Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai nineteenth July 2017 Written Update

Tilu tikka and malkhan on name,whisper uncle I’m Tilu me and mates are homeless are you able to give us shoulder,what no,please uncle we are able to even halt collectively with your cows and sheeps,what we can harass your sheeps why will we, you would possibly maybe maybe be so merciless.Tilu says guys uncle denied he says if he enables us, we can harass his sheeps.

Happu walks to them and on name says hat will I construct if your wife hit you,learn about it’s your private matter variety it for your own,happu says is this your fathers scooter that you just three are on my scooter,tikka says we are homeless give us shelter,happu says am I agent to fund dwelling for you,malkhan says you learn about like one,happu says halt for your limits or else will throw you on the inspire of bars,Tilu says tikka I own a opinion and all slap happu, happu says stroll straight to reformatory,all happily


Tiwari says I became so pleased to transfer massorie however bhabhiji denied and my destiny now I will’t even revel in with Anguri,Anguri rushes to him and says oh learn about you by myself are playing rain come let’s salvage out and salvage wet in rains,Tiwari says oh no,and goes to mattress,Anguri asks what,Tiwari says nothing whisk rejoice,Anguri says I received’t without you,Tiwari says and I will’t with you,Anguri says if no longer me who Gulfamkali,Tiwari says why will I alongside with her,she says why no longer me,is my physique covered with thrones,Tiwari says thrones Panditji sowed here,Anguri asks what,Tiwari says nothing I own hypersensitivity if water,Anguri says why construct you bathe then,Tiwari says I intended rain water,Anguri begins crying and says you changed you would possibly maybe maybe be mendacity you dint cope with me anymore I’m going and leaves crying,Tiwari says how will I speak her I haven’t changed,Anguri shouts yes you own.

Vibhuti says how will I persuade Anu no longer whisk masoorie and in case I whisk,how will I rain dance with bhabhiji,however Anu is so stubborn however serene I will strive,Anu small one I’m waiting cien to me,Anita walks In and says why shouting,Vibhu says it’s thundering out and within me and when it meets you it will rain and we can rain dance,let’s whisk out the rain is calling us,Anita appears to be like to be at him and says construct you focal point on I’m fool,Vibhu says no small one,Anita says this buttering received’t discontinuance me from going masoorie now I shall revel in rains and rain dance handiest in masoorie and walks out.

Tikka Tilu and malkhan having drinks in reformatory,tikka says Tilu immense idea,how did this idea struck you, I mean it’s raining so closely and learn about now we own got a shelter,Tilu says I constantly use this idea,whenever I own to bustle away from my lenders I slap some police authorities and they also build me here and I’m agreeable,happu hears all this,malkhan says tikka we shall use this idea too,happu says so you three are here to rejoice,Tilu says no we,happu says shut up you would possibly maybe maybe be the grasp mind and now I shall throw you out and kick your asses,malkhan says don’t construct this where will we whisk in these heavy rains,happu slaps them and will get them out of reformatory,and says salvage out now,tikka says you fool shutup happu I shall slap you to loss of life,happu says nothing shall work salvage out.

Commissioner walks in and asks what all is this occurring,happu says sir these three had been drinking right by the reformatory,commissioner says how dare you, Tilu says I payed for it what bothers you shut up,commissioner will get offended and says how dare you misbehave with me,malkhan says learn about and locations bucket over his head and says I misbehaved another time,commissioner says happu Singh build them on the inspire of bars handsome now,happu says here’s what they need,he says I don’t care trusty build them within,tikka Tilu malkhan happily stroll in,happu slaps them and later will get rid of bucket of commissioners head.

Anita in balcony says these men employ us girls folks as fools,they focal point on buttering can establish them from us,Anguri walks in to her balcony and whisper syou are handsome they don’t care about our emotions,Anita says did Tiwari damage you,Anguri says yes,he promised me rain dance and now denied,Anita says even Vibhu denied to return masoorie,you understand what they focal point on we are able to construct nothing without them let’s construct one focal point on secret,y pack your web and come in down,Anguri says no longer even to tiwraiji,Anita says yes he doesn’t care about you handsome so trusty pack your baggage and come in down.

Anita and Anguri meet every quite a lot of come the auto out their luggage within,Anguri asks its so pleasing learn about on the rains,anyways where are we going,Anita says masoorie and both leave.the angry man shouts another time both will die nobody will doubtless be alive.

Tiwari half wakes up and says arise salvage me a tea and why are you serene drowsing and sees it’s pillows beside and no longer Anguri and begins calling out her name and says would possibly maybe maybe be she is getting me tea,Vibhu shad anu small one trusty morning and finds she isn’t beside him and says would possibly maybe maybe be she is out jogging,it’s easy for her she has no work as I construct it for her,she comes inspire I wait on her and she leaves for grooming classes let me whisk gape bhabhiji anyways,

Vibhu comes out in balcony and says oh this climate how romantic why isn’t bhabhiji in garden but,Tiwari walks into balcony and says I thought bhabhiji will be practising yoga however learn about who i observed,Vibhu says oh no him anyways hi there Tiwariji morning,tiwrai asks where is bhabhiji,Vibhu says on a stroll,Tiwari says it’s raining she would possibly maybe maybe also decide cold,Vibhu says when you would possibly maybe maybe be so timid whisk on the inspire of her with umbrella,Tiwari says what are you trusty for,Vibhu says for bhabhiji,Tiwari asks what,Vibhu says nothing would possibly maybe maybe be Anguri bhabhi and Anita are collectively trusty a thought.Tiwari says that you just would possibly maybe maybe also focal point on of she wished to be in rains,however I couldn’t you understand,Vibhu says yes I acknowledged bhabhiji come with me let’s rejoice however she denied,and broke my heart,Tiwari asks what,Vibhu says Anu fought with me for masoorie another time,didn’t yountalk,Tiwari says I did and acknowledged let me come I shall give protection to you,however bhabhiji denied and acknowledged she can own to give protection to me as an different,Vibhu says she is handsome.

Happu signal snoring in police role,commissioner walks to him and says learn about at him as if he is at in licensed pointers dwelling, happu Singh salvage up,happu says shut up and salvage lost,he shouts another time happu Singh, happu Singh wakes up and says greetings sir,commissioners says you slothful particular person I don’t need greetings from you,happu says sorry sir complete night I became on responsibility so drained,commissioner says anyways leave these boys,I thought about them all night and then this morning I intended their landlord told me these boys harassed his sister in guidelines and so he threw them out of his dwelling and so I don’t favor them here even for a minute,which ability isn’t a guest dwelling,happu says yes handsome learn about what I construct,happu picks up his Chappals and begins hitting them.

Tikka says Gulfamkali wait don’t pull down my hangover,happu says salvage up,come out,commissioner says salvage out,Tilu tries the trick another time and says shut up you commissioner you learn about like Devanands reproduction and waits for commissioner to salvage offended however nothing works,tikka says let’s leave and all three salvage out,commissioner will get very offended.

Precap : none

Written Update by Tanaya

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