Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th July 2017 Written Update

Mamaji expecting bus with Sharda tells Sharda that she can chase dwelling and sleep peacefully. Arjun calls Prem and informs Prem that Dharam has long previous to meet Tejaswini’s mother at bus finish. Prem rushes on his bike. Dharam with Anand and guard reaches bus finish and searches Sharda. Prem reaches on time and says he does no longer think Tejaswini’s mother will meet anybody, all this occurred due to him and he will convince Tejasiwini’s mother that he’s no longer a injurious boy. Dharam agrees and leaves.

Main calls Prem and asks the build aside is he. Prem asks he can’t scheme the build aside he is and asks if he wants anything else. Prinicipal says he has made up our minds to homicide him no longer original secretary (GS) and might perhaps maybe insist the following day. Prem says he has more indispensable announcement to homicide the following day. Next morning, principal

gathers all students and announces that Prem shall be assistant GS and Tejaswini will proceed as GS. All people clap. Tejaswini fumes. He pal praises her and says Prem must be feeling degraded now to work below her. Arjun and others query Prem why did he change into assistant, he can change into GS. Prem says he knows what he is doing. Prem follows Tejaswini whereas Tejaswini’s pal walks with her praising her and degrading Prem. Tejaswini sees clouds and says it might perhaps be so fantastic if it rains, sitting outside and studying after rain is an irregular feeling. Main stops Prem and says he made him assistant GS as he wished. Tejaswini hears that. Prem walks to her and asks to hear to him. She shouts they are factual students and nothing else.

Tejaswini angrily walks away. Rains begins. She begins dancing in rain. Prem imagines going to her and she slipping on him and her dupatta falling down. Bheegi si bhagi si teri ansuonme samaye…tune..plays within the background. Prem picks dupatta and wraps it on Tejaswini. Music continues. Prem will get out of imagination and walks to her. She slips and falls on him, then sees Ajju and Vineet showering water from pipe and will get wrathful. Prem will get unhappy that his thought failed and Tejaswini angrily appears to be like to be at him.

Precap: Tejaswini thinks Prem shall be tiresome her as assistant GS, but she’s going to give him so indispensable work that he will abet off. She presents him work to fix blood donation banners and donate blood. He does identical smiling. She is surprised that dhe didn’t complain in any appreciate.

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