Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2017 Written Update

Commissioner says here’s a lie,a coward akin to that you just would possibly possibly also by no methodology perform this,boss says I in fact beget completed it,communicate to a passenger and walks to Vibhu,Vibhu says hey commissioner I’m Vibhuti Mishra,commissioner says very no longer seemingly you are jobless,Vibhu says uncle subsidized my tickets,boss says finish all this and walks to Tiwari.

Tiwari says I’m Manmohan Tiwari,I’m travelling for first time I don’t desire it to be closing and starts crying,Anita says somewhat,Anita says hey commissioner its Anita Mishra,stumble on we’re all here please ,boss says give me the resolution,happu comes out of loo and says now nothing left and runs support to the bathroom,boss says will name you later, originate arrangements for my men to be freed or else all these will seemingly be listless,Anguri says Tiwari wintry down,boss says what’s going to we

perform now,Toni says how about some entertainment,boss says who lets interrogate to bounce, tikka says I shall,malkhan says trip he performs gorilla dance thoroughly,boss says no no,attendants disclose hi to boss,boss says no no and appears to be like to be at Anita and Anguri says these two scrutinize like stable dancers,cmon bhabhijis,Tiwari shouts no bhabhiji don’t dance in front of these dogs,boss says don’t act as Sholay Dharmendra,Vibhu says bhabhiji dance you Will scrutinize elegant,Anita says we can dance and appears to be like to be at Anguri and winks.

Anita and Anguri originate up with their performance,Vibhu and Tiwari receive it Anita and Anguri are upto something. Boss and Toni originate up having fun with their performance,happu walks out of loo,Vibhu signs Tiwari that Anita will receive gun,Anguri pulls Toni and takes to tikka malkhan they in most cases launch up hitting him,Anita pulls bosses gun and within the whole beating and mess,the bullet gets shoot and in a technique the pilot hits his head ,happu walks out and asks what’s going on ,Anita says perform that you just would possibly possibly also objective beget any thought what’s going on,happu says from the time I entered I’m in washroom how perform I know.

Vibhu pointing gun at boss and says you two terrorist,happu says what hit them don’t lumber away them,Anguri says we already hit them plenty now they’ll die,Anita says let’s lock them in bathroom,boss says please homicide us but no longer within the bathroom he came out,tikka says now we can lock him in it,Saxena pushes him at some level of the bathroom,everybody applauds,for Anita and Anguri and praise them.pilot walks out and starts acting like horse rider,Anguri says scrutinize he is out again,Vibhu says don’t effort,the plane starts shaking, all receive scared,Anita says oh god Vibhu I maintain plane is out Of beget a watch on ,captain lumber beget a watch on the plane,pilot says I’m horse ridder no longer a pilot, Anita says oh god scrutinize he is injured I wager he has reminiscence loss,what now,happu walks out and says does anyone know guidelines on how to wing the plane.

Anita says vibhu that you just would possibly possibly also perform it,you are a topper,cmon vibhu self perception its handiest you who can wing the plane,air traffic controller might possibly well aid us cmon,vibhu says trip toddler I will perform it,vibhu says ladies and gentlemen I’m your captain,vibhu Anita and others in cockpit.
Vibhu asks everybody to finish shouting,Tiwari says bhabhiji he’ll homicide us,Anita says shut up,vibhu contacts ATC,vibhu gets enthusiastic with ATC,Vibhu says scrutinize I would like aid with flying a plane,the controller asks what are you doing now,vibhu says I’m flying a plane,he says it’s a shaggy dog story whenever you already flying why interrogate me,Tiwari says he’ll homicide us,vibhu says shut up Tiwari,controller says scrutinize that you just would possibly possibly also’t discuss with me on this tone I’m Shukla and no longer Tiwari.

Anita says hey sir our plane is hi jacked,he says very detrimental,Anita says don’t effort we failed their thought but our pilot misplaced his reminiscence aid us,all cry as plane starts shaking,Anguri says finish shouting,controller asks where are you,vibhu says in air,controller says scrutinize down and relate me perform you stumble on ocean,Anguri says I stumble on sand and some puny ants,Tiwari says these are camels,controller says this implies you are in Afghanistan I’m so gorgeous,Vibhu says aid us,Shukla says perform you stumble on crimson button,Vibhu presses it and says I did press it,Shukla says you shouldn’t beget,Vibhu says can’t you relate me,Shukla says you didn’t give me time.

Vibhu shouts relate us swiftly we all will die,Shukla says scrutinize you decrease you tone,on the least relate me what button is next to crimson,Vibhu says yellow,he says press it,Vibhu says okay,Shukla says now wait, okay press it,Vibhu presses it,the connection is misplaced.

Vibhu says I maintain the connection it’s misplaced,all cry as plane shook she again,Vibhu says Anu toddler I stumble on here is the finish and holds Anita’s hand and says please forgive me if I in fact beget ever hurtled you,Tiwari holds anguris hand and both disclose I admire you to every varied,tikka malkhan Tilu disclose I admire you to every varied.Saxena says I admire death.

Pelu walks in cockpit,Vibhu says it’s no longer an auto it’s a plane,Pelu retains having a stumble on at him,Vibhu says okay give it a strive,so bhabhiji bye,Pelu takes beget a watch on over the dwelling and starts flying it,Vibhu says he has managed it,Anita says god he saved us,Vibhu asks how come Pelu he fingers him a show which reads I was pilot past five years, Vibhu asks where had been you seating,Pelu fingers show which reads first class,Vibhu says
What uncle gave you first class and gave me economy tickets let me name him,uncle what is that this it’s unfair,Anita says beget it ,finish behaving like a child,we’re all dying.

all originate up cheering for Pelu whereas touchdown,Pelu lands its safely.all very gratified,vibhu hugs Pelu in pleasure,and says Pelu that you just would possibly possibly also objective beget completed it,all cheer for pelu,Saxena says i don’t prefer it.

Precap : Anguri says laddu me bhaiya, scrutinize it’s raining let’s dance,
Happu sees tikka malkhan and Tilu homeless, tikka says enable us dwelling we’re homeless,happu says shut up.

Written Update by Tanaya

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