Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai seventeenth July 2017 Written Update

Tiwari and Anita walking below umbrella in heavy rains and signing outdated songs,an adolescent trying delight in Vibhu rushes to them,calling Tiwari papa,and goes interior the dwelling,Anguri shouts lunge away my hand,and blushes,Tiwari says okay okay lunge change its gradual,Anguri says no it’s not gradual and glimpse it’s romantic out lets lunge salvage stress-free,Vibhu attempting to attain Anita and is fearful for her,Anguri and Tiwari come out,Tiwari says peek if we fetch moist we are succesful of plunge sick let the whether fetch more romantic and looks at Vibhuti is fearful and asks what’s infamous,did bhabhiji throw you out,Vibhu says you don’t glimpse correct as a minimal discuss correct.

Anguri asks what’s infamous,Tiwari gets considerably greatly surprised,Vibhu says bhabhiji, anita hasn’t reached dwelling,I attempted calling her, all her friends,Tiwari asks did she lunge away

you and lunge,Vibhu says why will she what motive she has,Tiwari says did she lunge to Meenal and anyone,Vibhu says glimpse im already fearful don’t stress me out.

Anita gets out of a automobile,Vibhu says where were you and why didn’t you salvage selected the name,Anita says at meenals place and I was riding,Tiwari says bhabhiji new automobile,Anita says where is my fate so correct,anyways that is meenals,she is in masoorie with her husband and Vibhu we are succesful of power masoorie in this automobile, a mad man comes shouting don’t lunge masoorie all will die and leaves,Anita says park the automobile and fetch my automobile.

Tikka malkhan at tea stall getting moist,malkhan says thanks to even tilus landlord threw us out,why did you flirt at the side of his daughter,Tilu joins them too and says that is all thanks to you two,even I’m thrown out,Saxena comes singing and asks them motive of being right here,tikka tells him,Tilu says thanks to you two and your soiled persona I’m thrown out,Tikka says Saxena bhaiya enact we defend at your place,Saxena says certain but I even salvage made too many wholes on my terrace so that my dwelling fills with water and I’m succesful of drown in the water.

Tiwari Anguri Anita Vibhu having fun with snacks and tea in rainy climate,Tiwari says it’s stress-free and refreshing snacking in this climate,Anita says it’s more stress-free after we salvage now this tea on hill,Vibhu says it’s volatile to power on hills we right here about landslides and all,Anita says even Meenal is there did the rest occur to her,Tiwari says let’s salvage stress-free right here bhabhiji,Anguri says certain even I even salvage planned to salvage stress-free with Tiwari, come let’s lunge salvage stress-free glimpse rainbow,Tiwari says no it’s not,Anguri says I had seen as soon as in city but right here I haven’t,Saxena joins them,and says I’m right here to fetch contribution for rain dance party,Tiwari says but water is freed from mark,Saxena says what about meals drinks,Gulfamkali performance we want cash for it,Anguri asks what’s the quantity,Saxena says 509, Tiwari says no I won’t,Anguri says give me your mobile phone I shall name Amaji,Tiwari says okay okay right here you lunge,Saxena says Anita Bhabhi.

Anita says sorry we’re going masoorie,Vibhu says but enact come dwelling in case we cancel the opinion,Anita says no want we’re going masoorie,Saxena says k salvage stress-free.
The mad man shouts all but again don’t lunge masoorie all will die,Saxena says uncle how are you,I don’t peek you anymore at psychological health facility,he says I will join soon,bye put care and leaves.

Happu sees three men at tea stall and asks who’re you,tikka shouts who the hell are you,happu kicks them ,and says oh it’s you lunge dwelling,tikka says we’re homeless,malkhan says please put us dwelling with you,happu says you three shameless men never,and what are you doing right here,malkhan says we are succesful of tell evening right here,happu says no recommendations fetch up,all three lunge away teasing happu.

Meenal sharing climate tiny print with Anita,Anita says objective precise e book my room,me and Vibhu are coming,Vibhu comes out and says we arent going,Anita says automobile I’m riding expense im paying,Vibhu says all work I even must enact,so the holiday is tough on me,Anita says okay I will lunge alone,Vibhu says glimpse it’s very unhealthy side road,Anita says mammoth deal,it is important to be contented you can build away with me,Vibhu says you specialise in so,Anita says certain you bored of me and so that you runaway from me,Vibhu says Baby when salvage I ran far from you,Anita says I want excitement you form not salvage any hobby in my wishes,Vibhu says so that you specialise in I don’t care,Vibhu says I enact all the pieces you inquire of what else enact that you must,Anita says what particular you enact for me,not even a single candle mild dinner,Vibhu says limited one lets lunge tonight,Anita says how about in masoorie,Vibhu runs help to kitchen, and says what if we die in ghats there won’t be any candle mild dinner ever,Anita says so we are succesful of die together and leaves.

Vibhu says girls folk,I must be with bhabhiji right here,but my god,Anita walks to him and says i asked you to cook dinner masoor dal,but you we’re going masoorie and leaves,Vibhu says I have she is going to put me to masoorie.

Vibhu says Panditji,salvage you heard about rain water hypersensitivity,can tiwariji salvage it but bhabhiji desires to revel in rains and likewise you can salvage lot of recognize of bhabhiji ,Panditji says what plans you can salvage,Vibhu shares a opinion, Panditji says I’m not fool objective precise for 2000 I will enact so, Vibhu says finished ,he says first cash,Vibhu says right here’s one thousand later after work finished,Panditji says enact give in time or else I will new your plans and goes.

Tikka malkhan join Vibhu,Vibhu says I wished to bless you but you two are correct for nothing,tikka says give us nothing but place to live,malkhan says certain we’re in defective situation,tikka says in this rainy climate please befriend us,Vibhu says has mad dogs bitten me,tikka says let it chunk but let us in,Vibhu says and flip my dwelling to a bar,and says put tea invoice from these guys and leaves,malkhan says such Shameless man.

Tilu walks to them and says my boss additionally denied he is most annoying man,malkhan says tikka it’s bit sunny this day we are succesful of sleep smartly tonight,it’s begins rainy objective precise above tikka malkhan and Tilu,they alter their place,tikka says glimpse it won’t rain right here,they fetch help to the bench and it begins raining there.

Precap : Panditji says Tiwari you are going to have the chance to’t fetch moist along with Anguri bhabhi in this climate,objective precise with Anguri bhabhi.
Tiwari says vibhutiji are you able to develop me a favour are you able to please revel in rains with Anguri,Vibhu imagines himself having stress-free with Anguri in rains.

Written Update by Tanaya

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