Badho Bahu 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Badho Bahu 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Raghubir ji tells his Bhabhi to discontinue. I will no longer tolerate one other observe against Chotto. Kailash ji confirms with Bua if these pics are exact. She confirms that it is miles exact. Kamla ji provides that her lover dint come within right like that. There may per chance be somebody who is conscious of about it and has helped Chotto all along. She hid this truth from us even after spirited the entire lot. Raghubir ji says I don’t understand how right it is miles but I don’t order it is miles ideal to talk about all this earlier than the kids. Chotto is the daughter of this home with out reference to the entire lot. Kamla ji insists that considered this kind of kids easiest helped your sister on this. All people observed the insult Prayga went thru. I too desire everyone to clutch your sister’s truth. Malti ji asks her about the insider who is helping Chotto and so they wouldn’t know. Kamla ji takes Komal’s title.

She already is conscious of the entire lot about it. This fact shocks everyone the final more.

Pinki asks Badho how she used to be so panicked the opposite day when she spotted her out of doorways Bua’s room. You acted dizzy and sat on a chair. Is it that you realize the entire lot about Bua’s lover and which that you may per chance also very effectively be hiding it from us? Lucky furthermore asks her a identical ask. You acted unfamiliar that day. Have been you hiding that man that night time? She admits hiding Bua’s lover below the desk at that moment. Pinki’s phone rings. She goes apart to bid to her mom. Vimla ji tells Pinki to come support home quickly. I’m no longer effectively. Pinki is of the same opinion. Rana joins her. Pinki tells him that mom fell down and got hurt. I will comprise to cross there. He provides to accompany her but she tells him to cease at home. I will come support quickly. He sends driver along with her.

Lattu brings water for Pragya. She smiles while making preps to assemble butterfly and its wings. She gets preserve of Payal’s dupatta. She wanted to comprise an even time troubling me. Now this may per chance be her flip to like seeing her like son working around sporting her dupatta easiest. She gets the final kind down to work.

Kamla ji says I already told you no longer to let Badho cease in the house anymore as she’s going to fill everyone down but this Chotto is plan ahead than her. Badho and Chotto comprise determined to malign our family’s title. Malti ji seconds her. We dint anticipate this from Badho! She furthermore confronts Chotto as to why she is hiding things from them. You dint respect the promise you made to Ma Babu ji. Kailash ji furthermore questions her. Why did you backstab us? Lucky reminds Komal of their promise. You promised that we’re going to enact the entire lot together. Why did you his this from me? She tells him to love. Bua came on this home after goodbye. I needed peace. I even threatened Bua’s lover and tried managing the disclose but in needless. He asks her why she dint him once. She replies that she tried lots but he gets upset on every minute thing! You never give me of enterprise. Bua’s lover walks in only then. Komal acknowledges him and catches preserve of his collar angrily. How dare you assemble within this home? I warned you to keep far from Bua and this home but now the entire lot is ruined all due to you! Secure out of her. Ahlawat family acknowledges him. Raghubir ji asks Komal how she dare misbehave with Chotto’s husband. What has took place to you? Komal is afraid. He’s Bua’s lover who earlier college to come support stealthily at home at night time. He’s the the same particular person in photo. Kailash ji tells her it is miles Chotto’s husband. Chotto Bua and her husband smile.

Chotto Bua confirms that the driver and accountant in the photography are him easiest. Bua applauds his entry. Komal is aloof scared. What? Bua nods. You dint understand that the one coming to fulfill me stealthily used to be my lover and husband easiest. Belief to be one of Bua’s BIL relates that they’ll no longer keep far from every other. Komal asks them if they known him in the morning. They nod. How would we no longer know? We were easiest having fun with having fun with along / teasing you. Chotto Bua’s husband compliments Komal earlier than Ahalwat Family. She even threatened to beat me if I’m seen shut to my significant other. Chotto came on this home a number of days ago easiest but Badho took so right care of her and wanted to make certain nothing goes unsuitable in her marriage ceremony. So powerful took place but she never doubted Chotto’s personality. She is amazing. Chotto Bua is of the same opinion with him. She is conscious of the importance of family. She turns to Kamla Bhabhi. Whisper me if Komal can damage someone’s home? She can never enact it! She believes in maintaining everyone together. She turns to Lucky subsequent. Bear in mind the truth that helping somebody in the tricky cases is the label of a pure heart. Badho dint enact one thing apart than this. She had no execrable map which is why she dint veil one thing that I did. She tried facing them her easiest. Kamla Bhabhi is ideal reverse to her. She insulted me discovering the right moment.

Raghubir ji tells her he used to make certain she can never enact one thing unsuitable. Kailash ji apologizes to Chotto. Malti ji provides that we couldn’t peep the truth in the support of the photo. We haunted and dint imagine one thing and spoke in sad health to you. Forgive us for the final execrable things said earlier. Chotto asks Kamla Bhabhi if she wont comment one thing now. Kamla ji accepts her mistake kneeling down earlier than Chotto. Forgive me. Chotto forgives her.

Komal apologizes to her Fufa ji. I said so powerful to you. He tells her that he in truth loved it. Chotto Bua says everyone said one thing but why is Lucky accumulated. Lucky says I easiest wanted to order regret to Badho. I will hearken to her diligently after at the present time. Please forgive me. Komal has mixed expressions on her face. Chotto hopes God brings out Badho’s right qualities earlier than Lucky in an analogous arrangement so they arrive shut. Komal thinks here is a extraordinarily special occasion for me at the present time. Lucky ji spoke so effectively to me in entrance of everyone. I’m hoping he’s going to slowly start to adore me and may per chance fetch me ultimately. Raghubir ji suggests everyone to total the ceremony.

Chotto Bua sits subsequent to her husband. Komal and Lucky stand on their sides maintaining the ring packing containers. She notices her customary ring and remembers her words spoken by her at the time of her engagement. I’m certain the distances between me and Lucky ji will function ultimately and this ring shall be changed with a gold ring.

Precap: Lucky and Komal dance romantically in the rain.

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