Badho Bahu 25th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Badho Bahu Twenty fifth July 2017 Written Update

Lucky angrily throws the card on the bed. This Badho is weird. At any time after I strive to form something pretty she goofs up! He retains the card amidst his dresses and walks out in a huff.

Jamuna ji happily welcomes Chotto. Payal too is infected to fulfill her. I’ve heard loads about you (Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka). Jamuna ji and Chotto Bua take a seat the whole type down to talk. Jamuna ji thanks her for saving her daughter from being thrown out of her dwelling. Chotto tells her no longer to thank her. We are lucky to have Komal our dwelling. Hope Payal feels the same methodology about Pragya. Jamuna ji nods. Payal furthermore joins them.

Rana and Kailash ji are doing some work. Kamla ji watches them thus. What are you both lost into? Rana says Babu ji will desire to reward some tips sooner than the election committee in the evening. We are discussing on the

same. Kamla ji says what the level of discussing on that matter is. Raghubir has already knowledgeable us that he has a up-to-the-minute outlook whereas we follow traditions. I would point out you to grab this matter obedient. Kailash ji is at a loss for words. How? Kamla ji says I will expose you the matter. I’ve an extraordinarily mountainous matter. She tells them something in still. Both Rana and Kailash ji seem impressed. Kailash ji appreciates her. You obedient might perhaps help me earn. She thinks expose him how necessary this election is for her. This obedient will earn me number 1.

Payal asks Chotto Bua if there is about a special event. Bua shares that they have got merely about invite them on her marriage ceremony. Jamuna ji recalls the promise made by Chotto’s of us to her. It is some distance an extraordinarily old-fashioned thing though. Chotto nods. It is some distance an old-fashioned promise but my brothers are living up to it. Please near. Raghubir ji interrupts her. You cannot invite them. He apologizes to Jamuna ji. Our families don’t share such relatives wherein we both can share our happiness or sorrows collectively. He tells Chotto how Kamla Bhabhi is upset with Jamuna Bhabhi’s family for some motive. I don’t need any hindrance on your marriage ceremony. Jamuna ji seconds him. Chotto is of the same opinion. Jamuna ji sends Payal to earn tea for each person. A servant brings sweets and fruits for Pragya and family. Jamuna ji nods. I loyal despatched Pragya to temple. If I knew you were coming then I wouldn’t have let her chase. She would were chuffed to peep you. Raghubir ji nods. I apologize for coming so late to fulfill you but scenarios were such that I might perhaps well no longer. I needed to expose you 2 issues. One, I would grab to thank you for accepting Pragya and welcoming her right here. I’m if truth be told chuffed that she married my obedient buddy’s son. I each day pray that our families discontinue chuffed collectively. Jamuna ji says the same. I hope the friction between both families discontinue soon. Chotto hopes Pragya-Vardaan and Komal-Lucky hit it off soon with every other.

Komal writes down about a issues / tips on a fraction of paper. She tells Som Singh to get 50 printouts for the same. Lucky stops him and reads the list. Som goes to print them. Komal explains her opinion to Lucky. I believed to print the guidelines which Babu ji will utilize. We are going to print it and distribute the pamphlets amongst the villagers. He questions her as to how she is so certain that these are the very tips that his Babu ji will discuss. She is sure he will talk on these issues obedient looking on how extra special she is conscious of him. He leaves it on her to form whatever she needs to. He turns to chase but she stops him. I apologize for whatever befell downstairs. I do know I took accountability of marriage ceremony arrangements so I wont hold any individual all yet again. He calms down. She heaves a enlighten of relief seeing him frigid down.

Raghubir ji will get Sarpanch ji’s name and tells him he will seemingly be dwelling soon. Jamuna ji asks him if the whole lot is k. He nods. I stored an election meeting at dwelling. Chotto expresses a grab to discontinue reduction for a diminutive longer. Raghubir ji is of the same opinion. He tells Jamuna ji give his like and blessings to Pragya and leaves. Payal brings tea for them. Chotto parts out that most definitely sugar wasn’t added in the cup. Payal says I did add sugar. I modified into loyal being cautious as Bua is already so candy. I dint need her to turn out to be diabetic. Bua says I’m no longer that old-fashioned. You know me effectively. I will drink tea with four teaspoons of sugar. It wont hurt me. Jamuna ji sends her away on the pretext of some work.

Sarpanch ji begins the meeting. There are 3 candidates – Sangram Singh, Kailash Singh Ahlawat and Raghubir Singh Ahlawat. Sangram Singh is invited first to reward his tips sooner than each person. He speaks in opposition to like and like marriage which is a thing of disrespect to their village. I will bring in such strict tips that ladies and boys wont be in a pickle to even meet every other. Such issues can obedient be implied by being strict and asserting disciple. His symbol is plank / log. Kailash ji comes subsequent. He addresses his matter – to withhold their traditions. Stylish outlook is ruining our traditions. We are forgetting them thereby weakening our old-fashioned age roots. Our family has paid heftily for it. My daughter had to flee some distance from her dwelling to marry. What befell with us ought to no longer happen with any individual else which is why I would prefer to restore our old-fashioned age traditions. Our traditions and cultures are our identification. Modernity has completed the whole lot and is going deeper in us for the time being. we must in any appreciate times dig them out and enact them. He has chosen axe as his symbol. Komal whispers to Lucky that this will seemingly obedient spread superstition. He is at a loss of words. Kailash ji provides that he hopes he will seemingly be chosen by the villagers to bring a pair of alternate in their society. He takes his seat.

Raghubir ji comes on stage. Komal supplies a paper to Lucky to present to Raghubir ji. Komal distributes them amongst each person. It creates a certain impact on them in the significant chase. Raghubir ji asks Lucky how he knew he would talk on these points obedient. Lucky denies. Here’s Badho’s work. Raghubir ji looks to be like at her proudly.


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