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Badho Bahu 11th October 2017 Written Update: Fortunate challenges Iyoko for a match!

Jamuna ji says I even hold stout religion that Fortunate will for hurry signify India on International level and dangle making us proud. He will like your dream come lawful. He nods. She asks him if he’s unhappy with Fortunate dropping Iron Man Championship. He denies. I am his Guru. I do know how talented he’s. He’s the finest wrestler who can like us proud in International championships. National level championships are due in four months. I am particular he’ll fulfil my and Mahender’s dreams. He will then additionally play on International level. She nods. This would possibly perchance for hurry happen.

Next morning, Fortunate makes preps to welcome the warring parties. Komal appreciates Fortunate’s efforts. She thinks she is sure he’ll additionally convey a medal home in the future. Fortunate too thinks to like his father proud by taking section in International level wrestling. I even ought to
dangle nationwide level sport first for that reason. I will attain it. She notices him lost. Their guests come in. A committee member thanks Raghubir ji for welcoming the guests in his home. these gamers are overjoyed to be here. Malti ji is sure Fortunate will additionally attain that level in the future and like us all proud. The committee member introduces every customer to the family. Raghubir ji asks Komal to welcome all of them traditionally. She greets every with out a doubt one of them as she does their aarti whereas Fortunate adorns a garland of their necks. The wife of Jap Wrestler Iyoko praises Komal on her apparel and jewellery. The Interpreter translates it for them. Komal thanks her. Ex-Sarpanch ji asks Raghubir ji which wrestler will signify his Akhada. Fortunate aspects out that he’s restful in recovery mode. Rana says I am in my resting duration. I grew to grow to be Iron Man a few days back in spite of all the pieces. The committee member says Fortunate and Rana hold most attention-grabbing fought for Iron Man Championship. How will they withstand these wrestlers? They ought to first battle on nationwide level and dangle. I doubt in the event that they are going to be ready to even attain so or now not. Malti ji hopes Fortunate does now not lose his self assurance this style. I wont let it happen. Kailash ji diverts them. They all scamper starting up air.

Malti ji tells Fortunate to scamper to his room. He asks her about it nevertheless she insists with out giving him any answer. She additionally sends Komal with him. Malti ji wards eyes off Fortunate using a lemon. Komal and Fortunate ask her nevertheless she retains composed till it’s done. I am now not doing any magic. I am most attention-grabbing warding misguided eyes off my son. She aspects at the incidents which hold took impart one after any other. She hands the lemon to Komal. Relieve it on a crossroad. Komal causes that this style whoever will flow past it would plunge below its misguided impact. Fortunate seconds her nevertheless Malti ji stays build apart. She next ties a horseshoe necklace around Fortunate’s neck. Guru ji said you are additionally below Shani Dev’s Drishti. Fortunate aspects out that folk will mock him if he’ll build apart on it fancy this. Komal additionally asks Malti ji to uncover it nevertheless Malti ji wants to scamper forward with it. Let me attain it for my hold sake. Fortunate nods at Komal. She has the same opinion in the atomize. They head starting up air.

Jap Wrestler Iyoko and Russian Wrestler Alexander are having a match. All americans looks on anxiously. Iyoko with out complications beats his opponent. Folks cheer for him. Komal and Fortunate come out. She wonders the attach she’s going to hold to restful care for this lemon and inexperienced chillies. Fortunate takes a seat. He will get irked to listen to villagers and the committee guy praising International Wrestlers. Komal refuses to throw it on the freeway. She retains it come a wall and returns to position a query to the match. Raghubir ji looks at the flags of the worldwide locations kept there. Komal follows his see. She asks him what took impart nevertheless he does now not reveal one thing. Fortunate additionally looks at her and appears to be like down. He cannot atomize pondering of how each person looks to be making an are attempting down at Ahlawat Akhada. Iyoko’s wife is repeatedly cheering her husband. A village woman praises her on that. Komal thinks how she changed into once additionally doing the identical once when Fortunate changed into once combating with Rana in Akhada. She does now not survey Fortunate in his seat and goes to test.

All americans’s words haunt Fortunate as he comes to his room. He additionally removes his horseshoe necklace. Villagers are so mean. They cannot talk fancy this for Guru ji’s wrestlers. I ought to say them they’re now not lagging in the back of in one thing.

Iyoko wins the match. Komal comes to her room. She is vexed to know about the necklace on the bed. Malti ji joins her. Komal hides the necklace in the back of her. She asks Komal if she kept these things all the intention thru the freeway. Komal says I kept it in a nook. I don’t prefer someone to be tormented by it. Malti ji says I too don’t prefer it to happen. I need Fortunate to be genuine. Malti ji asks her what she is doing here. Are you hiding one thing? Komal reveals the necklace. Malti ji asks her if she compelled Fortunate to uncover it. She denies. He removed it himself and instructed me to give it to you. Malti ji insists that Fortunate will hold to restful build apart on it any cost. Komal will get pondering.

Fortunate comes back in Akhada dressed in a wrestler’s apparel aesthetic each person. Fortunate challenges Iyoko for a battle. Raghubir ji asks him what he’s up to. Iyoko accepts the venture. Fortunate says it’s miles time to say each person we’re now not lower than someone else. Kailash ji advises his brother now not to divulge one thing now. Pickle has long past out of hand. Folks cheer for Fortunate. Malti ji and Komal hear it and exit to know about what’s occurring.

Fortunate enters in Akhada. He touches the grime on his face. Jitesh, Ajay and the villagers cheer for Fortunate whereas Rana watches him in alarm.

Precap: Fortunate and Iyoko are wrestling. Komal is vexed for Fortunate because he’s combating despite his hurt. Iyoko lifts him excessive and then throws him back on the floor with a thud. Fortunate winces in nervousness.

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