Beyhadh 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Beyhadh 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Maya plays contemporary leaping sport with children they in most cases cheer her up. She wins. A child says she won all another time, how does her target hits the entire time. She says because one which is considered by brain works and one with eyes is completely Maya/illusion. She reminisces Arjun unconscious on floor and he or she plotting blaming her or him kill. Children shake her bag out o imagination. She says one have to never judge by inflame, however by brain. She reminisces leaning on Arjun’s chest and announcing she is no longer mad on him, however sad that he did no price her when she used to be end to him, however when she goes away from him, he will endure in tips her entire existence, will search her in every sound and darkness. When she wanted him to endure in tips her, he desired to neglect her, however he can no longer now even if he needs to. Out of flashback, she says one have to

no longer develop mistake and leave evidence. In to flashback all another time, she holds her peep-alike’s hand and says her dead gave original existence to her. She wakes up and walks out. Out of flashback, she says children that any person urged mistake itself is a punishment and no one can jog from it.

Arjun breaks stones in reformatory reminiscing his and Maya’s cherish and Maya promising him that she shall be with him till his final breath and when he will try to transfer away from her, her cherish shall be a noose for him to strangulate his neck. Arjun hopes if stone used to be Maya’s head, he would have shown what he can develop. Jailer comes and scoffs him that dying particular person’s inflame increases end to dying, his wife’s inflame came helpful on time. Arjun angrily shows him hammer and says kill’s punishment is dying, whether it’s one or two. Jailer asks constables to hit him they in most cases develop identical. Arjun scoffs Jailer. Jailer laughs and leaves announcing he will die soon. Arjun thinks he will develop the sin which he is being punished for.

Maya hopes to kill Saanjh. Saanjh enters reformatory with lunch box and tells guards that she bought court permission to meet Arjun Sharma. Guards determine her to stone breaking space and bag busy chatting. Goons pull out knife seeing her and silently follow her. Maya comments when Arjun can no longer be hers, he can no longer be any person else’s. Goons encompass Saanjh and determine a stare upon to rape her. Saanjh shouts Arjun… Arjun comes to her rescue and beats goons. Maya laughs writing Arjun’s title on stones and says she is in each predicament, however nowhere. She will are available in crowd as loneliness, etc.. Arjun will search her in each predicament and can even no longer obtain her.

Arjun continues beating goons. Jailer comes with guards and beats Arjun, says Arjun serene has three days for placing and can even be kept in isolated cell. Goons shuts Saanjh’s mouth and warns if she needs Arjun protected then to leave, affords her letter and sends her away. Saanjh comes out of reformatory and is a good deal surprised to peep Arjun’s handwriting. Arjun writes that he planned to bag out of reformatory alongside with his guests who acted as torturing her, he goes to set up revenge from Maya and desires her relieve. Arjun is considered weeding out brick from wall and making an strive to atomize iron door.

Precap: Maya digs grave and cries that she dug her and Arjun’s grave, when is he coming. Arjun thinks he is coming.

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