Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Badho Bahu Twentieth July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Chotto will get call from her husband. He reminds her that it’s Teej tomorrow. Since remaining 15 years, I haven’t well-known Teej with out you. I will like fun it with you this three hundred and sixty five days additionally, that too in Punjabi model. Bajwa family from Gangwal has invited us. She readily agrees to arrive aid. I will bring alongside Badho, Lucky, Pragya and Vardaan so Pragya can additionally like fun her first Teej with Lucky. Her husband compliments her for continuously alive to about others.

Payal thinks to busy Pragya with some work. She is continuously busy on her phone. I will expect her to grind spices.

Komal calls her mom and asks about Pragya. Jamuna ji tells her she is ultimate. She sits in a corner all day and doesn’t talk a lot to others. Komal suggests occupying her with some work so she doesn’t procure time to mediate too a lot. Jamuna ji

agrees and ends the decision.

Payal acts to be too a lot busy. I in fact like to ship Lattu to faculty too. Can you grind the spices Pragya? Jamuna ji presents to attain it with Pragya’s aid. Pragya remembers what Lucky had instructed her and agrees to aid her.

Maltiji asks her Bhabhi about Pinki. Bharpayi shares that her mom isn’t successfully. She is going to almost certainly be aid soon. Malti ji asks Bhabhi regarding the magazine she is studying. Kamla ji tells her that it’s corpulent of footage of Switzerland. When I went to Germany with him (Raghubir ji).. She stops talking noticing her Bhabhi looking out at her upset. Chotto notices Badho doing the final work and the elders gossiping. This isn’t factual. I will be able to no longer let it happen. She stops Badho and questions everyone if they’re going to finest gossip or attain something themselves too. Kamla ji and Malti ji answer that they’ve their DIL’s. They’ll attain the work. Now we like got performed our bit already. Kamla ji provides that Badho and Lucky took over the final responsibility. Bua asks them if they’re going to staunch sit down slothful. Malti ji asks for her recommendation as to what is crucial to be performed. Bua sides out that Komal can speak that as she is managing all the pieces. Komal is vastly stunned. Bua says it’s seemingly you’ll know who can attain what. Don’t be fearful. Honest speak them what is crucial. Bua tells Bharpayi to scrub clothes and accomplish other chores unless the marriage ceremony. Bharpayi agrees. Bua subsequent asks Badho to speak her MIL and Tai ji what they are going to attain. Komal advises them to grind turmeric and sandalwood. Both the girls are fearful. Chotto says looks such as you don’t feel like attain the relaxation which is ultimate. I will call servants from my residence. Please speak bhaiya as to why they had to arrive aid. Malti ji denies. we are in a position to attain it. She winks at Kamla ji who too reluctantly agrees. Chotto provides that they’ve to manufacture preps for Teej too. Badho will omit those preps too. Kamla ji thinks Chotto is making them too a lot. This plan they’re going to like fun while we are in a position to preserve busy with the final work. I will like to attain something.

Jamuna ji explains to Pragya as to the formula to grind the spices correctly. She sings while doing so which brings a smile on Pragya’s face. They hum collectively. Jamuna ji forgets the lyrics so Pragya sings for her. Payal peeks at them stunned. Jamuna ji praises Pragya. Who did you learn it from? Pragya replies that she aged to verbalize it with Chachi. I learnt it while working with her. Payal is irked to search them bond so successfully. I will like to procure distance between Ma ji and Pragya. She thinks of a thought.

Kamla ji causes that Malti can grind turmeric and Badho will manufacture preps for Teej. It is her first Teej finally. It shall be tall if she’s going to attain it. Komal agrees. Chotto Bua thinks she ruined all my laborious work. I attempted lots to free her nonetheless she took the responsibility herself. What can I attain about her!

Payal tells her MIL that the buttons of Lattu’s shirt broke. You presumably can repair them as I in fact like something else to attain. Pragya can grind spices. Jamuna ji is aware of Pragya can no longer attain it on my own. Payal says she has to learn some day. Vardaan tells his mom to sew the buttons and presents to aid Pragya. She withdraws her hands seeing him for a 2d nonetheless then helps him.

Komal takes out a wooden field from her cupboard. She looks at her father’s checklist and will get emotional. Her hands caress a marriage ceremony card that she had made for herself when she used to be a baby. She will be able to get emotional.

Lattu comes residence and shares that he won first prize within the competition. He presents the trophy and certificate to Pragya. She smiles at him. Payal doesn’t appear so joyful. Vardaan congratulates Pragya. Payal realises that the clothes aged for Lattu’s costume is de facto her dupatta. You narrow it? Pragya hides her smile and says he snatch on story of your dupatta finest. Can you no longer leave one dupatta to your own son? Vardaan is vastly stunned and retains mum. Payal decides to present a becoming answer to Pragya.

Komal performs the globe. She will be able to get her mom’s call. Jamuna ji happily thanks her for her recommendation. Pragya helped me in grinding spices this day. Komal will get teary eyed which worries Jamuna ji. Is all the pieces ultimate? Boom me truthfully. Komal says it’s nothing. Some used memories freshened up all straight away. Possess you be acutely aware how I made a marriage ceremony card after I was a baby? Jamuna ji sadly relates that it by no plan got printed. Komal says it doesn’t matter. I’m joyful to like a husband like Lucky ji and this form of high-quality family by my facet. I’m joyful to marry this form of high-quality man. I will call you later. There is lots to attain. Jamuna ji agrees and they discontinue the decision. Lucky has heard all the pieces as he used to be standing launch air at the door.

Komal retains the wooden field aid in its location and goes out of the room. She is too misplaced in her own thoughts to survey Lucky. He goes internal and takes out the wooden field. He goes through its contents and finds the card. Komal’s phrases echo in his head.

Precap: Mahasangam Epi between Badho Bahu and Waaris tomorrow. Kamla ji calls Komal and lies to her that she will be able to no longer search the star straight on Teej evening.

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