Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 12th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi twelfth October 2017 Written Update: Prem Realizes Tejaswini Is Merely

Tejaswini leaves Dharam’s home silently when family is busy in pooja. Prem searches her and rushes out. Tejaswini waits for taxi on boulevard. Prem stops his car and opening car door asks where she desires to head. Tejaswini thinks he is her future and future. He says he will drop her wherever she desires to. She sits in and reveals course. Preeti goes to Mandira Bua’s home and asks she informed she’s going to take revenge from Dharam and lend a hand her, nonetheless she is sitting evenly. Bua says she informed Sharda that her husband was depraved, so Sharda has changed her mind and desires to lend a hand Tejaswini. Preeti adjustments her tone.

Tejaswini reveals course to Prem and takes him to Bua’s home and says she had to act at home and web out as Mandira bua has kidnapped her maa and is at the lend a hand of Preeti.
They both knock door. Preeti walks in direction of door, nonetheless listening to Prem and Tejaswini panics that they would possibly well moreover now not spare her now. Mandira scolds her to sit down lend a hand and hides Sharda and Preeti in a secret room. Goons try to end Prem and Tejaswini. Prem beats them and walks into home asking where is Sharda maa. Mandira acts and asks why would she diagram in and scoffs Tejaswini. Prem searches Sharda and says she is now not right here. Tejaswini says Bua herself known as her and suggested that she kidnapped her mother. Prem asks to unique her mobile and finds mobile switched off. Mandira says Tejaswini is lying to take revenge. Prem says he will carry out Tejaswini and her lies and asks Bua to bring gun. Bua thinks compatible, if Prem kills Tejaswini and goes to jail, she will be able to be able to easily carry out primitive tiger Dharam.

Bua walks into her room and then into a secret room at the lend a hand of cupboard, picks gun and takes it to Preeti and tied Sharda. Preeti asks if Prem and Tejaswini went away, she will be able to be able to now not undergo warmth right here and her make-up is fading away as a consequence of sweat. Mandira asks her to end performing and says Prem himself desires to waste Tejaswini. Preeti will get chuffed and says her revenge will total if Tejaswini dies. Tejaswini tells Prem that her life is his and he can attain something, nonetheless he would possibly well moreover simply aloof needless to notify Bua has hidden maa somewhere. Bua asks her to name police and characterize that Prem has killed Tejaswini and to return right here soon. Prem asks to end lying again. Mandira affords gun and asks to carry out atrocious Tejaswini. Prem options gun at Teajswini. Tejaswini looks to be like into his eyes. Naina…music..performs within the background.

Sarla affords remedy to Dharam and says she informed him to kick out Tejaswini, nonetheless he did now not, now Preeti has also entered our home, she is panicked about their family. Dharam says atrocious will now not end for long, even Krishna Bhagwan spared Sishupal’s A hundred errors, nonetheless when he crossed limits, Krishna killed him. Unless he is alive, no one can misery his family.

Preeti calls police and informs that there is a assassinate going down at Mandira’s home. Prem warns Tejaswini to diminish her eyes. He reminisces Tejaswini telling at any time when depraved happens round her, her eyes lashes down bat. Bua continues upsetting him to waste Tejaswini. He holds gun on Bua. Bua says she is now not Tejaswini. He says she is also her papa’s enemy. She says she is his elder and knows he will now not waste elders. He warns to repeat where Sharda is sooner than he counts 10, else he will offload 10 bullets in her head.

Precap: Dharam orders Prem that Tejaswini can now not diagram interior home. Priyal asks Prem why he is so powerful blindfolded in Tejaswini’s relish. Dharam asks Prem if he desires to end with family or Tejaswini.

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