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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2017 Written Update: Anita and Vibhus visa application rejected.

Anita says I did the pleasurable part,I’m bored stiff in all of the taunts,I don’t are attempting to continue to exist someone else’s expense,I will Evan my bear cash,be conscious says Didi I like it,uncle asks who’s he,be conscious says I’m American,uncle says my England is better than your The USA,now we bear got London,be conscious says now we bear got Unique York,Anita says shut up up.

Anita packing and says what will I build with so many sarees let me give them to someone,Vibhu walks in with a wig and acts admire a foreigner,Anita says you look admire a cool consuming film,what are you attempting to proof,Vibhu says I’m in a position to give you flit here why run The USA,Anita says we’re t going to bear stress-free but compose,Vibhu says we’re going to compose here to,Anita says if this became is we may well maybe be crorepati,Vibhu says I’m no longer going,Anita says we’re.

Vibhu leaves
and says on the starting build this Anu isn’t listening then this be conscious is in the support of bhabhiji and she or he is giving him all significance too and now since I’m down let me gaze bhabhiji,Tiwari sees Vibhu climb to his window and thinks he’s be conscious and hits him,Vibhu says are you angry,Tiwari says what are you doing and in this upward push up,Vibhu says to search bhabhiji and also you,and this upward push up to provoke Anita but nothing g labored now we bear started working laborious.happu all Banded comes to them being attentive to sad song,Tiwari asks what’s immoral,Happu says the enjoy of my existence goes away.

Tiwari taking a bear a look at Anita’s pic in his mobile,and says bhabhiji how will I stay without you,you’re my sunshine,it may well maybe maybe also be darkness in my existence and is in tears,Anguri walks to him and asks what’s immoral why are you in tears,Tiwari says some mud went,Anguri says diagram let me suggest you must maybe maybe presumably,Anita and be conscious rush in,Anita says I’m here to ask you two for a farewell celebration as we’re shouting The USA,Tiwari begins crying,Anita asks what’s immoral,Tiwari says I’m lacking my bhabhiji who shifted The USA,Anguri asks which bhabhiji,Tiwari says one which went sooner than we bought married,be conscious says then run gaze her,Tiwari says I want I’m in a position to also,Anita says enough you two please map to the celebration,Tiwari says I cant,be conscious says I’m appropriate don’t diagram but gorgeous lady build diagram I will be waiting,Anita says enough bye.

At Mishra apartment all gathered for celebration,tikka says all don’t bear fate admire Mishras,Tilu says if we had family members in The USA even we may well maybe shift there,Happu says shut up,Tilu says in the event you cant bare us leave,doctor asks what’s immoral now a days you’re too cranky,Prem says fail to bear in mind all that bear drink,Happu says my hands are plastered how will I bear drink,Anita be conscious and Anguri rush down and Anita asks all having stress-free,and thanks, you all came down here,and tonight time is our last in model colony and as soon as all of us shall meet,Happu says build diagram each month,Anguri says are you angry it’s no longer cease by,Anita asks the build is Vibhu ,be conscious says is also he’s seeing his lady friend,Anita says no he has no lady friend,Anguri says even Tiwari isn’t here.

Tiwari and Vibhu rush in under the influence of alcohol,and says why are we here here is foreigners celebration and we’re Indians, be conscious says but you must maybe maybe presumably drink English,Vibhu says no we had desi,I build gave some many issues to world,now we bear got stepped forward loads,be conscious says no you other folks gave zero,Vibhu begins singing and Tiwari dances.the song is in accordance with India and its glory and all join Vibhu,Vibhu feels giddy and he falls down,Anita rushes to him,and says doctor please verify him,doctor tests Vibhu and says he’s in coma,Anita says what,be conscious says don’t difficulty I’m here,we’re going to select him to The USA and address him,Anita says appropriate thought,Vibhu wakes up and says no I will no longer run to The USA,be conscious will get a name to expose Anita and Vibhus visa is Rejected,Vibhu and others bear an even time,Anita says even I didn’t are attempting to head in actuality,The USA is terribly appropriate but I won’t get the enjoy I get here,Happu says that’s admire my bhabhiji.

Tiwari says sure bhabhiji there’s enjoy in India,I in actuality similar to you,Anita says what Tiwari says you Vibhuti,Amaji says Anguri Pandit ramphal message ample if serving foreigner and I in actuality similar to you map slap a foreigner it may well maybe maybe also be appropriate,Anguri slaps be conscious and says sorry.

A girl asks Pelu to drop her,and he gives her notes and teases her,and says each night time in my needs I gaze you and genuinely feel you,Tiwari asks what’s immoral why are you shouting,she says look he’s teasing,Tiwari says fail to bear in mind him,run straight and pick a left and also you are going to gain a cab,she says thanks uncle and leaves.

Precap : Amaji says in Diwali pandit ramphal has requested to support a beggar after which provide him 501₹, Anguri and Amaji leave and laddoo lights a cracker below Tiwaris chair.

Written Update by Tanaya

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