Agnifera 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s New Plans To Separate Ragini And Anurag Episode

Agnifera 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Revathi calls Ragini and Shristi down. They both trot down with Anurag and Vishu, fearing Revathi’s wrath. Ragini and Shristi make an apology her. Revathi says they got tremendous gift. Anurag says it changed into once Ragini and Shristi and scolds them. Revathi warns no longer to scold her bahus and pampers them both. Household is anxious seeing Revahti’s modified habits. Rohini realizes she is acting. Revathi says her both bahus and sons will put together food tonight.

Ragini and Shristi, Anurag and Vishu put together food taking part in their nok jhok and wait on food. Revathi determines to separate Anurag and Ragini at any fee. Household enjoys dinner and reward bahus. Revathi tries to send Anurag away giving him queer jobs. Vidhvan and Brij address enlighten. Rohini reward Vidhvan for getting such ravishing and wise bahus. Revathi continues fuming.

Revathi walks to her room fuming thinking the manner to separate them. Dulari brainwashes her that every one her efforts to separate Anurag and Ragini failed. Revathi yells at her and says she is going to at any fee separate them. Anurag and Ragini’s romance continues. Rohini tells household they must celebrate shiv ratri pooja lavishly this time. Revathi provides pooja accountability to Ragini. Rohini thinks bhabhi will must possess modified. Ragini does rituals effectively. Anurag tells Ragini that maa forgave her. She slips and drops holy pot. Revathi holds it… Drama continues..

Precap: Revathi thinks her idea will possess to obtain successful this time. She enters and fumes seeing Anurag and Ragini’s romantic nok jhok. Vishu and Shristi dance in temple disguised as Shivji and Paravthi.

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