan it would perhaps well be so appropriate if we would rating a cat lady,malkhan says she can first suppose us a lesson,okay bye bhabhi,Anita says okay okay bye after which smiles.

Bittu and cousin collectively,Bittu says acquire about that white lady, how dare she high-tail in opposition to me,uncover who save of the tune and in remark that they hear a cat mew,Bittu says uncover did cat enter the automobile and stare cat lady on car roof high.

Precap : Tiwari says if you impart this water here in garden what’s going to I bathe with,Anguri says why are you shouting isn’t it appropriate to water crops,Tiwari says why are they your kin,Anita sees Tiwari misbehaving with Anguri.
At evening Tiwari things it’s Anguri in room alternatively it’s cat lady,she offers advantageous wacking on his support.

Written Update by Tanaya

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