Badho Bahu 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Badho Bahu 14th July 2017 Written Update

Komal thinks Lucky ji dint love my hair decrease and now I decide on to quilt my head love this. I shouldn’t enjoy listened to Bua. She notices Bua’s lover there and gets tensed. He isn’t going to attain anything even as a minimum the warnings that I gave to him. She holds his collar. Aren’t you ashamed that you are not listening to anything that I were asserting? I feel love kicking you but I in point of fact will be embarrassed. He replies that he isn’t anxious of anything love that. She tells him to discontinue his filmy dialogues. It’s Bua’s engagement tonight. Be effective you are nowhere to be considered. He challenges her that he’ll manufacture Chotto wear ring within the presence of each person. I will scrutinize the come you discontinue me. Komal accepts the order of affairs. Bua’s BIL’s are awaiting her who

Payal finds some boxes in Lattu’s

web and tastes them. They are tasteless. It looks this has been cooked by Pragya and the food used to be changed. Mother-son duo are on this together. Did they accept as true with I wont procure out? Attach how I will

Komla lies to Bua’s BIL’s that the motive force fell. He keeps falling. I was solely serving to him. They give to encourage him. Don’t danger our Badho Bhabhi. Komal nods. They are awaiting her if she is stunning. She lies that she is sick. They salvage the motive force outside with them. Komal thinks this lover looks to be surely unhealthy. He threatened to come encourage within the engagement and manufacture her wear the ring!

Payal acts sweetly sooner than each person. She serves them the food made by Pragya. Vardaan says we ate the identical part final night. You enjoy made one thing numerous. She tells him to style it. Vardaan tastes it and says it is some distance absolutely sinister. Payal acts that I enjoy either lost my style or maybe this food used to be in Lattu’s baggage. Pragya and each person realize the entirety. Pragya gets teary eyed. Vardaan and Jamuna ji proceed eating it. Payal teases Pragya if she realised it or not. She thinks Pragya is lucky to enjoy such allies within the rental but you wont be ready to veil anything from me.

Raghubir ji asks his sister if she is delighted. She nods. I know you are delighted from outside but there might perchance be one thing which is bothering you. He tells her that their family is going via a exhausting time. I don’t decide on us to fall aside below any circumstance. This pains solely will increase at any time after I accept as true with Lucky and Komal. She assures him that she wont let this happen. He tells her how he introduced Komal on this rental as his special responsibility. Time created a lot distance. I will’t originate anything despite the reality that I buy to. I decide on any person to knowledge her. I don’t accept as true with anyone else can even also be better than you for this project. She replies that she’s going to unite them anyways. Malti ji is deal surprised to scrutinize her in their room. Acquire appealing as it is time for ceremony. Bua nods and leaves after telling them to construct up appealing asap.

Pinki gets a print out of Bua and her lover’s photo. She fingers over one replica to her MIL and keeps one with herself for backup. Kamla ji is impressed. Attach what drama I will create within the ceremony! They veil the photos seeing Kailash ji coming there. Pinki leaves. Kamla ji provides him her chair. Did you observed about the elections? He decides to utter each person within the engagement ceremony solely.

On the many hand, Malti ji is also delighted that Raghubir ji has made his thoughts relating to the elections. I don’t know when you happen to buy to contest for the elections or not but I am effective it be significant to enjoy thought of one thing perfect solely.

Komal comes to Bua’s room and closes the door. Bua asks her why she has covered her head. Has Lucky not considered you? Komal replies that he saw it but he dint even reward her. Bua says what I ought to aloof originate to you. what all ought to aloof I order you? Komal thinks if she ought to aloof utter Bua about her lover or not. She fumbles as she requests Bua to are awaiting her lover not to come encourage in engagement ceremony tonight. He challenged me that he’ll manufacture you wear the ring in each person’s presence tonight. It’ll be a gigantic order of affairs if that occurs. I build aside a question to you to utter him not to come encourage here within the night. Bua is labored up to scrutinize who will salvage her – her husband or lover. Why are you so timid after I don’t care? The stress / drama will happen thanks to me. I don’t care. Don’t intervene in my work. I will scrutinize who I will accumulate engaged to. You might perchance perchance well well also leave. Komal walks within the hall and decides to utter Lucky ji. He would be ready to discontinue it.

Komal comes to her room. Her dupatta gets stuck within the door and is derived off. He says I don’t even feel love talking to you seeing your face. Don’t label me your face till your hair grows encourage. He walks out of the room. She fails in telling him anything. Hope nothing goes spoiled within the night.

Raghubir ji appreciates the arrangements. Malti ji seconds him. Chotto Bua provides that it used to be performed not by any contractors but by 2 of us together. Right here’s why it is some distance calling so good. Kamla ji thinks I will scrutinize who will be with you tonight. Raghubir ji affirms that the will prove good if of us will work together as a team. Kamla ji and Malti ji are habitual to know who has performed this. Bua replies that it is some distance Lucky and Komal’s exhausting work. Pinki and Rana are busy getting appealing. Pinki comes working. I am here now. Kamla ji looks to be at her son. He’ll always follow his wife. I ought to aloof focal point on destroying Chotto’s happiness trusty kind now even though. She asks each person about Lucky and Komal who come there appropriate then.

Malti ji asks Lucky why Komal is quietly following him. Lucky says there might perchance be nothing. Bua asks Komal to step forward. She reluctantly obliges. Raghubir ji asks Komal why she has covered her face. Kamla ji is particular there might perchance be one thing. She is hiding one thing. Malti ji tries inserting off it but Lucky tells her to let or not it be. Right here’s the new style in city. I told her we are going to have the selection to try it here also so she has performed it. Kamla ji positive aspects out that this come she is calling love a fool. Malti ji insists that Komal eliminates her dupatta but Lucky does not let her. Kamla ji is particular Komal is hiding one thing from them. She eliminates Komal’s dupatta and each person looks to be bowled over. She decrease her hair! Epi ends on Komal’s face.

Precap: Lucky scolds Komal on her new haircut. Blueprint you respect how much I loved your long hairs? She asks him if he surely loved her long hairs. He affirms. Bua smiles hearing his answer.

Written Update by Pooja

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