Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

The Episode starts with a boy taking half in foot ball outdoors Bakool’s dwelling. The neighbors call him Bhootnath and acquire offended on him for hitting them with foot ball. Bhootnath plays DDLJ music. He fools them and runs, but they capture him and says we are in a position to’t walk away you. Neighbors suppose that your dad did a mistake and sent you right here. Bhootnath asks them to walk away him. Neighbors asks him to abet ears and build sit down ups. Bhoot nath does sit down ups. Jigna comes and asks why you is also making this kid build sit down ups. Bhoot nath says they’re troubling me. Neighbors suppose that they agree with got suffered loss thanks to him. Jigna says Vishnu ji will pay for their losses.

Harry tells Bakool that it appears he had strawberry milk shake thanks to lipstick. Bakool says sorry. Harry says I heard about your promotion and asks whose

thought is this? Bakool says nothing took articulate? Harry asks then how did Sheena acquire pregnant. Bakool says I don’t know the arrangement did I sleep? Harry says I if truth be told agree with learnt Balaji’s paath even though I don’t agree with teens. Jigna makes Bhootnath agree with meals. Baa comes dwelling. Jigna tells her that a boy came dwelling and that’s why happiness. Baa gets delighted seeing Bhoot nath. Jigna asks build him?Baa tells that Bhootnath went to his oldsters’ dwelling in Surat two months back and is staying right here at his chacha’s dwelling. Bhoot Nath asks Baa…Koki you is also my girl friend and would possibly perchance presumably also level-headed lend a hand me naa.

Bhoot nath tells that his most predominant asked him to raise his oldsters. He asks Jigna to act as his mum and meet most predominant. Jigna says she can’t change into his mum, and asks who will act as father. Baa says Bakool. Bakool comes dwelling. Jigna tells him that he’s going to be the father. Bakool is skittish and asks how build ? Baa says your son’s name is Bhoot nath. Bakool says you came to understand in regards to the name. Baa laughs and says my boyfriend Bhootnath came. Bakool says Bhootnath and is skittish. Bhootnath asks him to near back to his college as his oldsters. Jigna asks him to vary into his father and says this is also relaxing. Bakool refuses. Baa says even your father will change into and laughs.

Dagdu drinks milk and wears garments love a college going boy. Ranjeet scolds him for drinking 6 litres milk and asks him no longer to crawl round Sheena, if the shrimp one is born love him then he’ll execute him. Sheena comes. Bakool asks her to be careful whereas strolling. Ranjeet smiles. Sheena says she obtained furious seeing him. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to make drink for him. Sheena tells Bakool that she wished to drink raw mangoes. She asks him to grab her. He lifts her and takes her to room.

At dwelling, Bakool feels back ache. Jigna says she is going to observe balm. She tells him that she has overwhelmed him with stick and asks if the wretchedness is thanks to that. Bakool says no. Jigna asks if he’s delighted as kid came in the home. Bakool thinks suppose her that shrimp one is coming in my lifestyles. He tells her that his friend obtained married to two girls mistakenly and one amongst them is pregnant. He says if this occurs with me then. Jigna says she is going to die if this occurs. Bakool asks her no longer to suppose this. Jigna asks him no longer to suppose love this.

He thinks suppose her that the particular person is me. He gets Sheena’s call and picks call. Sheena says they’re missing him and asks him to claim I similar to you. Bakool says I similar to you. Jigna is standing infront of him. Sheena says I similar to you too and ends the likelihood.

Precap: Sheena calls on Bakool’s number. Bhootnath picks the likelihood and offers call to Bakool. Bakool says he’s Bhootnath’s father. Sheena is skittish and offended.

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